HERE is a cop: Capt Clay Higgins

Finally, someone in law enforcement — besides Sheriffs Clarke, Babeu and Arpaio — who are serious and plain speaking.

The ACLU says Capt Higgins shouldn’t call the referenced thugs “heathens.”

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

St Landry Parrish (LA) Sheriff’s Department’s Captain Clay Higgins is only controversial to those who don’t much care for law enforcement doing its job on the streets of America.


Capt Clay Higgins

2 thoughts on “HERE is a cop: Capt Clay Higgins

  1. You have to be a truly tough man to be in Louisiana law enforcement.
    With so many bayous and animals so close, disposing of someone is relative easy.
    It is also a fact that the negroid percentage of the population is much higher than other States.
    The alligators, rats, possums, foxes, and other meat eaters out in the swamps dispose of human bodies quickly. Color does not matter.

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