A reminder: the actual TRUTH about ObamaKare

First, let us watch and listen to its secondary architect, Jonathan Gruber, as he speaks before his knowing peers. The primary architect of ObamaKare is actually Hillary Rodham Clinton back in the 90s. She just didn’t have the political clout to make it happen. And because she was running against Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, he stole her idea and ran with it. To wit:

  • “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage.”
  • “Call it the stupidity of the average American voter or whatever.”
  • “Americans are too stupid to understand the difference.”
  • “It’s a very clever basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the American voter.”

Then let us watch and listen to a highly intelligent individual, Trey Gowdy, slice apart the base motivations behind ObamaKare.

Thank you. ObamaKare is brutally failing. Why?

Because of Cloward-Piven.

You have to tear down in order to build up. And regarding ObamaKare, Jonathan Gruber was actually one of the few people telling the truth.

Because ultimately, Demorats and Leftists want nothing more than Single Payer. That is to say: the US government running every aspect of your life, including your health care.

When you walk into that voting booth in two days, just remember: who wants you on a short leash and who does not?

Who lies to you incessantly?

Demorats. Barack Hussein Obama.

And Hillary Rodham Clinton.



7 thoughts on “A reminder: the actual TRUTH about ObamaKare

  1. Being retired, I had the time to read the Obamacare bill in its entirety prior to it being brought up for a vote. Digging deep, I discovered it was nothing more than a power play and a tax bill with provisions to physically force the population to comply with its tenants if necessary. Contacted my congress critter at the time and asked him not to vote for it based on what I had read. He got back to me and told me he supported the bill because it was so good for the country. Told him if he voted for the bill would do my best to see he was voted out of office. He voted for it and lost the next election. .Congress critter was a Democrat following the Obama/Reid/Polosi line of bullshit. And look what it got us into.

  2. Mr Gowdy is simply a joy to watch. I just would NOT want to be on the receiving end of one of his inquisitions! He is like a surgeon but with words.

  3. Minuteman’s comment reminds me that I did read the entire bill. And I read the first addendum, all 300 pages of it. Then I began to read the second amendment but before I could finish a third, 1,100 page addendum came out. I stopped any effort to read another word of it because, as Minuteman said, the very first form of the bill said it all, that it was a power play. It was never about health care except to use health care as the mechanism to gain more control. Nothing has changed except the noose has gotten tighter. Well, that plus the noose is on their necks now. The light of the truth shines brightly.

    I have followed Trey Gowdy for a couple of years. So swift and sharp to the point is he that I have oft said that if ever the circumstances should be that I stand before Mr. Gowdy I would immediately offer no resistance and capitulate to his every demand. However, I was disappointed when in the Benghazi hearings he said they would not seek to indict the witch.

    • I think I’m finally coming to the conclusion that one aspect trumps all others with politicians: they are extremely hesitant to pull the handle on each other — full well knowing that negative focus could somehow fall on them one day and they too would want to be pardoned, ignored or provided special favor or remedies.


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