World’s largest turboprop plane, Antonov AN-22, lands in Zurich, Switzerland

You may not realize that the Antonov AN-22 Antei is the world’s largest turboprop-driven aircraft. Below, you can watch the landing from the cockpit. Is it me or does the pilot seem to be struggling a bit with the yoke? I get the impression that flight control is not the proverbial “piece of cake.”

The aircraft lands in Zurich on September 9th of 2016. To me, the approach appears high and hot, but it could very easily be the camera angle. This is the only flying unit of its kind to this point.

Here is the same landing as shot below the cockpit through the nose perspex.

The interesting point is that the AN-22 sports four engines with contra-rotating propellers. It has been in service since 1965 with the exception of the past eight years–  until now and until that flight above.

Antonov produced a total of 68 of these airframes between 1965 until 1976.

The AN-22 has a maximum speed of 399 knots (460 mph) and weighs 252,325 pounds empty; that is 126.2 tons.

As I’ve said on many an occasion, I’m a sucker for a good cockpit perspective video.



3 thoughts on “World’s largest turboprop plane, Antonov AN-22, lands in Zurich, Switzerland

  1. The Russians make some interesting airplanes. Late 1990s they brought a AN-225 to the airshow in Everett, WA that was opened to walk through the cargo area. Listening to the remarks of Boeing production workers was interesting. What was said was mainly grudgingly positive.

    The Soviet Union was inadvertently on display. The non pilot crew were wearing cheap, uncomfortable looking overalls. The Russian big shots (and their women) had rented limos and were expensively dressed.

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