Gay superminority rules

Gay GestapoThe Gay Gestapo rules.  Just try saying anything against the LGBTQ crowd.

And now, the focus is on Transgenders, witness Bruce Jenner et al.

The American Media Maggots and the LGBTQ crowd would have us all believing that 10% or more of the nation fits under this umbrella.  Their culture is being pushed down the collective throat of America day by day, hour by hour.

Frankly, I’m sick of the pushing.

So what’s the truth?  Is ten-percent of the country gay?  12%?  15%  Perhaps even 25% if all of the gays came out at once?

Shhh.  Don’t tell anyone.  And never quote the Atlantic magazine piece.  Because the truth is this: it’s around 2%.  For trannies, it’s about 0.3%.

Leftists insist on talking about the 1%.

It’s the 2% they really don’t want to talk about.



Fox News: “The Tangled Clinton Web”

It isn’t just Fox News writing and talking about Clinton corruption, on the heels of the upcoming book “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer.

It’s the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post.

With luck, you were able to watch “The Tangled Clinton Web” this past Friday on Fox.

American uranium could well be sent, through Russian-controlled UraniumOne — ultimately controlled by Vladimir Putin — to Russia’s satellite state, Iran.  Is this why Obama is pushing so hard to let Iran off the nuclear hook?

Watch out Hillary, your corruption may finally be catching up with you.  Perhaps your Far Leftists — who quite dislike you — are correct: you’re a horrible Corporatist.

It’s all about you and Bill, and about making the two of you much more rich and much more powerful.  America can go to hell.



Leftists: words have no more meaning

I am quite so tired with Leftists and their warpage of the Engrish rangruage.

And I am so tired of Leftists making a perceived injury to their sensitive brains of major and national interest.


Lesbian Couple Claims “Mental Rape” At Refusal Of Wedding Cake

A family of five who operates a bakery in Oregon was sued by a same sex couple for declining to bake them a wedding cake. Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer sued Aaron and Melissa Klein of Sweet Cakes Bakery, forcing it to close its doors and won damages which will bankrupt the family. The Bowman-Cryers claimed they felt “mentally raped” in a list of 88 symptoms of emotional distress at being refused a cake.

That’s right; 88 symptoms of emotional distress.  True symptoms of continued Leftist navel-gazing all about primarily nothing of significance.  A cake was not made; woe is us!  We swoon at the collapse of our fragile emo selves.  Note to lesbian couple: find another bakery.  Why would you, in the first place, wish to have a cake displayed at your wedding by a bakery not resoundingly effervescent about your happy day?  Answer: because you planned to sue and acquire cash all along.  If a Leftist, you are nothing these days if you are not a victim of circumstance.

And I am so done with it all.

“Mentally raped”?

You denigrate women and men who are actually violently and physically penetrated against their wills.

Shame on you.

But you have no sense of shame or humility.



“Sensitive” indians leave film set


‘If You’re So Sensitive, Leave': American Indian Actors Told to Exit Adam Sandler Comedy

by John Nolte

Offended by satire, incorrect costuming, and inappropriate feather placement, a group of about a dozen American Indian actors walked off the set of an Adam Sandler comedy Wednesday, according to a report in Indian Country. Apparently, the actors were shocked to learn that Indians would not be inoculated from satire in the “Ridiculous Six” Western spoof, and that a comedy film wasn’t terribly interested in historical accuracy.

Things came to a head when one of the producers told one of the actors, “If you guys are so sensitive, you should leave.” [emphasis added]

There you have it.  American indian actors upset because feather placement was incorrect and costuming wasn’t accurate.

Apparently they failed to recognize that the production was a comedy.

Note to American indian actors: you can readily be replaced with additional unauthentic feathers as well as unauthentic actors.

Second note to American indian actors: you can take your sensitivity and go home.  There is no law requiring you to be paid for a movie or for the film to be technically precise.  It’s an Adam Sandler comedy, you anal-retentives.  Loosen up.

Third note to the producers who stood on their own two hind legs: thank you kindly for having actual testicles.

And no, I’m not sorry for having written the word testicles.