C-5B Galaxy howls

Anyone beside me in love with the sound of the Lockheed C-5B Galaxy engines?

There is nothing, I tell you, nothing that compares to being under a C-5 as it blasts over your head at the end of a runway as it lands. The sound of the engines throttling up and down on approach and touchdown delivers goosebumps.



3 thoughts on “C-5B Galaxy howls

  1. I remember watching those lift and wondering how they did it so slowly.
    I assumed there was a compartment I had never seen with chaplains (a priest, minister and rabbi) praying it up.

  2. I’ll see your C-5 and raise you a full B-52 squadron EWO scramble takeoff. It would make the world shake for miles. Bone’s on full AB do the same thing-but louder. But nothing can compare to the high pitched WEEEEEEEEEE-ROAR of B-52 after B-52 going overhead seconds apart.

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