BZ’s Berserk Bobcat Saloon radio show, Tuesday, August 15th, 2017, with guests Dan Butcher and Dave Milner

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Our guests were Dan Butcher of High Plains Pundit Media/Radio/TV, who weighed in on Charlottesville and its implications, as well as Dave Milner, the Unpleasant Blind Guy, who weighed in on the English Defense League and Islam’s plan for Europe and beyond.


Tonight in the Saloon:

  • We speak to Dan Butcher about all aspects of the recent Charlottesville protest/riots;
  • Where were the local and state police during this incident?
  • I cannot begin to express my disappointment in law enforcement
  • What does this mean for Antifa?
  • What does this mean for white supremacist groups?
  • Both of these sides showed up for a fight, that much is clearly evident;
  • Dave Milner discusses the origin of the English Defense League;
  • Dave illustrates the relationship between EDL and UK law enforcement;
  • Angela Merkel wants 40,000 more migrants into Europe;
  • A new book: NO GO ZONES. There ARE Muslim No Go Zones in Europe;
  • Haitians migrants think Canada is cheap and demand more Free Cheese;

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