Obama defecates on America before leaving

Mr Obama, like a spoiled child who has been told he can’t do or have something, is moving in a unilateral fashion to ensure the presidential transition is as troublesome as possible for President-Elect Donald Trump, to the point where the US could actually be under escalated threat. Cyber warfare, now, can be every bit as disastrous as kinetic warfare.

The most accurate summary of what’s happening was made by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, when he said:

“Obama is like a tenant who has been evicted from a property, and he’s going to trash the place on the way out.”

When Obama’s Doctrine has historically been to “lead from behind,” he now feels it’s time to blow up his chest and posture. Dove turns suddenly to hawk. Why here, why now? Easy: it serves Obama’s and the Demorats’ narrative because this focus deflects from the facts that Demorats, the DNC and Hillary Clinton cheated, lied, colluded, embraced corruption and committed actual yet-unindicted crimes

Let’s not forget it’s Mr Obama who said during the 2012 debate with Mitt Romney:

Let us not forget that the Obama Doctrine itself called for a “Russian reset” in 2009, to the point where Hillary Clinton delivered as a gift, literally, a red button to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in a press conference. The “reset” was to shift from the ways of the Evil & Judgmental George Bush. As perhaps a portent of things to come, the Russian-language label had the wrong word, and read ‘overcharged’ instead of ‘reset.’

Let us not forget it was Mr Obama who leaned over to Russian President Dimitri Medvedev and was caught, sotto voce, on a active microphone asking Russian President Dmitry Medvedev for “space.” Obama said “this is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

Our relationship with Russia is the worst it’s been since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Obama stated he wanted, specifically, sanctions and retaliation for Russia’s “hacking of our election” and the DNC, though Obama offers no evidence or facts to support the allegation — in fact, having said the Russians were not involved — therefore escalating tensions between the two countries. Obama has stated there are “covert actions” coming next. Covert actions? Of what variety? And why — if covert actions are in fact looming — would you be sufficiently daft to announce same?

Further, the sanctions and expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats from various locations and shutting down two Russian compounds in Maryland and New York is stuff of the old Cold War. “Covert actions” are not. Russia may conclude these proposed actions are true existential threats to their security, to include hacking their military and nuclear facilities, their banks, the electrical grid. While the American Media Maggots egg Mr Obama on — in itself one of the strangest things recently, the AMM now being hawks instead of doves — simultaneously Russia leaves Obama out of cease-fire talks with Syria.

In response — no shock — Putin in Moscow says that Russia is considering “retaliation” for Obama’s “retaliation.” Putin’s “retaliation” is of the unknown variety at this point.

Mr Obama does this with twenty-one days left in his lame duck administration.

Even the New York Times seemed to “get it” when it wrote on Thursday that Obama’s actions appear designed to “box in President-elect Donald Trump.” That includes the UN and Israel as well. Obama has had eight years to focus on cyber espionage and cyber warfare, yet somehow waits until the last 21 days of his presidency to make any kind of stand whatsoever? Somehow we knew not of those 35 spy/diplomats and two spy hubs prior?

Particularly with regard to Barack Hussein Obama, I don’t believe in coincidences. Up to this point Obama has had the grim determination of an asthmatic chihuahua regarding foreign hacking.

What’s conveniently forgotten, however, is that Mr Obama — using our taxpayer dollars — tried to purposely interfere in Israel’s 2015 elections in an attempt to specifically keep Benjamin Netanyahu out of office.

Here’s the point. Yes, the Russians and the Chinese are likely hacking the shite out of US government, corporate and intelligence interests perhaps on a daily basis. But we only become upset over it when Leftists, the Demorats, the DNC, John Podesta and Hillary Rodham Clinton are involved? Seriously? Ox? Gored?

Look, Barack Hussein Obama already said the Russians were not involved. The FBI said the Russians were not involved. Yet the CIA intimated with no evidence the Russians were involved and the AMM, Obama, Leftists and Demorats all line up? You expect me to believe you simply on faith? Faith is the very last thing you deserve, Barack Hussein Obama.

This is the same CIA whose DNI, James Clapper, said this in public and LIED directly to each and every American by doing so.

The CIA would never politicize its findings or lean in any particular direction for White House purposes. Would it?

Again, why is Obama doing these things? As Spite House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz said recently: in essence, because he can.

It would appear the US under Mr Obama is conducting retaliatory measures on the Drudge Report, a focus of Obama, due to its publishing a wide array of articles dealing on and critical of Mr Obama himself. Matt Drudge Tweeted: “Is the US government attacking DRUDGE REPORT? Biggest DDoS since site’s inception. VERY suspicious routing [and timing],”

DDoS is shorthand for a Distributed Denial of Service. DDoS is a type of DOS (Distribution of Service) attack where multiple compromised systems, which are often infected with a Trojan, are used to target a single system causing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack.

Let’s not lose sight of the truth. Mr Obama has had eight years to deal or even attempt to address cyber attacks by Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. He has done nothing. The Chinese hacked into millions of OPM personnel records. Obama’s response? Meh. Your intimate federal personal records meant nothing to Obama because he was not personally politically affected. It held no sway over the election.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not that brilliant. I can find all of these things on the internet. The caveat is: if I want to.

Obama focuses only at the last second on these issues and concurrently decides it’s a wonderful time to do the things he’s had two terms to consider. To wit;

With regard to that last issue, 1.6 million acres, a greater area than the state of Delaware, have been converted to federal control and minimal public use. One man can, by the stroke of a pen, take state land without even one Congressional vote under the Antiquities Act of 1906, something Mr Obama has done on 29 prior occasions, more than any president other than FDR, in order to circumvent Congress on behalf of various environmental groups and interests. This is truly a land seizure by the federal government.

Obama is acting anti-democratically, unilaterally, via edicts from his personal Mount Olympus, despite the disagreements by members of his own party. He believes his decisions are untouchable and, in fact, some of them may actually be irreversible.

In his last moments: all because he can.

If Mr Obama is actually concerned about his so-called “legacy,” he is ill-prepared mentally to recognize the facts. His legacy is that of division on every political and social level imaginable. Sam Stein, for God’s sake, Senior Political Editor for the Huffington Post, said that Obama leaves the party “in a much worse position,” the “states are decimated,” he “lost control of the House and Senate,” the “governorships are decimated.” All factually correct.

Under Obama, the American voter has consistently rejected the stance of the Demorats (including Mr Obama) for the past eight years (2008 to 2016) as they lost 63 seats in the House and 10 seats in the Senate. Republicans (from 2008 to 2016) gained 900+ seats in state legislatures, along with 12 governorships across the US — meaning that 2/3rds of the governors in the nation are now Republicans.

As the Divider-In-Chief, Obama’s entire agenda revolved around striating people by class, sex, race, religion, earnings, region, state, city, county, clothing, music, laws, wages, healthcare, culture, employment, family, mode of transport, energy consumption, food, cable channels watched, media consumed, social settings, the way you view America, even your writings, statements and thoughts.

Then we have Mr Obama’s actions in his final presidential days. In my opinion, he is moving to isolate and denigrate Donald Trump, not Vladimir Putin.

The only conclusion one can draw is that of Sheriff Clarke’s reference above, Mr Obama is purposely defecating in the national punchbowl and Mr Trump’s coming punchbowl because he is shockingly immature, self-centered and, well, because he can.



18 thoughts on “Obama defecates on America before leaving

  1. obozo has no idea how outclassed he is compared to Trump and Vlad, and he likely doesn’t believe anyone that tries to explain it to him.

    If we make it through the next three weeks, Trump can start cleaning the garage, but it’s going to be a long three weeks, as the poser in the WH is becoming even more unpredictable and manic by the day.

    • You can be guaranteed that Obama will do as much as possible to demolish the future chances of Donald Trump. A more puerile president we have never seen. Even, actually, worse than Jimmy Carter. And that’s saying something.

      Although the two do have something in common: they are as forthright, likable and spontaneous as a script from Lenin.


  2. Your title said it all. That venal, petulant, little bitch is shitting on everything he can on his way out. Stand by for more. He won’t quit until the locks are changed on the Oval Office.

  3. Every day the “Lightbringer” makes people like me who voted for, “Anyone but Shillary” more confident in their decision. On a personal level, I voted for, “Anyone but Obama”, in the last two elections and I am a Blue Dog Democrat.

    Mr. Trump will be going up against the entrenched RINOs. My hope is Obama’s actions will so enrage the GOP electorate that the RINOs will clearly understand their puerile posturing will cost them come the next election. In two years something like 28 Senate seats are up for election. Mr. Trump can campaign, or not campaign, for whomever he chooses as he owes no debt to the RINOs.

    • I think Trump can go two distinctly different ways: he can be unfocused and dismissive of those he chose for his cabinet so as to make him completely ineffective, or he could shock everyone and be an efficient leader to the point where people may consider him for a second term. There is no midpoint with Trump, or indifference.


  4. No arguments here on your line of reasoning. I predicted this would happen shortly after the election. The most dangerous person might NOT be the person “with nothing left to lose'” but might be the failed President (Obama) who is trying to build a global legacy with three weeks left to leave his mark. Think it is Obvious that Obama is not a just a lame duck President, but a ROGUE President.

    BTW. What do you think Obama will be up to after he leaves Office? After the book deals, ceremonial degrees, library and rubber chicken circuit dry up, I predict he gets back into “community organizing” in some nefarious way. King of the UN? Involvement in world politics (EU). King of Kenya? Passing along sensitive security secrets to Trump’s and Conservative USA’s enemies?

    Don’t put ANY of this past BO, just when you think someone can’t stoop any lower, Obama will always find a way to reach a new low.

    • WM, he’s already stated he plans to stay in DC. We both know he’s not going away; he plans to stay active in politics. Who knows; he may run for other political positions in DC itself.


  5. I’m confident that the world knows obozo’s heart and won’t fall for his shenanigans. Our only worry right now is the emboldening of muslim radicals.

  6. A question. If Obummers “sealed” records including the birth certificate were to see the light of day and he was deemed inadmissible by constitutional rules, could all or any of his executive orders be rescinded or just declared invalid?

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