Nancy Pelosi’s Marble Loss, Pt XXXII

Nancy Pelosi is the gift that keeps on giving.

Let’s be honest. The Demorats are continuing to push Pelosi out onto Front Street until they can wring every last drop of usage out of her. They they’ll cast her aside like a week-old tampon. As long as they relish making her a target, I’ll keep posting.

Every Nancy Pelosi press conference is now a dementia-sodden incident rife with mistakes, malaprops and much worse in public.

At least she has a firmer grasp on bubbling mouth foam than does her compatriot-in-arms Jerry Brown, governor of Fornicalia.

That’s not saying much.



2 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi’s Marble Loss, Pt XXXII

    • No problem. But when you are no longer coherent and you’re still trotted out by Demorats, you are clearly fair game.


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