Your happiest songs?

You and I both have a song. Maybe a number of songs.

A song that, when heard, simply brings a smile to your face. You just can’t help it.

Name some. Name one. Name two.

Here are some of my submissions coming immediately to mind.

1. Mr Blue Sky, by ELO

2. Reelin’ In The Years, by Steely Dan

3. Candy O, by the Cars.

4. Sergeant Fury, by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band

5. Livin’ In the Sunlight, by Geoff Muldaur

6. C’mon Everybody, by Humble Pie

7. California Man, by Cheap Trick

8. Long Cool Woman, by The Hollies

Shh. Quiet. Don’t tell anyone that I like to sing each and every one of these songs.

And these are only a few.

What are the songs that immediately bring a smile to your face — or that you associate with good times?



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