Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of sociopathy

As David Clarke said, “her ethics elevator has no bottom floor.”

  • She can lie nakedly in public and no one calls her on it. She can support and promote Margaret Sanger, an advocate of black genocide — which by dint of extension makes Hillary Clinton a racist — and no one calls her on it.
  • She can “stand by her man” while he places his penis down the throat of a young female intern and no one calls her on it.
  • She can take millions and millions of dollars of dirty cash from the enemies of the United States, sell our precious minerals to foreign hateful foreign governments, and no one calls her on it.
  • She can co-opt her own party by deceitful tactics enabling her to be the front-running for the Demorats and no one calls her on it.
  • She can lie to the FBI and no one calls her on it.
  • She can conduct business over illegal email servers for years — emails that likely got into the hands of US enemies — and no one calls her on it.
  • She can throw away every thread, every vestige of humanity for nothing more than political power and lie about every moment, every detail, justifying it in her mind with such easy readiness that I can only conclude sociopathy is at work.

Wait. One journalist calls Hillary Clinton out. Of course, it’s not an American Media Maggot. It’s a foreign journalist who, instead of a loving softball, throws an actual question.

Let’s be honest. Hillary Clinton couldn’t care less about anyone but herself. As far as she was concerned she was forced to have a child in order to further Bill’s political goals so as not to appear unapproachable and to mimic a family.

Do not think that, deep down, Chelsea isn’t aware of the fact.

Demorats and Leftists keep petting this animal, not realizing that one day it may well and truly bite back.



8 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of sociopathy

  1. In my family, my sister is the registered Republican and I am the registered Democrat. She votes liberal and I vote conservative. She was for Hillary. I voted for Trump. Today I told her I might not have voted for Trump is the Democrats had put up a better candidate.

    You are correct in calling that woman a sociopath. Sociopaths are master manipulators. Truth, to them, is whatever serves their immediate needs. At the bottom, her message was vote for me because I have a vagina and it is time we have a female President.

    I’m so thankful enough of us Deplorables of both sexes and all different colors had the good sense to reject her b.s.

  2. Every time I see a news story about HRC it angers me. Clinton Foundation and Weinstein’s money, Clinton’s opinion on NFL and kapernick, Clinton this and Clinton that. Why do the media persist in covering her as if she is relevant? She failed in her campaign and she cannot come to terms with it. Perhaps it was karma. Perhaps people in fact do lie to pollsters. Perhaps when all is said and done it is simply that enough voters saw through her facade.
    She is a hypocritical, destructive female canine without a shred of honesty who is trying to convince the public she is still the ONE. She is an embarrassment.
    If the media stopped covering her it would drive her crazy. Actually probably more like a putt than a drive…

    • Abigail, it is precisely because Hillary and the Maggots have that in common. They to this day cannot believe she did not sweep the presidency after having cast aside Bernie Sanders — also in a cheating, rotten, corrupt fashion.


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