Continuing proof that Leftists are in fact insane

What has happened to our country when this and similar events, more and more, become the standard portrait of Leftists — particularly on various campuses across the United States?

This is, literally, the keening, wailing sound of insanity. How else could one typify the situation? We’re looking not upon a student but instead someone who requires very serious psychiatric assistance before itself or others may be gravely injured.

The story seems to be that the incident occurred on the Arizona State University (ASU) campus. One site indicated that the Arizona State student who attacked a peaceful Christian protester surfaced from 2014.

Considering the possible age of the video — three years — we can clearly see how the situation aboard campuses across the nation has deteriorated with rather shocking rapidity.

Sometimes, as my now-passed mother-in-law once said, “people are here on this earth as examples of what not to be or do.”

Thank you. I couldn’t have said it better myself.



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