The ultimate DC political truth finally revealed

This may be the most important post I’ll write the rest of the year.

And trust me, it is the Underlying Truth that essentially drives ALL of DC, no matter the issue, no matter the party.

I should note, however, that the GOP is particularly sensitive to this as they still want to be loved more than do the Demorats.

I found someone with the balls to state the Politically Obvious when I began researching the decision made by Jeff Sessions not to prosecute Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Let’s listen.

As Judge Andrew Napolitano stated,

“It’s an institutional culture in government. We don’t want to go after our predecessors because we don’t want our successors to come after us.”

And now you know the central theme in DC decision-making, at least predominantly on the side of the Republicans.

You may apply this to every situation in which you ask the question “so why was nothing done and why is no one accountable in DC for anything at any time?”

You can thank Judge Andrew Napolitano for providing the obvious answer.

Many of us intuited this; now there is no question.

“Drain the swamp”?

Now you know why that will never happen.



6 thoughts on “The ultimate DC political truth finally revealed

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  2. You and Judge Nap got that right. Your listeners are ALL vindicated by Judge Napolitano’s words. One hand washes the other, you have to grease the wheel, loose lips sink ships, one rule applies to 99% of the nation while the 1% political elites and well connected can literally ignore the rules. Unfortunately, I have seen this “up close and personal” in my lawyering, law school, personal and church experiences with people of “far less importance” (at least in most peoples’ minds) than the pseudo-deities like Hillary Clinton. I will admit, it is tough to really take a day off or loosen up given the responsibilities and punishments for doing wrong as an attorney, judge, or MD. BUT if the ego’s in DC aren’t being kept in check by ANYTHING, including the law or the people, who or what is about to change DC for the better. I was hoping for a “less swampy” swamp as much as a complete draining . . . now even that seems to be wishful thinking to some.

    Think of it like the mafia. If you are a “made man/ woman” it is a license to kill careers, families, reputations, and in the Clinton cartel’s case even to take a life or two should you get on the wrong side of the cult of personality in parts of DC.

    Sessions is too much of a play along to get along type of prosecutor IMHO. Trump and the USA deserve better. I was on the fence with Jeff Sessions to begin with, but gave him the benefit of the doubt most of the time. I think America would be better off with Rudy Guiliani, Trey Gowdy, or Pam Bondi as AG.

    • You can simply tell by the, literally, mawkish and feeble way he speaks and the fact that he has little “presence” — cops know this as “game face” or “war face” — that Sessions is way too conciliatory.


  3. If what Judge Napolitano states is correct, and all in power in DC are corrupt and crooks, then Pres Trump will be lucky just to skim the pond scum off the swamp much less drain it. It Trump can’t change things for the better for whatever reason then its truly time to refresh the tree of liberty. This is our last chance to save the Republic before it descends into the depths of Communism.

    • Sadly, I’m afraid that’s mostly correct. Most of these guys and gals live in fear they’ll piss off their compatriots to the point that, when THEY need help, or their party — you know, a little under the table deal or three — their oppos won’t be quite so understanding.

      It’s official. We’ve heard it from someone brave enough to verbalize the Way Things Work in DC.

      I suspected all along.

      Now CONFIRMED.

      Can the swamp, as you ask, be saved?

      Even more sad: I’m just not sure.


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