USN Chaplain Bernard = hero

USN Chaplain BernardAt a time when military chaplains are all but gutted of their religion, when Islam is pushed down into the military chaplaincy, when US military generals and admirals quake at the potential usage of the word “God” in sermons because it may adversely affect their careers, there is one military chaplain with courage and testicles.

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Navy Chaplain Reveals the Touching Thing He Does Every Night Aboard the USS New York to Remember Each of the 343 Firefighters Who Died on 9/11

by Bill Hallowell

A touching tradition has formed aboard the USS New York, a Navy ship that is made, in part, from steel recovered from the World Trade Center following the 9/11 attack.

The chaplain aboard the vessel says a prayer over the loudspeaker around 9:55 every evening — an invocation that recaps the day’s happenings and commemorates an individual firefighter who perished during the terrorist attack.

In a video posted by Stars and Stripes, Lt. Justin Bernard, the chaplain aboard the USS New York, is observed invoking God during one of these public prayers, specifically thanking the Lord for keeping members of the military safe.

This will not, however, play well with the US military’s various chiefs of staff.  If they aren’t promoting Islam or Wicca, military chaplains find themselves predominantly hamstrung.

Some chaplains can no longer mention God or Jesus or any specific deity.  Save that of Mohammad in re Islam.  One cannot do away with Islam in the military.  That would be religionist.

Still and all, apparently Chaplain Lt. Justin Bernard shines through.

Bernard goes through an alphabetical list to find names, taking the time to research each individual in an effort to learn more about life stories — information that he then integrates into the prayers. Read more about that process here.

If history is any predictor, not for long.

God bless this man, working in the ship constructed with actual steel sourced from the fallen World Trade towers.



6 thoughts on “USN Chaplain Bernard = hero

  1. I once heard it said “As long as there is such a thing as Final Exams, there will ALWAYS be prayer in public schools”. I believe the same is ESPECIALLY true of those who serve in the military.

    I believe God will bless and watch over the brave souls in the military who maintain their Faith in spite of the hostile environment our administration attempts to create for them. That Faith has historically been the KEY element that has made our country victors against all odds and which has made us a great nation

    As for the leaders who stand to eradicate that, they had best review history…the REAL history of our country and not the PC crap that is taught now in its place. Then again, reversing that historic greatness seem to be their objective.

    • I have said this for many years: in order to control this country one must control two things:

      1. Education, and
      2. SCOTUS

      It is clear Leftists control education, without a doubt.

      We are one Justice Anthony Kennedy away from losing SCOTUS and therefore losing the entire country unequivocally.


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