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Hillary Clinton Old - Doddering - Lying - StagnantHillary Clinton is old, doddering, febrile, lying, stagnant, unhealthy, corrupt.

A perfect candidate for the Demorats.


You think Millennials are going to vote for this?

Hillary Clinton Ravaged

Louisiana’s Demorat Senator Landrieu down 16 points

And about to lose to GOP Representative Bill Cassiday.  From the UKDailyMail.com:

‘Her campaign is running on fumes': Final Senate race looks to be a Louisiana laugher as internal polls show GOP’s Bill Cassidy opening up 16-point lead over Sen. Mary Landrieu

by David Martosko

Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu is trailing her Republican challenger by a giant 16-point margin in a runoff for one of Louisiana’s two US Senate seats, according to poll results obtained by MailOnline.

Since the outcome no longer affects which party will control the Senate – the GOP will have either a four- or five-seat edge – the DSCC is saving its money for another day.

That would thusly equate to a nice 10-seat Senate seat lead by the GOP.

G’bye Mary; we knew ya when.



Demorat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: “Something is going to happen” to stop Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy

Harry Reid LargeThe threats from the omnipotent United States government in DC continue and are legion — and we, as United States citizens, are beginning to tire of these threats.

Texas has already thrown up a road block.

First, Harry Reid said he knew “it wasn’t over,” regarding the Bundy situation:

“Well, it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over,” Reid said back on April 15th, tax day.

This bespeaks volumes in and of itself.

Now, Nevada Senator Harry Reid — who is also the Senate Majority Leader — has thrown his power against Nevada land owners.  And against, literally, his own constituents.

Ultimately, this may not play so remarkably well.

From CBSLasVegas.com:

BUNKERVILLE, Nev. (CBS Las Vegas/AP) — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says “something is going to happen” to get Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy to stop letting his cattle graze on federal land.

“It’s obvious that you can’t just walk away from this. And we can speculate all we want to speculate to what’s going to happen next,” Reid told KSNV-TV. “But I don’t think it’s going to be tomorrow that something is going to happen, but something will happen. We are a nation of laws, not of men and women.”

Reid called militias staying at Bundy’s Bunkerville ranch “domestic violent terrorist-wannabes.”

Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., disagreed with Reid, telling KSNV that these militia members are “patriots” and took issue with how the U.S. Bureau of Land Management handled the situation.

“I take more issues with the BLM coming in with a paramilitary army of individuals with snipers. I’m talking to people and groups that are there at the event. Your own government with sniper lenses on you. It made a lot of people very uncomfortable,” Heller told KSNV.

The junior Nevada senator also stated that he wants congressional hearings held about BLM trying to round-up Bundy’s cattle.

My guess is this: “something” won’t play well and it won’t be nice.