The state of Barack

Obama Selfie With Stick, AlaskaSummed up in one all-inclusive NPD photograph, I submit.

Whilst three police officers in this nation have been murdered in one week (four in the last nine days), one of them abjectly assassinated solely for wearing a law enforcement uniform (the number of on-duty LEO killings has spiked, per the FBI), while the stock market is tanking, while Iran is about to make kippered herring of the US, while the national debt clock continues to expand exponentially, while #BlackLivesMatter is chanting “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,” while China builds an island in the middle of international Obama Selfie Bear Gryllswaters and claims it for its own, while China drives its blue water ships into the Bering Sea shadowing the Aleutian Islands — Mr Obama is up in Alaska, communing with the media and taking selfies with a stick and including Bear Grylls.

Obama Mount McKinleyIn anticipation of this apocalyptic event (the world is going to explode in a cacophony of hurtling waves, floods, famines, earthquakes and insurrection because of global warming, Mr Obama foresees) and for a nice setup, Obama changes the name of Mt McKinley to Mt Denali, in order to bring the focus right where it ought to rightly be: on Him.  Capital H.

Leftist ViewsYou must understand, it is all about Barack Hussein Obaka.  That other petty stuff can just take a back seat.

Because whilst we’re all focusing on him, he has appointed a dutiful little Muslim as special assistant in the Office of the Director for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Department of Homeland Security.  A perfect point from which to insert influence and discover the intricacies.

Yes indeed, Mr Obama has kept his promise to fundamentally change the landscape of America.  Its allies fear its inconsistency, timidity and squirrelly behavior, and its enemies enjoy those very same characteristics.  Its enemies have become emboldened because Obama operates from a paradigm of fundamentally failing to understand that other people, cultures and countries think, well, in a profoundly different fashion.

He believes, for example, that he can appeal to Islam with what he considers to be common sense and his Leftist perception of what constitutes logic.  I believe this would account for Obama’s insistence upon the finished nuclear deal with Iran — the fact that the completion of the deal would help to cement his “legacy” (urged by his NPD), continue to enable his worldview that the US needs to stand back in the world (because it has, prior to his arrival, been the engine of oppression and naked power displays) and the “Who’s To Say Syndrome.”  That is, “who’s to say” the United States should have such power?  It doesn’t hurt that Valerie Jarrett, a Muslim born in Iran, is constantly barking in his ear about the terrible US vs the poor Middle East, the “birthplace of civilization.”

It still boggles the mind that this country has devolved sufficiently that we would abjectly place an allied nation — and the world — in such jeopardy.

Scott Walker writes, here, about Mr Obama being a divider, not a uniter.

The current State of Obama.

It will only get worse before it potentially gets better.



OH NO! Monica Foy arrested

Monica Foy Booking Photo

Monica Foy booking photograph, courtesy of Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

LIVE and DIRECT from the Department of SCHADENFREUDE:

On the heels of this post, where Black Lives Matter sympathizer and member Monica Foy was pleased with the assassination of Harris County Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth, it would appear that the phrase “karma is a bitch” may be applicable to Ms Foy.

Starters, Foy’s Twitter account has been deleted.  For a young Millennial, this is tantamount to suicide.  Millennials cannot do without their social media accounts.  They require them as they require air.

That laid as a foundation, let us now consult this article from

Texas Woman Who Tweeted Deputy Deserved Execution Arrested on Assault Charge

by Breitbart Texas

The Texas woman who garnered an unexpected national spotlight after tweeting that a Harris County deputy deserved to be executed was arrested in her home county on an assault warrant out of Houston. The arrest stems from a 2011 incident where she allegedly punched a former co-worker in the face causing bodily injury.

Montgomery County jail officials confirmed to Breitbart Texas that Monica Foy was arrested on Tuesday evening for an arrest warrant out of Harris County. The warrant was for a 2011 charge of assault with bodily injury, a misdemeanor charge. She was held for several hours and then released on a $1,000 bond in the early morning hours.

Police Lives Matter MirrorA sad thing, that schadenfreude.  I must admit, I am truly heartbroken and disappointed.

However, it would appear that Black Lives Matter has acquired a new quantification.

Black Lives Matter KlanThey are, in fact, the New Klan.



TX Deputy Goforth “deserved it”

Monica FoyHere’s what I’d like: one day, in the near future, the ignorant, ill-educated naive female above, Monica Foy, will require some kind of emergency assistance requiring police response and not receive it.  She’ll have to deal with the situation herself.  She’ll either survive or she won’t.  I’d like her to receive the same kind of concern and consideration from the suspect that she wanted for the slain Deputy Darren Goforth.

Here’s what likely will happen: needing some kind of assistance, Foy will come across one of her local cops or perhaps will already have called for help.  A law enforcement officer will respond, may or may not recognize her, and will conduct themselves appropriately attempting to assist her no matter the issue.

Simply because that’s what cops do.

Why the contempt for Monica Foy?

Would it be this, below?

Monica Foy TweetFrom

Slain Cop Deserved Execution and Had ‘Creepy Perv Eyes,’ Says #BlackLivesMatter Supporter

by Brandon Darby

Houston area #BlackLivesMatter supporter Monica Foy took to Twitter to insist that slain Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth deserved to be executed and implied his “creepy perv eyes” were somehow justification for why he was shot from behind and then had a 15-round magazine unloaded into his lifeless body. Foy lives in the Woodlands, just north of Houston, Texas.

It has now become cool and hip to wish cops dead.  Black Lives Matter gave us an example below:

The odd thing is, those persons who so willingly join Black Lives Matter who themselves are not black, lack the clear skills to defend themselves in case of some sort of emergent event.  As I wrote only a few days ago,

What I wonder is this: if Obama, Leftists and Progressives hate cops, and Obama, Leftists, Progressives and Demorats hate guns — you may as well include our military too — then what or who is left to protect the citizens of the United States?

Good intentions?  Kind words?

The United Nations?

If anyone attends or lives near Sam Houston University, stop by and say hello to Monica Foy.  Wish her well.  For me.



Officer shot and killed in suburb of Chicago

Fox Lake Officer KilledFrom

Police Searching for Suspects After Cop Shot and Killed in Chicago Suburb

by AWR Hawkins

Police in the northern Chicago suburb of Fox Lake are on a manhunt for three suspects after an officer was shot and killed during the morning hours of September 1.

According to CBS Chicago, “Lake County Sheriff’s Det. Chris Covelli said, around 7:50 a.m., the officer radioed he was pursuing three suspects, after looking into their ‘suspicious activity.’ Police lost radio contact with the officer, who was later found with a gunshot wound.”

Police indicate that the trio consists of two white males and one black male. CBS Chicago points to “unconfirmed reports” that the trio may have taken the fallen “officer’s gun and pepper spray.”

“Send everybody you possibly can… officer is down.”

So tell me again, Juan Williams, that Black Lives Matter isn’t a hate group and that their influence is completely insignificant.