4 thoughts on “Come see the World Trade Center in all her glory:

  1. People ask me why I have a rage, and anger, simmering just beneath the surface all the time, it seems to them. It’s because after my country was attacked in a clear act of war, the politicians dithered around and wasted time, effort, treasure and most unforgivable of all to me, American Blood by sending troops into distant lands and then telling them not to fight. Let the other guy shoot before you shoot at them, but don’t shoot at someone who is not armed. Rules of Engagement should not be so convoluted that the average private needs a five to eight hour orientation class in order to follow them. There should be one rule: Fight, and win. If the American fighting man had been allowed to do what he was trained to do from the very beginning, there would be no discussion about extending enlistments, or allowing women to fight in combat units, or whether or not we have an “exit strategy”. muslims the world over would be digging very deep holes to avoid being identified as such. There would be no such thing as the TSA. There would be no need for the PGR to exist, except to escort retired military to their final resting place.

    In short, I’m pissed, because the full response of the American Military was muffled and shackled, and we are supposed to sit here and think we are doing everything we can to answer the atrocities committed on that horrible day.

    I call bullshit.

    • The US hasn’t unleased its true military force since WWII. Every other skirmish or involvement has been politically micromanaged.

      I still say: either you commit to break shit and kill people resoundingly, or you stay OUT of a military engagement.

      We owe that to OUR citizens.


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