14 killed in San Bernardino — motive?

San Berdoo SceneFrom CBSLocal.com:

14 Dead, 14 More Wounded In San Bernardino; As Many As 3 Gunmen Believed To Have Fled Scene

SAN BERNARDINO (CBSLA.com) — Fourteen people were confirmed killed and 14 more wounded in a mass shooting at a San Bernardino community social services building.

“We do have some preliminary numbers of upwards of 14 people that are dead and upwards of 14 people that are injured,” said Chief Jarrod Burguan of San Bernardino Police.

The shooting that was first reported at about 10:59 a.m. at the Inland Regional Center, 1365 South Waterman Avenue. The gunfire erupted in a conference room being rented by an outside group, according to Mary Beth Fields of the Inland Regional Center. She said she was not aware of which outside group, but another worker told reporters he believed the group was a San Bernardino County public agency.

The three gunmen escaped in a GMC Yukon, which was discovered later.

This was a heavily planned, prepared, coordinated and well-thought-out attack.  Why did three armed and masked men with body armor break into a conference room featuring a social services luncheon for the San Bernardino Department of Public Health?

My initial thought?  This isn’t ISIS terror, this is personal.  This stems from a personal predicating event.

There is much more to this than meets the eye.

Much more.

Because so much of it just doesn’t pass the so-called “smell test.”


San Berdoo Shooting

11 thoughts on “14 killed in San Bernardino — motive?

  1. Pardon my tinfoil hat, it seems very convenient that something like this happens just after the Lightbringer called for more gun control. Says this sort of thing doesn’t happen in other countries. Said it from Paris. Wonder if all the blood has been washed away there by now?

  2. Anybody but me notice the number of Ruger Mini-14s the police are carrying? Man, the Ruger rep must have had a good year awhile back.

  3. Yes, I did notice the “stainless mini-14’s. Ruger gave LE the option of semi or full auto.
    The car destroyed also was a “rental”.
    That gives me a chuckle.
    Watched it all and made my critique.
    Jihadists 100%, so Obama can go FU*k himself.
    And,,,,,,,there will be more of the same coming,,,,,

  4. The Black SUV was reported to be a Yukon.
    It turned out to be a Ford Expedition, rented, as was mentioned above.
    Three shooters…. turned out to be two.
    Fog of WAR, literally.
    God Bless our L.E. Officers.
    We live in interesting times.
    And I fear they are about to get interesting-er.

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