Century fighter F-100: one more time

Watch the video and imagine what it’s like to be those men and relive the days of their youth in such a fashion.

Just enjoy the theme and the beautiful video.



8 thoughts on “Century fighter F-100: one more time

  1. Ditto what NFO said.
    The “Army Aviation Heritage Foundation” has several chapters forming around the U.S., each with the intent to rehab a Huey or a Cobra.
    We may all soon hear that wonderful “Wop-Wop” again!

      • Was a Huey driver in Vietnam (2 tours) and got to watch the F-100 work. It was a good aircraft. However I am of the opinion that the A1E was the best ground support aircraft during that conflict. Could loiter for hours and carry a tremendous payload. We used them a lot in addition to our own attack helos as escorts and cover during operations into Laos and around the border area.

        • A1E Skyraider. One of the damned largest single-pilot aircraft ever built. Holy crap.

          Some of them had hot tubs and were later turned into condos.



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