“Net neutrality” = Fairness Doctrine?

Joker - Which Were CowardsI was thinking.

Now that the Obama Leftists have the GOP right where they want them, dangling at the end of an erectile-dysfunctional leash, what might be a major reason the FCC won’t release the 322-page document?  Why is it so secret?  Why so serious?

I was thinking: if I were the Obama-run FCC and I wanted to help throttle the internet and begin the systematic removal of our First Amendment (Obama is already working on that pesky Second Amendment), what would I do?

I know.  I’d place within those regulations a return to the Fairness Doctrine, and I would apply said doctrine to the internet.  I’d apply it to blogs, I’d slather it like warm butter all over the web.

Takers on the bet?


Net Neutrality Kill Switch

9 thoughts on ““Net neutrality” = Fairness Doctrine?

  1. When the federal govt dictates what can be said or not said then revolution is our only recourse. Paybacks will be hell.

    • With the knowledge, however, that it was introduced in 1948 and wasn’t eliminated until 1987 under Reagan. You’ll note that it wasn’t until after that time that Conservative radio and thoughts really took off.


  2. Ever heard of MeshNet? Me neither. But I started wondering today about alternatives to the Internet and, google being our friend, found something called MeshNet. http://realitysandwich.com/160579/meshnet_possible_uncensored_internet_alternative/
    Perhaps this will be the next (r)evolutionary step of the ‘Net.
    As for is this doable, well, the Atlantic article points out: “The United States government has spent millions of dollars on the creation of shadow mesh networks—which are as easy to set up as distributing cheap wireless routers—to help people in other countries get around the Internet infrastructure of their repressive governments, according to The New York Times.”

    (Lifted from the video in the first link:) Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.

  3. I am not sure how successful this will be. I foresee SCOTUS suits that challenge agency regulations under Constitutional authority. Filed by citizens and citizen groups that will challenge the IRS regulations.
    Pop the corn, and may the best lawyers win!

    (I already don’t like the result, whatever it will be.)

    • The acronyms such as POTUS and FLOTUS and SCOTUS which have been widely encouraged by our current administration will go a long way to helping the Utah Data Center (NSA) tag and track comments and users who agree to to help them help us to help them to have tools and uniform terminologies to track who is saying what (and what they want to do about it).

      Much the same as The Weather Channel illegally names winter storms (only The National Weather Service is allowed to do that) so that people who choose to use these tags can be referred back ONLY to The Weather Channel who uses that targeted populace in order to make mountains of money for them and NBC via their advertisers and marketing sources.

      I’ll bet the top secret 332 pages of the FCC Net Neutrality bill has a sentence or two to deal with THAT!

  4. Am I angry?
    You bet.
    I’m also frustrated, disappointed, and resigned.
    I won’t take your bet about the direction our government will take.
    I’d like to propose a new bet… a pool:
    When will the first shot be fired?

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