Race-baiting Marilyn Mosby is 0-6, AND text messages show collusion, perjury?

Marilyn Mosby Press ConferenceNot one charge Marilyn Mosby brought against any of the Baltimore police officers named in the Freddie Gray case has been upheld.  Mosby is 0 for 3 in cases brought before the court, and the other three cases have been dismissed as of last Wednesday, making her score a resounding 0 for 6.  This is called a clue.

From the BaltimoreSun.com:

Charges dropped, Freddie Gray case concludes with zero convictions against officers

by Kevin Rector

Prosecutors dropped all charges Wednesday against three Baltimore police officers accused in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray, bringing to an end one of the highest-profile criminal cases in the city’s history with zero convictions.

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby acknowledged the long odds of securing convictions in the remaining cases following the acquittals of three other officers on similar though more serious charges.

In a hearing Wednesday meant to start the trial of Officer Garrett Miller, prosecutors dropped their cases against him, Officer William Porter and Sgt. Alicia White. Circuit Judge Barry G. Williams, who had acquitted the other officers, was expected to preside over the remaining trials as well.

Hit the pause button.  Were you aware that the jurist who acquitted the officers is Judge Barry G Williamsblack?  Gaze, if you will, upon Judge Barry G. Williams.  This is not a Caucasoid judge or a man who must fight what Social Justice Warriors term white privilege. Did you know the prosecutions cost $7.4 million dollars?  And did you know that, under Maryland law, the charged officers — all defendants — can opt for a trial by a jury or a judge?  Why would law enforcement officers choose a black judge?


Fox News broke information on Friday, via the Baltimore Sun, that very important text messages between the police investigator and the attorney for the prosecution are now coming to light which leads to some serious questions (perhaps even charges?) involving the state prosecutors.

These text messages, which are time/date stamped as most are, counter what is now being said by Marilyn Mosby.

The lead detective, Dawnyell Taylor, said she had handwritten case notes from the prosecutors indicating they were going to charge the officers in the Freddie Gray case no matter what the officers said or where the evidence led.

Read that over again and let it seep into your wheelhouse.

Taylor said she was handed a narrative by the prosecution that she read to the grand jury regarding indictments of the officers.  Taylor said:

“As I read over the narrative it had several things that I found to be inconsistent with our investigation.  I thought the statements in the narrative were misquoted.”

Taylor also said that when the jurors began to ask her questions, the prosecutors intervened before she could respond:

“They did not intend for me to answer any questions because all of my answers would obviously conflict with what I had just read to them.”

Read that over again and let it seep into your wheelhouse.

Marilyn Mosby now claims — of course — that those case notes were written “after the fact” in order to undermine the prosecution’s case.

Mosby said:

“Lead detectives that were completely uncooperative and started a counter-investigation to disprove the state’s case by not executing search warrants pertaining to text messages among police officers involved in the case, creating videos to disprove the state’s case, without our knowledge, creating notes that were drafted after the case was launched.”

Still and all, on the day that Taylor testified before the grand jury, on the same day the grand jury voted to indict the officers, Taylor sent a text message to the deputy state’s attorney almost identical to her case notes:

“I did not feel comfortable reading that script before we discussed it and I swore to it.  I’m find with finding the facts but between us I believe we omitted key things from their combined statements.”

Read that over again and let it seep into your wheelhouse.

The deputy state’s attorney’s response was:

“Understood and you skipped parts of it.”

The deputy state’s attorney then tried to have Detective Taylor removed from the case entirely, but she wasn’t successful in her endeavor.

Go back to Mosby’s statement of videotapes and their “creating videos to disprove the state’s case.”  Where are the videos?  Who made them?  Where is the evidence of those tapes?

It doesn’t exist.

Did Mosby relent because she “finally realized” she had no cases, or because of the upcoming Kastigar Hearing, as Professor John Banza suggested on Fox News?

The text messages, now coming to light, seem to back up precisely what the lead investigator, Dawnyell Taylor, is saying about the prosecutors.

And it all falls squarely upon the shoulders of Marilyn Mosby.

Is she motivated by politics or justice?  Activism or truth?


From the ConservativeTribune.com:

BREAKING: New Text Messages Show Huge Secret Baltimore Prosecutor Is Hiding From Judge

Text messages obtained by the attorneys for the six policemen on trial for the death of Freddie Gray show that the office of Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby may have committed perjury in preliminary motions filed in the case.

According to the attorneys, they have phone logs and text messages from April 27 that show that one of Mosby’s prosecutors was “judge shopping” to find a friendly judge to issue a warrant.

The calls and messages were from assistant state’s attorney Albert Peisinger, who contacted Baltimore Circuit Court Judge Timothy Doory to obtain a search warrant for the officers’ phones after another judge had denied the warrant.

In a response motion last week, Mosby described the allegations of judge shopping to get warrants a “falsehood.” Given the extensive records to the contrary, Mosby’s motion could constitute perjury.

Read that over again and let it seep into your wheelhouse.

“Mosby’s motion could constitute perjury.”

It is no secret that, not unlike her melanin-match heart-throb, Barack Hussein Obama, Mosby is agenda- and race-driven as illustrated by her premature decision to not only charge all the officers before the facts were in (let’s not forget Obama’s “he acted stupidly”) but to overcharge as well.  It’s also no secret that the officers involved in the Freddie Gray case are suing Marilyn Mosby.

This is not without precedent, and it would serve Mosby well to recall the name of Michael Nifong and the Duke lacrosse team rape case.  Nifong pushed relentlessly to fulfill his agenda-driven meme of evil Caucasoid rapists and found himself ultimately disbarred and bankrupt.

Note to Marilyn Mosby: this is what happens when you let race and preconceived philosophical schemes get in the way of facts and evidence.

You look like a blithering moron.

Then you find yourself in court.



Knife control: Japanese man kills 19, injures 26

When-Rocks-Are-OutlawedHad that occurred here in America, Barack Hussein Obaka and Loretta Lynch and Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom and all the rest of the Leftists would still be bleating about gun control.

From CNN.com:

Japan knife attack: At least 19 dead

by Euan McKirdy and Emanuella Grinberg

(CNN)  At least 19 people were killed and 26 injured in a stabbing spree at a facility for disabled people west of Tokyo, making it one of Japan’s deadliest mass killings since World War II. Nine men and 10 women, ranging in age from 18 to 70, were killed in the attack.

Officer Satomi Kurihara of the Sagamihara Fire Department confirmed the death toll at the Tsukui Yamayuri-en facility in Sagamihara, a residential area approximately 40 kilometers (25 miles) west of the capital.
Satoshi Uematsu, a 26-year-old who worked at the facility until February, broke in through a window about 2 a.m. Tuesday (1 p.m. ET Monday), Kanagawa Prefecture officials said at a news conference.

Because, as we all know — and Leftists know this best of all — if we eliminate firearms wholesale, then violence will simply plummet and go away.  All will be well with the world, birds will sing, clouds will part and the sun will shine.


“What’s the frequency, Kenneth?”  Dan Rather knows.

Yes, Leftists are in fact that naive.  Logic and the nature of humanity, as I’ve written before, eludes the deluded.

When firearms are eradicated, violence will cease.  Right?  But wait; what about Australia, where gun deaths are down but knife deaths are climbing.  Why might that be?  Let’s glance at China, where a knife is the weapon of choice and 130 persons were stabbed at random36 persons were stabbed and killed at a Chinese police station in 2013Eight children were killed by a knife-wielder in JapanEight people killed in South Korea41 people were stabbed by a 16-year-old in Berlin.  A 13-year-old girl was stabbed to death in the UK.  The knife is the UK “weapon of choice” for violence, as it is in Israel with Palestinians stabbing and killing Israeli citizensFBI data indicates you are more likely to be beaten, clubbed or stabbed to death than to be murdered using an AR-15 or any other rifle in the United States.

In Europe, guns are involved in 36 percent of murders and knives are involved in 43 percent.  Where is the cry for “knife control”?

Locally, there were a number of knife attacks last year.

Some other interesting statistics.

Murder Victims, by Weapons Used

The following table shows the number and percent of murder victims in the United States by the cause of death. Weapons used or cause of death include guns, stabbing, blunt objects, strangulation, arson, and more.

Weapons used or cause of death
Year Murder
Guns Cutting or
hands, fists,
feet, or pushing
Arson2 All
Total Percent
1965 8,773 5,015 57.2% 2,021 505 894 226 112
1970 13,649 9,039 66.2 2,424 604 1,031 353 198
1975 18,642 12,061 64.7 3,245 1,001 1,646 193 496
1980 21,860 13,650 62.0 4,212 1,094 1,666 291 947
1985 17,545 10,296 58.7 3,694 972 1,491 243 849
1990 20,045 12,847 64.1 3,503 1,075 1,424 287 909
1991 21,676 14,373 66.3 3,430 1,099 1,529 195 847
1992 22,716 15,489 68.2 3,296 1,040 1,445 203 1,043
1993 23,180 16,136 69.6 2,967 1,022 1,482 217 1,168
1994 22,084 15,463 70.0 2,802 912 1,452 196 1,079
1995 20,232 13,790 68.2 2,557 918 1,438 166 968
1996 15,848 10,744 67.8 2,142 733 1,182 151 726
1997 15,289 10,369 67.8 1,963 702 1,187 134 934
2002 14,263 9,528 66.7 1,776 681 954 103 874
2006 14,990 10,177 67.9 1,822 607 833 115 1,128
2007 14,831 10,086 68.0 1,796 647 854 130 1,016
2008 14,224 9,528 66.9 1,888 603 964 85 1,156
2011 12,795 8,653 67.6 1,716 502 751 76 1,009
2012 12,765 8,855 69.4 1,589 518 767 85 951
1. Refers to club, hammer, etc.
2. Before 1973, includes drowning.
3. Includes poison, explosives, unknown, drowning, asphyxiation, narcotics, other means, and weapons not stated.

Source: Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Uniform Crime Reports for the United States, 1997, 2007 and 2008; Crime in the United States 2011, 2012.

But let’s stop dancing around the issue of “gun control.”  Let’s get down to brass tacks: Demorats and Leftists want out-and-out gun confiscation.  Make no mistake about that.  Hillary Clinton and all other power elites have their own private police forces.  You don’t.  They have “theirs” and that is all they care about.

When you get down to it, Leftists and Demorats will only be satisfied when there exists the complete removal of firearms from American citizens.  The outright trampling of the Second Amendment.  What’s left?  Tire irons?  Knives?

But here’s one thing you won’t be able to do with a knife or a rock or a lamp or a baseball bat or a torch or a pitchfork: defend yourself against a government.  Oppose oppressive government regimes.  Governments, all governments, our government, will always be armed with heavy, military grade weapons.  Historically, our Second Amendment does not exist to allow Americans to hunt.  That’s a ridiculous claim when made by anyone.  The Second Amendment exists in America in order to resist tyranny in any form and that includes an over-reaching government, foreign or domestic.

Demorats and Leftists are not grounded in reality.  They are only versed in power and money.  The citizenry can be armed or it can be disarmed.  Those who are disarmed are called Proles, Serfs, Groundlings, Commoners.

In the meantime, criminals will still commit crimes, the mentally unstable will still be unstable, and Leftists will still be unable to grasp these fundamental concepts.



Demorat moron says Jews = termites

Remember this wondrous video?  The day that Guam tipped over?

It was good for a larf for quite some time; years in fact.  God bless YouTube, immuring forever the idiocy of politicians.  In this case, a Demorat politician.  Let’s relive these fateful few entertaining minutes once more.

Hank Johnson, (D), (M)oron (I)mbecile, steps into it again.

From FoxNews.com:

Congressman who once feared Guam could capsize compares Jewish settlers to ‘termites’

by Adam Kredo

A Democratic member of the House Armed Services Committee compared Jewish Israeli settlers to termites on Monday while speaking at an event sponsored by an anti-Israel organization that supports boycotts of the Jewish state.

Rep. Hank Johnson, D- Ga., launched into a tirade against Israel and its policies toward the Palestinians, comparing Jewish people who live in disputed territories to “termites” that destroy homes. Johnson also compared Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, a remark that drew vocal agreement from those in the room.

Let us also not forget that the DNC emails revealed by Wikileaks illustrated that the entire Demorat Party itself minimizes Jews particularly in the form of Hillary Clinton’s opponent Bernie Sanders, trying to portray Sanders — a Jew — as an atheist.

Welcome once more to the cretinous, anti-Semitic face of the Demorat Party.



Earth to Europe: Islam isn’t stopping

Munich Terror Shooter 7-22-16Munich Terror Shooting BodyStopping?

Yes.  Islam isn’t stopping trying to kill you European infidels.

From the UKDailyMail.com:

‘Boom boom boom – he’s killing the kids’: Gunman shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ executed children in Munich McDonald’s before rampaging through mall killing NINE with police now hunting three attackers

by Anthony Joseph, Patrick Lion and Alan Hall

  • A number of people have been killed and another 10 people are injured after gunmen went on a shooting rampage
  • Police operation is ongoing in Munich, with the force warning people to stay in their homes and avoid public spaces
  • Terrified shoppers were seen running for their lives from the Olympia Shopping Centre after hearing gunshots 
  • Witnesses said that the shopping centre gunman screamed ‘I’m German’ and ‘Allahu Akbar’ before shooting
  • Gunman reportedly fled after his shooting spree on the city underground network, which has now been shut down
  • City is in lockdown as police say they are searching for up to three gunmen, who are all on the run, after the attack

A huge manhunt has been launched across the city, including snipers in helicopters. Police said they believe there could be up to three gunmen who are on the loose. They issued a warning to people, saying: ‘There are shooters on the run who are dangerous.’

Murat T described seeing ‘lifeless bodies’ in the restaurant when he went to look for his son Orhan’s friend.

Orhan said he heard gunshots while on the phone to his friend, before the call cut out. He said: ‘We no longer reach him. Not even his parents. He is like my brother.’

A video purporting to show the shooter, dressed in black, firing 20 shots has been posted on Twitter. The footage shows him outside the McDonald’s directly outside the shopping centre.

In unverified footage, a man with dark hair, wearing a black t-shirt and denim trousers, appears to take aim at people, including children, outside the McDonald’s restaurant near the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum metro station.

Europe: Islam isn’t stopping.

Munich Terror Shooting GraphicNot there, and not here in the United States.  There are ISIS elements already within the US, that much is quite clear.

Let there be no mistake; I value honesty and clarity.  And I want to be clear about Islam.  There is no reasoning with Islam.  There is no logic in Islam.  Islam is much more than just a religion, it is a culture, an enveloping way of life.  Islam brooks no opposition.  Islam is completely incongruent with Western values and, moreover, the values of the United States of America.

Here in the US — for those of you who still bleat your ridiculous phrase of “moderate Muslims” — the majority of Muslims in the United States want Sharia Law.  They want it over our law, Western law, the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  Muslims and CAIR (a proven terrroist-linked organization) don’t mind using our Constitution and Bill of Rights against us when it suits their needs and goals.

In the meantime Mr Barack Hussein Obama, Republican Speaker Paul Ryan and others want more Syrian refugees imported into the United States of America.

So does Hillary Clinton.  Donald Trump does not.

I wonder who I’m voting for?

Islam isn’t stopping.


Munich Terror Shooting Police Guarding Citizens