MORE censorship at Facebook involving Islamic terror

Directly following the 84+ people killed in the Nice, France attack on Thursday, Facebook is in jack-booted lockstep with Barack Hussein Obaka insofar as it doesn’t believe that radical Muslim terror exists.  Witness:

You cannot write the words “radical Muslim terrorist” on Facebook.

I still find it so terribly odd that Islam is the greatest enemy of freedom, the greatest enemy of Leftists, the greatest enemy of women, the greatest enemy of secularism, the greatest enemy of the LGBT community — and yet Mark Zuckerberg as a Leftist does his level best to stroke Islam, utilizing only the finest of rare lubricants.

ISIS Throwing Gays Off BuildingsAbove, ISIS throws gays off the roofs of buildings. Ah, the peace and tolerance of Islam.

Note to so-called “moderate Muslims.”  You either start to step up and let your voices be heard against the barbarians, or you’ll soon be lumped into the crowd with them.

In this case, perhaps it is time to heed Newt Gingrich. Persons believing in Sharia Law — and that is 51% OF MUSLIMS IN AMERICA — should not be here in America as, truly, Sharia Law is completely incompatible with freedom and the tenets of the United States of America.

It is time to start drawing some logical lines, ladies and gentlemen.

Before you start to lose more of your sons or your daughters or your wives or your husbands in a mall, on the street, at a major sporting event, to more devices, tools, trucks, guns, IEDs, bomb vests and the like at the hands of Islamic terrorists.

You know, the people that Barack Hussein Obama and Mark Zuckerberg don’t believe exist.



6 thoughts on “MORE censorship at Facebook involving Islamic terror

  1. Shortly after the attack in Nice, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls made the statement: “Times have changed, and France is going to have to live with terrorism, and we must face this together and show our collective sang-froid, France is a great country and a great democracy and we will not allow ourselves to be destabilized.” ( I wonder how that facebook restriction works in France these days)
    He is right, you know. Times HAVE changed. Like it or not we are living with and learning to live with terrorism. Some may not want to admit it but it is what it is.
    Now there is backlash on ‘social media’! Quelle horror. Looking at some of the comments: govt is incompetent and unable to protect its people, he should be ashamed, we want to live in peace not exist with terrorism, blah blah. I have to ask myself how many of those would support a radical solution to ensure peace, ie., the gingrich solution, deportation of sharia supporting moslems? Which I frankly believe is the only way to deal with this. Or some version of it. Of course the down side to that is a fundamental niggling item called taqiyya I mean how would one know if a moslem is telling the truth?
    Islam is. not. compatible. with Western culture. No ifs ands or buts. It is incapable of adapting and becoming ‘inclusive’, tolerant, accepting on equal terms any other belief system. Should it do so, it would cease being islam. It must be the alpha dog. Adapt or die.
    And yet more migrants are permitted entry, more restrictions on anyone voicing disagreement (Germany raids homes of people making anti migrant speech on social media) . Is this to be the future?
    This cannot go on for much longer.
    Tick Tock.

    • The people in France are smarter than those here in the US. France has banned the burkha, scarves, and can actually NAME the fight.

      If, like Obaka, you cannot even NAME the threat, you cannot craft a logical strategy to fight the threat. And Obaka does not plan on crafting a logical strategy to fight what he considers to be no threat.


  2. Until there is a reformation within Islam that encourages all mulsims to live peacefully with people of all other peaceful religions of the world, it is my humble opinion that the only good muslim is a dead one. Am for a purge of all Islamists living in the United States starting with CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood entities. All muslims must be treated as enemy combatants until such a reformation occurs for the security of this nation. Don’t use Facebook or other social media sites, but Zuckerberg needs to be bitch slapped.

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