Time to leave a little bit-0-paradise down in San Diego, where if anyone is daft enough to ask the question “what’s the temperature today?” you get looked at like you’re a moron.  70 degrees, you gibbering mouth-breather.  Heh.

It’s a driving day back to the Sierras, all 604 miles of it.



Sanders wants Denmark socialism in the US

Demorat Free Candy & CheeseSocialist Bernie Sanders said, during the Tuesday Demorat debate:

You see every other major country saying to moms that when you have a baby, we’re not going to separate you from your newborn baby because we are going to have — we are going to have medical and family paid leave like every other country on earth. Those are some of the principles that I believe in, and I think we should look to countries like Denmark, like Sweden and Norway and learn from what they have accomplished for their working people.

What would that mean for the United States?  How well does Socialism work?  Let’s check with someone who lives in Denmark.

A man named Lief, from Denmark, wrote an email to Tom Sullivan, who hosts a syndicated radio show from New York, and used to be on my local AM radio station KFBK in Sacramento — where I happened to work in the 70s.

Lief wrote to Tom Sullivan:


 I’m a naturalized US citizen from Denmark. Our socialism is not what everyone over here thinks it is. They tax everything that stands still or starts to move. When we visited in 2000 my wife and daughters went shopping and were pleased that there was no sales tax. My aunt tapped me on the shoulder and said it’s included in the price. 22%. Today it is 26%. When you buy a “new” car in Denmark the tax is 100% of the sales price, I kid you not. My cousin called me one Xmas 4 years ago, he had just bought a new S class. Price out the door, $226,000. His wife visited here for vacation this past July. She said my uncle just bought a new Chevy Cruz, $89,000 out the door. She said their income tax in 56.6%. add the social security/pension tax 8% = 64.6%. and that’s the minimum. The past prime minister hired a new minister of agriculture, (my cousin is a large farmer), she said with all the new regulation 1,400 farmers have gon branrupt and closed their business in the past 4 years. AZnd that is in a small county of only 5.8 mil people. Smaller than the Bay Area. Their healthcare is atrocious. My aunt needed a hip replacement. From the day the doctor signed the “papers” she waited 22 months for her new hip. My cousin that bought the “S” class had gone to the Dr. 5 times in 18 mos. complaining of stomach trouble. Finally he convinced the Dr. to order an endoscopy. He waited 6 mos, they found stomach cancer and they took out his  entire stomach. He needed follow up chemo treatment. They live on the mainland and the only place in Denmark that treats stomach cancer is Copenhagen. He flew there 3 times a week for 4 months. He died of starvation 2 years ago. He always told me, nothing in this life is free, let alone socialism…..how true

He later added … 

By the way,

I forgot to mention in 2000 when my cousin and I stopped for gasoline. I was having a hard time converting Kroner to Dollars and liters to gallons and asked him how much was a gallon of gas. He said $11.85…..Also, my younger cousin last month took their newborn to the hospital after 5:00 on a Friday. They told him the baby needed a blood test but the lab was closed after 5pm and doesn’t open up till 8 am Monday….OMG. My cousin that visited this last July said the baby is fine now but yes. You had better not get sick from 5pm Friday till Monday morning….Socialism at its best…

You may add the above to your post if you like.

As I’ve said before because it happens to be true: everyone thinks they can “do” Socialism better than the last guy.  Sanders, Obama, the Demorats, Progressives, the SEIU, Leftists, all think they can “do” Socialism in America.  And yes, better than anyone else.

As it is, the US runs out of cash in 19 days, on November 3rd.  The proverbial “debt ceiling.”  Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said that this ceiling will hit two days before it was anticipated.

Where, just where, is all of this cash going to come from?



NFL films, John Facenda and “The Autumn Wind”

The Autumn Wind is what we officially have now.  It’s football season.

Which reminds me.

Steve & Ed Sabol - A

Steve and Ed Sabol, recipients of an astounding 87 Emmy awards.  Does Steve, at this age, remind anyone besides me of Mark Wahlberg?

Persons of a certain age, myself mostly included, remember the great celluloid created by NFL Films, the brainchild of Ed Sabol and later helmed by his son, Steve Sabol.

Ed recently passed away in February of 2015 at age 98, and his son Steve in 2012 of brain cancer, at age 69.

But most closely associated with NFL Films was “The Voice of God,” that of John Facenda, who passed away in 1984 at the age of 71.

Facenda was associated as narrator of NFL Films as Don LaFontaine was to movie trailers — both voiceover men of extreme talent.

Here, as a memory of days gone by, is The Autumn Wind, written by Steve Sabol in tribute to the football season — and picked up and embraced by the Oakland Raiders as their unofficial team anthem, beloved by Al Davis.  This tribute was produced in 1974.

There will never be another John Facenda or the ground-breaking creativity of NFL Films.



For more memories, let’s try The Power and the Glory by NFL Films and narrated by John Facenda.  Sure to bring back a flood of them.


A moment of clarity about the The Realist

BZ Logo For BlogI’ve received a few emails from lost souls who actually follow my blog (they must be the ones who also religiously clean their fish tanks and balance check books), and are asking about the new header and its meaning.  Actually, I received more emails about the new header than I’ve ever received in the history of the blog.

They all asked: so, what does “I am The Realist” mean?

I decided it was time to explain and clarify.

Yes, I am still the Bloviating Zeppelin.  I have been so since this blog’s inception on Blogger in 2004.  I have kept this blog running for 11 years now.  These days that is unheard of.  Most blogs last a few weeks or a month, if that, then are abandoned.  The Blogosphere is replete with the abandoned floating remnants of good intentions ignored.

BZ Beard Avatar 1But, in my 60+ years on the planet, never have I encountered times such as these, where the 180-Paradigm is so completely embraced.

That is to say: if something is good, wonderful, fantastic, honest, clear, loyal, brave, powerful, proud, supportive of the United States, you can be assured that the current administration will do or embrace the complete reverse.

I am so done with that.  I am done with receding, with subsuming, with parsing my words, with taking care, with hesitating, with trying to acquire a readership, with attempting to appeal to more readers.  I am in my 60s, my days are numbered, I am done with tolerance, with acceptance, with any form of political correctness.

Let me make this plain.  I have “mine.”  I purposely purchased food for me and my wife to continue living.  I have a water source.  I have a defensible cabin far away from population centers.  I have a bangstick and one bullet.  I have the mindset and the training and the education and experience to utilize all of these things when necessary.  Further, I have a modicum of fiscal security.  I may have been a cop, but I was not a stupid cop.

I planned for my retirement when I was only in my single digits.  Shame on you if you haven’t planned for your retirement.  It’s not my responsibility to take care of you, that you haven’t had the insight I had or if you’re stupid.  Which reemphasizes: I have “mine.”  If you weren’t equally smart then shame on you.  Which translates to: if I advocate against the GOPEE or take certain stands, it’s because I don’t so much mind if the nation collapses.  I am better off than 99% of the rest of the US.

I don’t have to equivocate or worry about what anyone thinks about me.  That, frankly, is rather liberating.  And, as The Realist, it’s time to yank the covers off the national bed and expose the soft white underbelly of politics.  Because I am done.

This nation is not going to survive “compromise.”  It is not going to survive “bipartisanship.”  It is not going to survive communal thoughts or bicameral decisions or deconfliction or Progressives or Socialists or Demorats or Leftists or the SEIU or illegal immigrants or Muslims or open borders.

It’s time to be a Realist.  It’s time to realize what can be done and what must be done.  It’s time for me to fish or cut bait.  It’s time to be even more plain than ever before.  Because, in my estimation, the literal life of this nation, this great nation, is literally on the line.

There are elements, many elements, that wish to see this nation go down in flames.  They exist from without but way too many of these elements exist from within the nation.  I must identify them, call them out, be Politically INcorrect, and use plain and coarse language.

It’s not about me.  As I said, I have “mine.”  I can survive when pushed against the wall.  Too many Americans cannot.  And too many Americans are stupid and dull and groomed for extinction.  They don’t realize that they are the frog in the boiling pot.  They are dulled by their television and their news and their indifference to life around them.  They cannot see two inches in front of their faces.  They have been groomed and petted and coddled to be the dullards they have turned out to be.  The Millennials are the worst.  And they are in for a massive shock.  They are the least prepared for it.

There is a huge societal “thump” coming.  It may be revealed in a physical sense, in a geographic sense, in a fiscal sense, in a budgetary sense, in a stock sense, in an internet sense, in a viral sense, in a technological sense.  Or all of these.

But there is a major “thump” coming and oh-so-very-few people are prepared.  With that in mind, I have to ratchet up my rhetoric because ratcheted-up rhetoric is about to be banned.

You doubt me?

Just you wait and see.

Hence: I am now The Realist.

I must be more clear than ever before.