Election day 2016

shr-media-election-zilla-2016Adviso Number 1:
Get out and VOTE.

Adviso Number 2:
Do NOT LISTEN to ANY of the early returns from the American Media Maggots. Their job is to depress you to the point where you stay home and do not vote for Donald Trump.

Adviso Number 3:
Listen to the SHR Media NetworkLIVE — as eight steadfast reporters cover tonight’s election returns from around the nation, coast to coast, and around your block.

shr-media-logo-mediumWith your mind in mind, the SHR Media Network presents, tonight, some of the most stalwart, educated, insightful and experienced reporters and pundits in operation today, to include:

  • Sack Heads Shaun, co-owner of SHR Media;
  • Sack Heads Clint, co-owner of SHR Media;
  • Yours truly, BZ, newest member of SHR Media;
  • Dan Butcher, Editor-In-Chief of the High Plains Pundit;
  • Jeff Dunetz, Editor of The Lid and host of The Lid Radio Show;
  • Ken McClenton, host of The Exceptional Conservative radio show;
  • Jersey Joe, host of the Reaver of Common Sense radio show;
  • Kari Baxter Donovan, SHR Media Political Analyst

Our LIVE election night coverage begins at 5 PM Pacific — 8 PM Eastern, and will continue until some way, somehow, we have identified a presidential winner of some sort. Bring your Red Bulls, Rock Stars and Monster drinks because we’ll be running on High Octane Politics, Ketel One and pizza whilst we cover every aspect of what will likely be one of the most highly contested presidential races in the past century.

As an aside, I prognosticate this:

  • The American Media Maggots will attempt to make as many “early calls” as possible for Hillary Clinton, in order to discourage Trump voters.
  • There will be no such thing if Trump is ahead.
  • If Trump is winning, the American Media Maggots will hold PA, VA, FL, MI and OH until at least 99% of the precincts are in.
  • If the American Media Maggots hesitate to call PA, NY or VA, you will know that Trump is winning.
  • If Hillary Rodham Clinton is winning, the American Media Maggots will call it in a microsecond. Not so much for Trump.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to participate in a history-making event. We invite and ask you to please join in and share this time with us, at the SHR Media Network.


Go out and vote!


Just remember:



American media & Leftists walk away from truth

Sometimes the finest examples come from Real Life.

This CNN stringer apparently cannot handle the truth when it conflicts with his jammie-wearing, thumb-sucking, T-ball, PlaySkool, basement-dwelling purple skies.

You’ll notice he was resoundingly gobsmacked that black Americans can possess views different from himself.

Welcome to reality, Leftist journalist.



Unbridled and rampant US media bias

Keep this video; you’re going to want to reference it in the future. It’s the video I wish I had made in which the widespread abuses of power and privilege are immured for all to see.

Eight minutes. Please watch it all.

I’d say that Paul Watson has pretty much summarized the American Media Maggots, the Demorats, Leftists and Progressives in one video. God bless cameras and recorders.

Couldn’t have done it better myself.



Rigging The Election — Video III

The third in a continuing series of videos from James O’Keefe of Project Veritas — the same individual whose videos ended up shutting down and eradicating the biased and corrupt group ACORN.

Please watch the first two videos, here and here.

Nice to know that some of these loving persons were fired or otherwise removed from their positions — but only after being caught on video. This also confirms by way of Bob Creamer: Hillary Clinton was personally involved.

Voter fraud? What voter fraud? Remember, Hillary Rodham Clinton wants you Proles, Groundlings, Serfs and Commoners to be “an unaware and compliant citizenry.”

hillary-clinton-unaware-compliant-citizenryProven by Wikileaks.

The truth? When the fix is in, the American Media Maggots are corrupt, the FBI is corrupt, the DOJ is corrupt, the Department of State is corrupt, your entire federal government is corrupt — who’s next? Jump on in, the betrayal of the American people is just fine.

At this point:

Hey, treachery must have some good points after all, right?

You bet. Money and power. Ask Hillary Rodham Clinton.



Rigging the Election, Video II: Mass Voter Fraud

Journalist James O’Keefe has been investigating the DNC and the rampant fraud and corruption inherent within Demorats, Leftists, Progressives et al. Part I of his series is here. Below is Part II.

Not simply hearsay corruption and voter fraud, not just hints of it, but speech documented on video for all to see.

As Mr O’Keefe says, “truth is dangerous.”

The TV broadcasters who had lined up to air his videos pulled out at the last moment — including Fox News — as they fear retaliation by a Hillary Clinton administration should she step into the Spite House. Look at the IRS and various conservative groups, for example. At the extreme, look at Vince Foster or Seth Rich. Then ask yourself: do you wonder that Hillary Clinton wants to conduct a drone strike on Julian Assange? Not just idle talk, you see. With that, do you wonder why Assange — a Leftist himself — in turn orchestrated the HRC email dump on Wikileaks? I’d call that motivation enough.

And yet, you see before your eyes, my eyes, that the system is corrupt and it is systemic, from the massively-biased journalists who shield the powerful and the venal to the education system and, soon, SCOTUS should HRC be elected.

“For the want of a handful of stalwart, non-corruptible DC politicians the nation was lost.”

The American Media Maggots lie, cheat, cover-up, purposely obfuscate with an absolutely unbridled and naked abandon. Even caught, they continue to lie.

How can you fight corruption, lies, deceit, treachery and indifference of this magnitude? What is the alternative except taking down the entire system itself? Don’t doubt for a moment that Leftists have and are enabling the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

Again: “those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”  — JFK