Marie Harf tastes like chicken:

Marie Harf STUPIDAND she doubles down on stupid, as in walking statements back.

From the

If things weren’t bad enough for Hillary Clinton already, now she has to deal with State Department spokesman Marie Harf’s entrance into the unsecure e-mail fray.

Are you in trouble? Looking to cover something up? Worried that reporters might actually be on the verge of digging up some dirt that would make you look really, really bad? Well, here’s some free advice. Never, ever, ever ask Marie “Maybe ISIS Would Go Away If They Just Had Better Jobs” Harf to come to your defense. Harf may be a lovely person who showers everyone around her with warmth and kindness, but she’s also kind of terrible at her job and you should probably never put her on the witness stand to testify on your behalf.

Because Harf is the quintessential Blonde Stupid Chick At An Attempt To Appear More Intelligent With Glasses.

At yesterday’s press briefing, Harf was repeatedly asked questions about Hillary’s e-mails. Did Hillary send or receive classified information through her private, unsecure e-mail account? How can you be certain? How does the State Department go about making sure classified information isn’t transmitted through unclassified channels? Marie Harf responded to these questions by repeatedly stepping on a rake while swearing that she totally meant to do that, and no, it doesn’t hurt at all, why do you ask?

The most important statement by Harf:

“I don’t think it’s really a pertinent question.”

There you go.



Hillary’s illegal e-mails

EMAIL RULESLuckily and thankfully, the topic is starting to really snowball.

Can you imagine something as tragic as another President Clinton?  Particularly on the heels of a Barack Hussein Obama administration?

Hillary’s email issue is an abrogation and violation of the Government Records Act.

If David Petraeus was looking at jail time for his handling of documents, why wouldn’t Hillary be looking at same?

Let’s start with the original story.


Hillary Clinton email flap not likely to end soon

by Josh Gerstein

The first public sign of the email imbroglio now enveloping former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have come more than a month ago in an obscure court filing in a lawsuit demanding details of Clinton’s response to the attacks on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya.

Last year, government lawyers handling the case brought by the conservative group Judicial Watch told a federal judge that the agency had searched its files and had no more records to produce.

Truly, this is way too generic.  We must focus on just why this scandal matters.


House committee subpoenas Clinton emails in Benghazi probe

by Jack Gillum and Ted Bridis

WASHINGTON (AP) — A House committee investigating the Benghazi, Libya, attacks issued subpoenas Wednesday for the emails of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who used a private account exclusively for official business when she was secretary of state — and also used a computer email server now traced back to her family’s New York home.

The subpoenas from the Republican-led Select Committee on Benghazi demanded additional material from Clinton and others related to Libya, spokesman Jamal D. Ware said. The panel also instructed technology companies it did not identify to preserve any relevant documents in their possession.

The development on Capitol Hill came the same day AP reported the existence of a personal email server traced back to the Chappaqua, New York, home of Clinton. The unusual practice of a Cabinet-level official running her own email server would have given Clinton — who is expected to run for president in the 2016 campaign — significant control over limiting access to her message archives.

What a shock.  Hillary Clinton trying to abrogate laws and keep her plans private.  She, after all, works for herself and not for you.  You are no more important to HIllary than the piss in her kidneys.

This wouldn’t be much of an issue except for a few niggling little issues, like security and illegality.

Congress said it learned last summer about Clinton’s use of a private email account to conduct official State Department business during its investigation of the Benghazi attacks on a U.S. mission in which four Americans died.

“It doesn’t matter if the server was in Foggy Bottom, Chappaqua or Bora Bora,” House Speaker John Boehner said. “The Benghazi Select Committee needs to see all of these emails, because the American people deserve all of the facts.”

The chairman of the Benghazi committee, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., told reporters: “I want the documents. Sooner rather than later.”

Democrats called it a fishing expedition.

Right.  A “fishing expedition” because what Shrillary did was illegal.

One teensy-weeny question: Hillary’s “private” e-mails were carried over a system that was completely sealed and un-hackable?

Oh no.  Her e-mails weren’t appropriately encrypted.


Great news: Hillary’s e-mail server had a “misconfigured encryption system”

by AllahPundit

This same Bloomberg article notes that having her own private server meant that Hillary could erase all traces of any e-mail as she saw fit, a luxury not available to someone who uses a commercial e-mail service like Gmail. Google’s servers retain a record of your messages even if you’ve deleted them “permanently” from your trash. Hillary, because she could delete them from her own server, really could make the disappearance permanent. (Well, except for whatever the NSA’s been gathering from her.) Precisely the sort of feature you’d covet if you were a crook looking to keep your official state business away from the prying eyes of the great unwashed you serve.

All this on the heels of discovering a Hillary Clinton cable that told employees to “avoid conducting official Department from your personal e-mail accounts.” It also states that employees should not “auto-forward Department email to personal email accounts which is prohibited by Department policy.”

Hillary, like most all other Demorats, has a complete contempt for the law.  I’m sure she’s said at least two or three times a day since the scandal erupted: “Jesus Christ, they’re just fucking emails!”

And in grand Demorat fashion in keeping with Leftist corruption, at least NY Governor Cuoma can learn from prior Dem corruption.  From the

New York Gov. Cuomo moves to erase state emails amid corruption scandal

by Sarah Westwood

Just weeks after federal authorities arrested the former speaker of the New York State Assembly on corruption charges, Gov. Andrew Cuomo quietly informed lawmakers there of his plan to purge all state employee emails that are 90 days or older.

The New York action is prompting concerns that similar policies might be sought at the federal level.

There you have it.  When corruption is exposed — in this instance from illegal emails — take the low road and ensure that emails aren’t kept at all.  Now there’s a solution for the times.  Just create a law to guarantee that emails won’t be archived because seldom is there a scandal that is unearthed within 90 days of its existence.



Hillary Clinton Ravaged

Ah Islam, the religion of peace and tolerance

Walid Shoebat brings us this video shot in Iraq — you know, the country that Mr Obama absolutely insisted we leave — of an 11-year-old boy executed by Iranian-backed Iraqi militia:

What could an 11-year-old have done that warranted such treatment?

Under Islam, perhaps he drew a cartoon.  Perhaps he said something wrong.

After, the screams of “Allahu Akhbar.”  God is great.  “God” apparently wields AK-47s.

A highly-important paragraph in the story:

The Iraqi government is so vulnerable at this point that it has little choice but to turn to Iran which, unlike the US, has people on the front lines in Iraq.

Ah, Islam, the religion of peace and tolerance.

Open your eyes, America.

Islam is a barbaric death cult.



A night of flames in Ferguson?

Or not, because a large, new snowstorm is coming in?

From the

Justice Department clears Ferguson police officer in civil rights probe

by Sari Horwitz

The Justice Department on Wednesday released a report explaining why it will not pursue federal civil rights charges against Darren Wilson, the white police officer, who shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black 18-year-old, in Ferguson, Mo., last August.

The department found that Wilson’s actions “do not constitute a prosecutable violation” and there “is no evidence upon which prosecutors can rely to disprove Wilson’s stated subjective belief that he feared for his safety.”


Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old ManThis is bullshit.

Congressional Mike Brown Suckup RacistsAnd these are racists.