BZ’s Berserk Bobcat Saloon Radio Show, Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 – with very special guest, author Matthew Betley

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My first guest was thriller writer Matthew Betley, author of OVERWATCH, OATH OF HONOR and the upcoming FIELD OF VALOR to be released on May 22nd of 2018, just before Memorial Day — and all published by Atria Books.

Matt’s CV on his website goes something like this:

Matthew Betley grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, which he considers home after his family moved there from New Jersey, where he was born and which also explains his affinity for the New York Yankees.  He attended St. Xavier High School and then Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where he graduated with a B.A. in psychology and minors in political science and sociology.  He also spent the first semester of senior year investigating felony murder cases as an intern investigator in Washington, D.C., for the Public Defender’s Office, a formative experience that provided countless stories that could fill the pages of a non-fiction book.  Upon graduation, he worked in corporate America for five years in Cincinnati before joining the Marine Corps in 1999.  

Matt spent ten years as a Marine officer and was trained as a scout sniper platoon commander, an infantry officer, and a ground intelligence officer.  His experiences include deployments to Djibouti after 9/11, and Fallujah, Iraq, prior to the surge, both in staff officer support billets.

Finally, and most importantly, Matt is a recovering alcoholic with nearly eight years of sobriety.  He credits the Marine Corps with providing a foundation in discipline and personal accountability for his desire to initially seek help.  Matt is open and direct about it and has spoken in front of large groups of people with one clear message – if he can get sober, so can anyone.  He credits his recovery with providing the authenticity for Logan West’s struggle with his inner demons.  

The topics covered in the Saloon included:

  • Happy Stories and good times: the American Media Maggots are falling all over themselves in an attempt to prove who can publish the best lie about Trump, first;
  • Roy Moore has lost to Doug Jones in the Alabama special election for Senate;
  • Matthew Betley calls in and describes politics as “the absence of all morality in leadership and decision-making; check your principles at the door;”
  • Twitter is the Wild West of social media;
  • To Matt: Bengals or Browns? Bengals, as he grew up in Cincinnati;
  • Matt’s article: “To Kneel Or Not To Kneel” is here, about the NFL;
  • For 39 years Matt Betley’s family owned the Bengals practice field;
  • Matt’s favorite movie for 2017 is Wind River, also BZ’s. Kiss-Ass Alert: that was not prearranged but spontaneous. Matt: get out of my head;
  • Matt reveals he has Hollywood interested in his books, a major producer involved;
  • You heard it here first: I believe Matt’s books would make an incredible franchise;
  • Matt just started writing book four for release in 2019;
  • Day-to-day Matt is John Quick but when pressed he is Logan West;
  • Matt works for the government and cannot tell us what branch or agency;
  • Listen to the rest of the interview for more points;
  • More, later, about buttery political issues;
  • The hard expectations of a soft coup in America

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