Let’s listen to Canada’s Leftist PM Justin Trudeau

This is simply too good to pass up.

Then there is this lengthier compilation.

So Leftists, Demorats, anarchists, progressives and the like think President Donald Trump is daft and embraces “too many Russians”?

Shelby Steele (author, columnist, film-maker, Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution) explains wonderfully the Leftist mindset:

Tell you what, Canada. You keep Trudeau. We’ll keep Trump.



3 thoughts on “Let’s listen to Canada’s Leftist PM Justin Trudeau

    • Your having Trudeau is akin to my having Governor Brown or any other idiot Leftist — which means pretty much all of them — in Fornicalia.


  1. Trudeau is your typical whiney pissant liberal who doesn’t know shit from Shineola. He will destroy Canada if allowed.

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