The insanity of Leftists on Trump’s win

This video is almost too much to watch all the way through. But it’s illustrative of the length to which some people will go to demonize conservatives, the GOP or anyone who isn’t a Demorat.

This is simple insanity but important to show because Demorats and blacks are self-enforcing in terms of their insistence on being monolithic. Some day black Americans will learn that Demorats have been, historically as now, their worst slave-masters.

One reaction to the release of the video is this:

“Apparently, she thought it would be clever to videotape herself abusing him and kicking him out of her home. The cries and pleas from this little boy to his ‘mother’ begging her to let him stay are absolutely heartbreaking! Hopefully, this video will help the proper authorities to identify her and help her young son to find a safe and hate-free environment in which to live.”

The video has, not surprisingly, gone viral. A somewhat similar situation occurred following a school election in Texas.

Leftists have no shame, few values, no moral compass, no sense of proportion, no rationality, no conscience, no logic and little sense of direction save perhaps that of nihilism or base anarchy simply for its appeal, comfort and mob popularity. We get this because few people in life have ever told these people NO, up to and including their parents (if even both parents exist in the same household) and law enforcement.

Concurrently, there have been overt Donald Trump assassination advocates on social media, to include Twitter, who have attached their names to their threats. Some of the ones I encountered were forwarded, rightly so, to the US Secret Service. Others include:

ta-1 ta-2 ta-3 ta-4 ta-5 ta-6 ta-7 ta-8 ta-9 ta-10 ta-11 ta-12 ta-13 ta-14 ta-15This is but a brief smattering of what you’ll find on the internet: the outright advocacy of Trump’s assassination.

Riots began in Oakland following Trump’s election and they have continued nightly throughout the Big City Rat Cages run by Demorats and, now, raided by organized and well-funded Leftists. Paid to riot and destroy.

leftist-conspiracy-hiringEveryone except Leftists, Demorats and the American Media Maggots realize and recognize the violence that exists historically as now has not been on the right, it has been and is now from Leftists.

george-soros-quoteThere were no riots following the Rodney King jury nullification verdict in 1992 and there were no riots when America elected the first black president, Barack Hussein Obama. Twice.

Additionally, in that peaceful, tolerant, all-inclusive northwestern enclave of mostly-Caucasoid Portland, Oregon, its resident Leftists thought it would be an excellent idea to terrorize lone women in cars in order to demonstrate their hostility to the election of Donald Trump. She had a nice car and obviously a job, so it was her turn to take the brunt of violent impulses from petulant Leftists (where was Portland PD?). Watch:

Mr Obama needs to step in and step up, telling these rioters and felons that they are accomplishing nothing and that, should they choose not to stop, the National Guard will be called for each affected city. But of course he will not because he fundamentally believes that America deserves all of this and more. This goes far beyond simple free speech, protest and the exercising of one’s rights. This was and is organized anarchy.

Enough, Leftists, enough.

Be advised: you’re not far from getting a reaction you’re not about to enjoy.



20 thoughts on “The insanity of Leftists on Trump’s win

  1. Yes it is wrong. The process was followed and the electorate elected Trump, but had the electorate elected Clinton do you think there would have been no protests? Trump himself did not say he would accept that outcome.

    It is interesting that we are less than a week into the decision and Trump already appears to be rolling back on some of his rhetoric;
    – he plans to keep some aspects of Obamacare….not repeal it on day one
    – prosecuting HRC is not a priority – hmmm that seems a change

    Let’s wait and see what happens with that big beautiful wall (to be paid for by Mexico) and Muslim immigration.

    I think as time goes on there are going to be some very disapppinted people.

    • There may have been protests but not nearly on the order of what we’re seeing now. There is a marked difference between protests and the blocking of highways, assault on LE, vandalism, the calling for outright assassination on PUBLIC social media, burning, rioting, mayhem.

      I hope, John, you don’t think I’m ignorant. NO candidate keeps a fraction of their “promises.” NONE. And none can. I voted for Trump for two base reasons: 1) There is a chance for SCOTUS, and 2) he was NOT Hillary Rodham Clinton.

      As far as I am concerned, everything else is just gravy.

      Of course there’s going to be disappointment. I’m an adult and I’ve worked for government. There is ALWAYS disappointment. Because, you know what? There will likely be someone else in four years. That’s how it goes.


  2. Although we would have had a divided electorate either way, the difference is that for the most part public assembly would have been much more peaceful and constructive had Trump lost. Similarly, you wouldn’t have s George Soros, CAIR, BLM movement fomenting such hatred (mostly in liberal enclave Cities only) had Hillary won. These aren’t just peotests, they are RIOTS filled with CRIMINAL activity..

    “the right of the people ro PEACEFULLY assemble”. . . I know I read that somewhere.

  3. Problem would be solved if some good old boys on the right would assassinate George Soros and his clan. And of course Obama could stop all this crap with one phone call. This was all planned and orchestrated should Clinton lose. Time for the left to be given a good ass whipping.

  4. TL has some good thoughts, and the link for Tom’s comments about the electoral college is a deep read but it caused me to rethink the possibilities of events for the near future.

    Admittedly, I didn’t consider that the electoral college would be threatened in this manner, it’s the system that the power brokers use, after all, yet now there’s truly no way to predict what will happen in the next 60 days. Well, there is, but you know what my point is, BZ.

    Interesting times, indeed.

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