Charlie Rose embarrasses Nancy Pelosi

Charlie Rose, the Leftist American Media Maggot. Well, no different than the rest of them. So what do you have when even Charlie Rose throws something other than a puffy little softball to Nancy Pelosi?

You have problems. Despite the “fact” that you are — ahem — a “master legislator.”

It’s also a pretty clear indicator that things are going wrong when even Charlie Rose cuts you off.

The temper of the times? Or another in a long and continuing series of lumbering, ponderous clues indicating the Demorats are in some serious cat crap?

And still the Demorats think nothing’s wrong.

Just ask them.



5 thoughts on “Charlie Rose embarrasses Nancy Pelosi

  1. Tip O’Neal was famous for saying all politics are local. My credentials for making my points? I was a GOP Precinct Committeeman when I was ousted by the Evangelicals. I then became a Democrat Precinct Committeeman in the same Precinct. Remain a Blue Dog to this day. Spent over twenty years actively engaged in local politics. Don’t consider myself to be an expert but do believe I’m knowledgeable.

    It all comes down to ideology, and ideology ‘purity’. Just as the Evangelicals hijacked the GOP, the (P)regressives have hijacked the Democrat Party. All are ‘true believers’ with no tolerance for contrary opinions and seek power to impose their rigid beliefs.

    Few fanatics of any stripe will change because they have lost. They just get angrier.

  2. The democrats are doing fine.
    Leave them alone.
    Keep an eye on them.
    Don’t follow too closely though.
    They’ll either go off a cliff or blow themselves up.

  3. The intensity on her face while trying to show her sincerity in what she’s saying just shows how much she’s lying.

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