Policing America: should the green shirts be exchanged for Brown Shirts?

Fascism-When-We-Do-ItI submit that is a question you need to ask.

First, watch this video, an excerpt from the John Stossel show “Policing America: Security vs Liberty” recently broadcasted on Fox News, July 26th, involving USBP checkpoints up to 100 miles inland from an American border:

I find this shameful and repulsive, personally and professionally.  As anyone in law enforcement (as I am) knows, there is the spirit or the law and the letter of the law.

A pastor had both of his vehicle windows broken and was Tazed from both sides when he refused to let USBP search his vehicle.  He is Caucasoid and spoke clear English.

The issue?  The federal law indicating “a reasonable distance from the border.”  Is 60 miles reasonable?  100 miles?  Yes, 100 miles.  As Stossel points out, that’s where most Americans live, when you consider our borders north and south, and our coastlines east and west.

Some persons are installing cameras in their cars to document these abrogations, God bless them.  This is pushback and they are patriotic for doing so.  Again, see the video above.

The SCOTUS said that travelers can be briefly detained for the purpose of conducting a limited inquiry into residence status, as per United States vs Martinez-Fuerte, 428 US 543 (1976).  Neither the vehicle nor its occupants can be searched, yet the video clearly shows that Americans are being told to submit to detentions, searches, and arrests resulting from non-cooperation when more than an ID check is demanded.

How does one conduct a brief check into residency status?  Speak to the individual stopped, see if they speak English, check for a driver’s license and/or other forms of identification.  Any prudent and reasonable LEO can tell you this readily.

What we see displayed above is what is known in law enforcement as “contempt of cop.”  As in: you have pissed me off because you have dared to challenge my authority, and I am now making it personal.

John Stossel says “big government creates problems,” and that is certainly the case here, involving the Fourth Amendment.  “It’s like living in occupied territory,” some lawful residents of the United States of America are saying.

More Americans, as Stossel says, are pushing back.  As I submit they should, particularly if they possess video evidence of their incidents.  Further, as an affected citizen in an incident similar to those above, I would be suing the federal agencies involved and then the individuals themselves because, as the agents themselves made it personal, perhaps they should take a helping of “personal” in return.

Let there be no mistake: I have been in law enforcement for 41 years.  I have worked in a LE capacity for the federal government and for local agencies, where I have worked now for 35 years.  I was a Field Training Officer (FTO) in Patrol and have been in training the bulk of my LE career.  I taught my trainees to respect the foundational documents and in fact they had not only to conform to my agency training regimen, but my personal training regimen as well, which included knowledge about the Bill of Rights and its applicable amendments.

I emphasized that arrests and detentions should be built but upon solid probable cause and reasonable suspicion, and that we do not bluff.  If the law is not on our side, then we don’t make a potential bad situation worse.  We know, I would literally say (and wrote in my own adjunct training manual that I would hand out to my charges), when to back down.

Let me submit this for your consideration: if the USBP were literally “striking it rich” from vehicle blockades many miles within the United States proper, they and the Obama Administration would be crowing about it from the tallest of spires, the mightiest hilltops, far and wide, proving the efficacy of these policies.  Not only that, the American Media Maggots, sycophants that they are, would plaster these statistics over TV screens and newspapers for days and days.

Except they aren’t.  Which tells me one very salient thing: the stats are not bearing out the efficacy of this policy.  Trust me, if these interior check points were literal gold mines of success and productivity you would know.

And as far as Representative Peter King (R) is concerned, he is wrong.  Open your eyes.  All you have to do, sir, is watch this video.

Big Brother is indeed watching.  But in this case, watching the wrong Americans — whilst purposely allowing illegal invaders easy passage through our southern border.

Big-Brother-BWThis makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to me.

This is not the America I remember from even, say, 30 years ago.

I still adhere to the age-old axiom and standard I was held to when I worked Detectives, in Theft, Child Abuse, Warrants, Robbery and Homicide: see below.

Come Back With a WarrantThat is how it is done in a free United States of America where the police respect the foundational documents, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Should the USBP exchange their green shirts for Brown Shirts?



11 thoughts on “Policing America: should the green shirts be exchanged for Brown Shirts?

  1. This is so disgusting I don’t even want to comment. There is a lot to say here so I will only say to the USBP: Get your asses down to the border and stop illegals from entering this country. And while you’re at it leave the legal citizens alone!

    • This is the WRONG application at the WRONG time in the WRONG place. This is about the wielding of power only. The USBP can SEE these are NOT illegal aliens attempt to invade our country.

      I have so much more I could have said but didn’t want to go even further out into RantLand.


  2. And how SAD that I could even remotely be considered “controversial” for, as a cop, supporting the Fourth Amendment.

    How VERY sad.


  3. So how come they can keep getting away with it? This is like the IRS doing whatever it wants to those it chooses to harass. And, really, what’s the point of the USBP doing this to our citizens? Is having power over others so important to these dogs? There has to be another answer because this just doesn’t make sense.

    • It occurs because it is under-reported and then, when reported, people can’t believe it is actually occurring — except to those who are directly affected.

      The Halo Effect.


  4. Sorry to take up more space in your blog. These agents are setting up these check points because someone ordered above them ordered them to do so. Why? The only answer I can come up with is to intimidate the public.Maybe this is a test to see how far they can push us or maybe they want to instill fear of the federal government in the citizens of this country. Is this just the beginning?

  5. I happen to agree with HGP, I think a ‘lot’ of this is conditioning the public… Otherwise they’d be down ON the border, catching them as they come across…

    • Interesting: to “condition” the “public” as to the “new normal.”

      Thanks for your input sir.


  6. However: imagine this instituted ANYwhere on a California freeway during drive time. NOT happening.



  7. Illegal aliens cross the border with impunity. They migrate inland. Justification now provided for BP to establish checkpoints well away from the physical border. Another form of control is put in place.
    Citizens and their activities can now be monitored with ease.
    The ACLU was warning of this in 2008, look up ACLU fact sheet, Constitution Free Zone.
    Whether conditioning is or is not the goal the result will be the same: eventually it will become easier to answer the intrusive questions than risk being assaulted for ‘noncompliance’.
    I have some suggestions: let’s have the government issue decals to affix to vehicles or on license plates certifying citizenship or, better yet, issue travel vouchers permitting unrestricted travels within certain areas (these could be renewed yearly for a modest fee, thereby adding loot to the government coffers)…or possibly limit the number of passengers or items one can carry in his/her vehicle…these measures would make control checks much quicker ( and people would be so much happier and grateful to know they could avoid being tazed).
    These techniques have all been used with great success by other regimes. No doubt they would work here, too. After the proper conditioning has been done.

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