Nancy Pelosi’s marble loss, Part XXXI

Nancy Pelosi is no longer a California representative. She is now nothing more than a target-rich environment — though she’s held California’s 12th District since 2013.

First aside: imagine her chagrin at never having held a senatorial seat in California. Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein and even the neophyte Kamala Harris hold and held seats she’d never acquired. She’s had to run every two years as opposed to every six years for senators. Oh the pain, oh the shame.

Then from

Every Nancy Pelosi press conference is now a dementia-sodden incident rife with mistakes, malaprops and much worse in public.

At least she has a firmer grasp on bubbling mouth foam than does her compatriot-in-arms Jerry Brown, governor of Fornicalia.

That’s not saying much.



Nancy Pelosi’s marble loss, Part XXIX:

And the hits just keep on coming.

No one on the Demorat side has either the insight, courage, tenacity or balls to remove this embarrassing individual from the public.

Another mortifying case in point.

Please. Demorats. Either one of two things are occurring:

  1. Demorats are completely ignorant of Nancy Pelosi’s mental state, or
  2. Demorats are completely at ease with Pelosi sundering herself because the knives are being sharpened in hopes of her demise.

Perhaps that’s how political bones are crushed in DC.



Nancy Pelosi: a serious Democrat embarrassment

Her marble loss is increasing at, sadly, a geometric rate.

It’s time to drive Pelosi back to the home and allow her to enjoy her dotage.

Watch and listen.

The Demorats know she is an embarrassment. The American Media Maggots know she is an embarrassment. Leftists know she is an embarrassment. Mexicans hate her (listen to this, for example).

And clearly all of the above must hate her because, after all, they keep allowing her to step in front of public microphones.



The obvious: Nancy Pelosi exhibits aberrant behavior — dementia?

No one will say it but I believe, given her displays the past year or so, that Demorat Nancy Pelosi is exhibiting symptoms of Alzheimers or an Alzheimers-like disease.

Please note the video.

Then please note this video.

And this.

And this as well.

We recall, of course, that the American Media Maggots excoriated President Reagan towards the end of his presidency, yet they are strangely silent when it concerns Nancy Pelosi’s bizarre behavior. We know the reason.

The question becomes this: is it why Demorats are now attempting to get Nancy Pelosi to move aside and “move on” from politics?