GOP tax plan is apparently not evil incarnate

Though it’s clear CBS News attempted to make it so.

Backfire. Ahem. Watch:

Evil GOP. Such an evil GOP.

Just ask Nancy Pelosi.

Why is it “armageddon”? Because it’s already working and the Demorats cannot afford to have Trump be effective in any capacity whatsoever. But wait. What has already happened because of the passage of the GOP tax plan?

Oh yeah.

Most recently: companies are coming back to the United States from other nations. From the

Fiat Chrysler to move plant from Mexico to Michigan, pay out bonuses

by Associated Press

DETROIT — Fiat Chrysler is moving production of heavy-duty trucks from Mexico to Michigan and paying bonuses to US workers in response to the passage of US tax reform late last year.


The automaker will invest $1 billion in its Warren Truck Assembly Plant to make the Ram Heavy Duty Truck starting in 2020. That truck is currently made in Saltillo, Mexico, where workers will continue to make commercial vehicles.


FCA says the Warren plant will add 2,500 new jobs.


The company also plans to pay $2,000 bonuses this spring to about 60,000 hourly and salaried US employees. Senior executives won’t get the bonus.

FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne says the company should adjust its manufacturing footprint to reflect “improvement in the US business environment.” He says employees should also share in the tax savings.

Terrible armageddon! Just ask Nancy.

But wait; weren’t we told that Donald Trump was lying when he even began to intimate that jobs will come back from foreign countries? Of course we were. Obama said so. He’s god, so he’d know. Just ask him.

PBS called bullshit:

Trump says he’ll bring jobs back to America. Economists are skeptical

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump has promised to shred America’s trade deals and impose fines on imports from Mexico and China. He’s gone so far as to swear off Oreos to protest Nabisco’s transfer of cookie production from Chicago to Mexico.

Blazing Leftist EconoWizard Paul Krugman wrote in 2016:

KRUGMAN: No matter what Trump does, manufacturing jobs are not coming back to the US

Paul Krugman, the Nobel prize winning economist and New York Times columnist, took to Twitter on Friday to address the state of the US labor market and promises by President-elect Donald Trump to being back manufacturing jobs.

“Nothing policy can do will bring back those lost jobs. The service sector is the future of work; but nobody wants to hear it,” said a tweet from the economist.

Uh-huh. The glazingly-accurate CBS News (see above) said in 2017:

Manufacturing jobs in America: They’re not coming back

GE is building things and it’s creating jobs. The problem is, almost none of those jobs are in the U.S. It used to make trains in Erie, PA, a major source of employment in the area, and recently landed a $2.6billion contract to supply trains to India. Unfortunately for those laid off from its transportation plant in Erie, the Indian contract will see GE pour $200 million of investment in India, where they’ll be building the trains. The jobs aren’t coming back.

True for GE. Hell, both major locomotive manufacturers in the US have kicked American workers to the curb. GE and EMD.

Let’s see. Who also announced bonuses because of the tax plan?

  • Walmart
  • Waste Management Corporation
  • Nationwide
  • Bank of America
  • American Airlines
  • Jet Blue
  • Comcast
  • AT&T

Piddly little nothing businesses. They mean nothing. Just like the bonuses mean nothing. Just ask Nancy Pelosi. Secure and confident because her husband Paul Pelosi owns and operates Financial Leasing Services LLC, Collectively they are worth at least $500 million dollars. Yes. Half a billion dollars. She’s set. They’re set. Are you?

And where do the Pelosis live? That’s right, in Pacific Heights, San Francisco. Some of the most expensive real estate in that city and, hence, the state itself. On the northeast corner of Broadway and Normandie Terrace. Look for the black SUVs.

Of course, she’s fighting for the “little people,” the proles, the serfs, the groundlings, the rabble, the unwashed because — after all — she so identifies with them and feels their daily pain. She’s just the fourth richest Californian in Congress. How sad for her. What a struggle. What oppression. The pain she must endure to be a female.

The says:

Nancy Pelosi’s Life in the 0.1 Percent

by Brooke Rogers

Nancy Pelosi may be one of the most liberal members of the U.S. House, where she runs the Democratic caucus, railing against income inequality and the avarice of the 1 percent. But she also happens to be one of the body’s wealthiest members: In Washington, she lives in a multimillion-dollar Georgetown condo; she owns a 16-acre vineyard in Napa Valley and a 3,700 square-foot house in San Francisco’s tony Pacific Heights, according to her May 2015 financial disclosure statements. Her May 2015 financial-disclosure statements,showing income that places her in the top one-tenth of the 1 percent of Americans, may surprise some in light of the concern she’s expressed about income equality and the distribution of wealth.


TRUMP Records His 23rd New Stock Market High – Market Up 17% Since Election

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Since the election on November 8th the DOW has closed at record highs an amazing 40 times.  Nearly one-fourth or 24% of the 168 days the markets have closed have been record highs since the November 8th election.  The market is up 17% since the election.

Then there was this from the

Year One List: 81 major Trump achievements, 11 Obama legacy items repealed

by Paul Bedard

With the passage of the GOP tax bill this week, the Trump administration has scored 81 major achievements in its first year, making good on campaign promises to provide significant tax cuts, boost U.S. energy production, and restore respect to the United States, according to the White House.

And along the way, President Trump even outdid his own expectations and slashed at least 11 major legacy items of former President Barack Obama, including cracking down on the open border, slowing recognition of communist Cuba and effectively killing Obamacare by ending the mandate that everyone have health insurance or face a tax.

According to the White House, the 81 accomplishments are in 12 major categories and include well over 100 other minor achievements.


You can thank me later.



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