Columbus Day 2017

This is the state of our nation in 2017.

When NYPD posts officers to keep the Columbus statue on Columbus Circle free from those who wish to destroy it. Including faux Italian mayor De Blasio. Hello? Vowel?

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Protesters call for an end to Columbus Day, removal of NYC’s controversial statue

by Dale Eisinger & Graham Rayman

A handful of protesters demanded the removal of the Christopher Columbus statue — and the day honoring him — as the annual parade in his name took place Monday along Fifth Ave. in Midtown.

City Councilwoman Inez Barron and her husband, Assemblyman Charles Barron, stood at the base of the 115-year-old statue in Columbus Circle and said the name of the holiday should be changed to Indigenous People’s Day.

“As we say, Columbus only discovered that he was lost,” said the assemblyman, who plans to introduce a bill renaming the holiday in Albany. “He never discovered anything else. He called everybody Indians because he was looking for India. He was a colonizer. He was a racist. He was a murderer.”

Let me try to put this, initially, into perspective. I have said for decades and will write it here now: there is nothing whatsoever altruistic about any individual or any group of people.

Despite what Meryl Streep said, Harvey Weinstein was not god. Bill Clinton was an accused rapist. I even had my doubts about altruism and Mother Theresa. No one is perfect. Certainly not the flaked and wilted students occupying current American campuses yet they use their extreme focus of perfection on every situation and every individual that comes within their purvey. If persons — all persons at all points of history — do not comply with their optical views of perfection then those persons or situations must be destroyed. Removed, destroyed, eliminated. They cannot be present. All evidence of their once having been in their astral plane must be abolished.

If they could, ripped from the pages of every book published. Every drawing, every reference, every scintilla of documentation.

Including statues.

Cities including Los Angeles, Seattle, Minneapolis and the states of South Dakota and Hawaii have renamed Monday’s holiday to honor Native Americans.

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Reporting On Columbus Day Removal In LA Ignores Its Inclusionary History

by Will Ricciardella

Media coverage of the Los Angeles City Council vote Wednesday to remove Columbus Day from the city calendar completely ignores the holiday’s inclusionary history.

“The move to rename the holiday faced fierce opposition from Italian Americans who see Christopher Columbus and his arrival in the Americas as an important part of their culture” wrote Samantha Schmidt of The Washington Post. “Some opponents of the decision encouraged designating a day to honor indigenous and aboriginal peoples, while still observing Columbus Day.”

How quickly we forget history.

“The idea, lost on present-day critics of the holiday, was that this would be a national holiday that would be special for recognizing both Native Americans, who were here before Columbus, and the many immigrants—including Italians—who were just then coming to this country in astounding numbers” writes Dr. William J. Connell, a historian at Seton Hall University.

Among some of the early opponents to celebrating Columbus Day or erecting his statutes is none other than the virulently anti-Catholic, anti-Immigrant Klu Klu Klan. The KKK likened Columbus day to a papal plot, and burned crosses to threaten those who celebrated Columbus.

Revisionist history simply by decree. True or not, historically accurate or not.

The irony that Columbus Day was promulgated as an inclusionary holiday, intended to celebrate recent immigrants and the indigenous peoples that were here before, is too palpable for media outlets to ignore.

“It was to be a national holiday that was not about the Founding Fathers or the Civil War, but about the rest of American history,” writes Dr. Connell.

A relative of Columbus wrote at

Columbus descendant pens op-ed defending Columbus legacy

A descendant of Christopher Columbus penned an op-ed published Monday defending Columbus’s legacy.

In the op-ed published in USA Today — titled “Hey America, my ancestor didn’t cause your failings” — Christopher Columbus XX wrote that history has some “truly evil people,” but his ancestor is “not one of them.”

“Most often, history is not made up of perfect people and evil ones, but of complex people who must be understood in context,” he wrote.

“What is happening at the hands of Columbus’ detractors is political, not historical. As his direct descendant and namesake, I should know.”

Columbus XX wrote that blaming his ancestor for everything that went wrong when two cultures met for the first time in 1492 “hides the truth about him” and “obscures the great things that the countries of the American hemisphere have accomplished.”

Columbus XX said Columbus did “something incredible” by reaching the Bahamas on board three small ships.

“Those who now question Columbus conveniently ignore the fact that slavery, cannibalism, warfare and even human sacrifice all existed in the Americas before he even sailed,” he wrote.

Damn, please, stop with the facts.

“Even so, some today blame Columbus for everything they dislike in U.S. history, despite the ample evidence that he was a moderating force on his men, and the fact that he sought to keep good manners and friendly relations with Native Americans.”

Columbus XX continued to tout the accomplishments of his ancestor, saying blaming Columbus “does his legacy a terrible injustice” and focuses people’s anger “on the wrong man.”

As per normal, Tucker Carlson isolates the issue and allow Leftists to use their own words to puncture their “arguments.”

Changing history.

The envelope is straining. Soon it may break.



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  1. The rampant lunacy going on today is mind-boggling, and we have the Left in general to blame, the far-left in particular. From the Nancy Pelosis to the wide-eyed hippies and feminists on the streets.
    I shake my head and think, good God, most of these people have never been out of the country and actually seen how other people have to live. I’ve seen fear in the eyes of Phillipinos when I was there, and talking about what to us is normal, government gripes and complaints, asking them what they thought of Ferdinand Marcos and his regime.
    The point is, a shit-pot has been stirred up and set to boil hard, and the end result doesn’t look good if it isn’t stopped.

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