We must now ban this flag

Gay FlagWhen a crazy white person killed black people in a Charlotte church on June 17th, it was determined by the press and society that the flag with which he associated — the Confederate flag — must be banned.

We discovered in a very short order that flag was banned across the nation, from Amazon to Walmart, Target, eBay, Sears and all points in between.  Some objected but they were immediately labeled as racists because it was a white male who killed black people.

Confederate Flag BannedThe Confederate flag, associated with the white murderer, was associated with hate and killing.

We know that much if not all of the Leftist-Progressive-Demorat world is predicated upon fairness and equality.

It is only proper and fitting, now, that the LGBT or gay flag be banned across the United States in the same fashion as was the Confederate flag, for the same reasons.

The black, gay murderer (BGM) associated and embraced the LGBT flag due to his sexual orientation and the fact that he was in the process of soliciting for gay males of a muscular and attractive nature to pose and engage in various activities for the BGM’s porn sites.  Further, the LGBT flag was found in the BGM’s apartment.  That was his flag.  It represented him and, we must conclude, his activities.  As a black, gay male he targeted and killed whites.  Straight whites.

Just as the white murderer apparently represented all racists and the Confederate flag was associated with him, the BGM represents all LGBT persons as well and their flag must likewise be banned.

To be fair and equal, as in the case of the white murderer, those who object to the removal of the gay flag must be labeled as sexists.

If the Charlotte incident was sufficient for a clarion call to remove the Confederate flag, so must the gay flag be banned.  In the interest of fairness and equality.


LGBT Flag Must Be Banned

Gay, black murderer owned gay porn sites

SS1 120On CNN’s The Lead With Jake Tapper, they are indicating that the Roanoke shooter owned several gay porn sites under his own name.

Between 2007 and 2008 the BGM (black, gay murderer) registered seven domain names, soliciting for “attractive and muscular men” to model for live webcams.

CNN discovered that the BGM’s true name and a Vallejo address were included in the registrations for these gay pornographic sites.  In those times he worked for NDG Interactive according to the BGM’s LinkedIn site — a “business” that also was registered under the BGM’s true name.

Bryce Williams Inventory of CarAdditionally, police found a number of items in his car (the point of his self-inflicted gunshot wound), to include the pistol itself, ammunition, and items inventoried by the local officers above.  Items included a “to-do” list, 17 stamped letters and a disguise kit in a briefcase with three license plates.

This clearly precludes any such argument that the BGM “popped” at the last moment.  He had instead given his act considered thought to the point of planning for his escape and further documentation of the event.  These items show intent, state of mind, pre-planning and malice aforethought.

The BGM also sent a text message to another person admitting he had done “something stupid.”

I repeat: this is not an issue of gun control, though the father of the murdered cameraman is making it so.  I understand his pain.  More about that later.  But the firearm utilized was purchased lawfully and the BGM was backgrounded as required by law.

So: was he crazy?  Or was he plotting, conniving — an actual evil person?

You know my answer.



What is this?

Bryce WilliamsFirst, the videos involved, from the TV perspective then the suspect’s perspective.

From the suspect:

Then the story.  Please click on the link to get up to speed.

That done, what is this?

Bryce Williams ManifestoIs it a gun control issue?  Is it a mental health issue?  Is it a work security issue?  Is it a situational awareness issue?  Or is it a race issue that won’t, like usual, be addressed?

What is this?

We know from history that Leftists will make this, immediately, a gun control issue.  Because it fits that meme wonderfully.

We are also soon to see “poor black employee discriminated-against at work, feels no option left but to take his own retribution.”

Better yet, this will soon morph to “poor black and gay employee discriminated-against at work and feels no option left but to take his own retribution.”

How about “racist, sexist black gay male who feels himself nothing but a victim because he’s been told he’s a victim all his life by those who profit from Victimhood”?  How about that meme?

Bryce Williams GRIEVANCESAmericans have been told, and the information reinforced daily, that we are nothing if we are not victims of something.  Victims of Caucasoids, victims of sexism, ageism, racism, victims of oppression, victims of our environment, of our teachers, of our neighbors, of the police, of everyone but government because, as all good Leftists know, government is the source of all good things big and small.  Just ask Julia.

The suspect, whose names doesn’t deserve mentioning here, was censured for wearing an Obama sticker while conducting in interview at a pollng place when he worked at the TV station.

He was fired Friday, February 1st of 2013 from the station and made a big deal about same, to the point where police were called.  It was the fault of everyone else; never him.  Then Wednesday occurred.

He had “grievances” and wanted to be a “big deal” live and direct.  But what kind of a “deal” was he really?  Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke informs us all:

“Never speak of this guy again.”  With one major exception: the moment the news came out, the American Media Maggots and Demorats/Leftists wasted no time in trotting out the ancient gun control saw.

Really?  For a firearm that was purchased legally?  For a person that could lawfully own a firearm in Virginia after having been backgrounded?  Try examining the facts again, Leftists.  But facts mean nothing to you when it’s all about the gun control meme.

To me, this sounds like a replay of LAPD’s Chris Dorner.  He too had “grievances” and decided to solve them by killing his fellow employees.

Men who saw victimhood and racism and sexism and all sorts of -isms under every rock, behind every curtain and in every nook and cranny encountered in their lives.

Which gave them their own personal licenses to kill.  Mentally disturbed men.  Men of whom other persons said “you know, I kinda saw this coming.”

People saw the TV reporter suspect coming.  But they couldn’t say anything because he possessed the terrible duality of being black and gay.  Lord knows we can’t judge black people or gays.  Black and gay?  No way, not touching that one.

But here’s the hard truth, America.  The truth you don’t want to see or admit.

You are producing these people.

These people with grievances.

You, as parents, are responsible for producing people who believe that they are entitled to any number of positions and stations in life.  They are entitled to the latest technology, the latest games, the latest phones and tablets, the best and newest clothes, the nicest cars, the best jobs, the smoothest schedules and days off, the easiest working conditions, plus hot-and-cold-running promotions.  Just for showing up.  If they show up.  You should be blessed they deigned to show up.

The TV reporter suspect, his machinations didn’t start last week or last year or ten years ago.  The Grievance Factory started churning him out when he was a child.  He displayed these tendencies when he was small, and the family and neighborhood and schools and teachers reinforced his feelings of entitlement.

To put it bluntly: your kids are nice but they’re nothing special.  They lie, they cheat, they steal, they underperform, they come sniveling back to their parents and parents forgive them.  Then school forgives them.  Then society forgives them.  They can come home and mommy and daddy will pet them and feed them.  Their “exceptional individuality” is nurtured and coddled and soothed.  They are industrially inculcated with their own sense of overinflated worth and pumped up with fallacious esteem.  People must appreciate them, love them, just because they exist.  Just because they are.

Helicopter parents.  Parents who insist there is nothing for which their children must take responsibility or be accountable or be disciplined or face consequences or — gulp — experience failure.

Consequences.  Failure.  The ability to cope and press on.  Life.

You’re not talking about me, you say.  You’re not talking about my kids.  You’ve gone too far, BZ.

Oh, really?

In the meantime, parents and the Grievance Factory just keeps churning ’em out.

“There there, Julia, it’s not your fault.”



And I haven’t even addressed the massive issue of mental health — or the lack thereof — in America.


It’s a wash

To recap:

On Monday we were down 600 points, Tuesday down 200, Wednesday up 600 and Thursday the Dow is up 200, at this point.

We’ve ended up in the same place, so far, that we began on Monday.

Still: volatility.  Mixed with emotions.