One new win for the 2nd Amendment

At a time when we in the United States find the Second Amendment challenged on any number of levels, most certainly in blue states like Fornicalia, and when any number of citizens in Europe wish they had their own version of the Second Amendment, there comes the occasional federal ruling chalked up into the “win” column.

Such was a recent opinion this past week.


Federal court strikes down DC anti-concealed carry law

by Josh Delk

A federal appeals court reportedly ruled on Tuesday that a Washington, D.C., law requiring people to prove they have “proper reason” for a concealed-carry gun permit is unconstitutional.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that the law, which requires people to show “proper reason to fear injury” in order to carry a firearm, is unconstitutional and a violation of D.C. residents’ Second Amendment rights. 

Let’s remember this, shall we? The DC Court of Appeals is the second most powerful court in the nation, directly behind SCOTUS.

According to the law, acceptable reasons to get a permit included jobs that required employees to protect valuables or if an individual had been threatened. 

Hello? Earth to Common Sense? For once we appear to be communicating.

Nothing succeeds like success.



10 thoughts on “One new win for the 2nd Amendment

  1. Great news for New Jerseyans! Here in NJ, the concealed carry laws are almost a mirror of DC. Unless you are a retired law enforcement officer, a security employee or an armored car employee, it is virtually futile to obtain a concealed carry permit. Aside from the long and drawn out application process, littered with fees of course (all designed to thwart your efforts of exercising your 2nd Amendment rights), a Superior Court Judge then decides if you are god-like enough to be awarded a two year permit. About 99.something of applicants are denied this basic human right as guaranteed in our Constitution. But, NJ ‘winks’ at Constitutional rights. We are worthless, compared to the majority of other states who acknowledge our God given rights, unless it’s tax season, then its all out, hands out, for your wallet.

    • Let’s be honest. Any and every Leftist-controlled URC (Urban Rat Cage) has proscriptions on guns. It’s what they do.

      And why I’ll never live in one. Because, in any coming tumult, guess what? You’ll be the first disturbed, interrupted, and the first to die due to lack of supply and the instigation of chaos.

      Woo-hoo. Good times.


  2. Well at least you are getting more accurate by saying “any number of The citizens of Europe” wish they had their second amendment. Any number is one, and I give you that, there must be at least one European who would like a second amendment. UK police force is not armed and many serving officers do not want to be armed – they site the situation in the US where, they feel, it is a shoot first ask questions later type of society.

    Having said that, I do accept that once you have so many guns in the population you can’t put the jack in the box back in the box. There is no choice, but doesn’t mean that other countries, that have not crossed the rubicon, what to go there as well.

    • John, at least you never disappoint. You are if nothing else consistent and you don’t bandy about F and S words here. As long as we don’t go there I’ll read what you write.

      We fundamentally disagree about Europe. Europe has no idea what is about to be visited upon them due to the GOWPishness of Angela Merkel.


      • Why do you think we disagree about Europe? My point about Europe, made previously, was that they do NOT all want their second amendment. Some might, but a minority.

        Most Brits, for example, are appalled by the US statistics on gun deaths and do not understand why many law abiding Americans believe citizens should be allowed to buy, for example, semi-automatics.

        No need for F and S words….someone should tell the new Chief of Staff that!

        I do disagree with a lot of what you write, but you do try and explain your reasoning and provide sources – and you allow me to comment. For both matters I respect you. Unlike a former blogger who is repaeating the myth that McCain is a war criminal and was pardoned by Nixon.

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