Vigilante: right or wrong?

This video is a, of all places, creation.

From the website:

Justin Payne is a self-proclaimed vigilante who spends his nights pretending to be a 13-year-old boy online. He is intent on shaming every pedophile who falls for his trap. With help from his cameraman Gerry, the duo have publicly shamed hundreds of sexual predators and have been a thorn in the side of local law enforcement. 

Watch the video.

So: is the man right or wrong for doing this?

Is this nothing more than abject and horrible entrapment?

Or is he justified and warranted in conducting himself in this fashion?

My opinion is this: unless breaking a very specific Canadian law, then he is fully justified in doing this on behalf of children whose lives were on the cusp of being utterly destroyed.

Let me step back for a moment.

In the 1990s I was a detective in my department’s Child Abuse Bureau. I was recruited by other detectives to work in that unit. While there I learned what an enormous scourge was pedophilia, how rampant it is and how persons you might not have suspected were pedophiles, to include Lewis Carroll and Arthur C. Clarke. Perhaps even your friend next door or your uncle.

America’s worst pedophile was a Delaware pediatrician named Earl Bradley who, on June 23, 2011, was convicted on 24 counts of a consolidated indictment (which originally contained 529 counts): 14 counts of rape, seven counts of assault, and three counts of sexual exploitation of a child. Note: he was a pediatrician. Perfect placement. He could have been your pediatrician.

Whilst in Child Abuse I acquired lengthier sentences upon conviction there than I did in Homicide. [I did, at one time, hold the California record for longest sentence obtained in a case when a man, on multiple, multiple counts of serial robbery, received 800+ years.]

Child abusers are particularly despicable because they not only utilize their superior physical strength against children — up to and including murder — but even perhaps a more evil and insidious element that I term the “mindfuck” aspect of child abuse. That is to say, willingly and cunningly utilizing the clever and devious adult mind against the undeveloped and defenseless mind of a child.

That is why organizations such as NAMBLA are beyond loathsome, but they are not the only organized effort to norm sexual relations with children. There are many more. While writing for the AbsoluteZeroUnited website in the 1990s I was sued by a pedophile who compiled my personal information and then released it on the internet. He did not win his suit.

Frankly, I would recommend you browse through the back history of the AbsoluteZeroUnited site, an anti-pedo point in the blogosphere, so that you can see (if you’ve the stomach) how strident and insistent and depraved are advocates of pedophilia. And to what ends they will go in order to justify, norm and reconcile pedophilia.

It is an axiom in Child Abuse: “not everyone who was abused will abuse, but everyone who abuses was abused.”

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8 thoughts on “Vigilante: right or wrong?

  1. Something we general population don’t see in police work is someone must process evidence to make a prosecute-able case. A younger cousin with a stellar career pointed this out to me one day. He had quit after a year and a half of going after pedophiles. He said he had to view every frame of video, every picture, and all written material to summarize and prepare reports. He said he simply couldn’t stomach it any longer. This from a man who spent three years undercover in biker gangs.

    My personal view of a pedophile is along the lines of my view of a rabid animal. Rock on Justin Payne.

  2. BZ, just a quick question.

    Given the topics you discuss, and your background, do you feel there is anything to the pizza gate issue that made news and was squelched rather quickly?

    ( Maybe you covered it early and I missed it)

    There seems to be way too many circumstantial things pointing to pederasts
    in the higher ranks of our gov.

    Thanks in advance.


  3. Was AZU where you and I first connected? Been a while for sure. I was still in SoCal.
    There were a few other folks that wrote there too. And some good offshoots sprouted up. Warriors for Innocence is one that boasted over 1000 IDs and 100 arrests while she was active.

    I’m still in contact with her brother, but haven’t connected with her in the last 8 years or so.

    What these guys are doing is proactive, but it’d be even better for them to be involved in a task force that goes after the pedos with warrants and one way tickets to Gen-Pop.

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