The real truth about Michael Brown and how he came to be:

Michael Brown TruthSummarized in one very sad graphic:



Even Charles Barkley weighs in:

Ferguson Looters Are Scumbags - Charles Barkley


4 thoughts on “The real truth about Michael Brown and how he came to be:

  1. The federal program MARS was started in Los Angeles in 1965.
    Man Assuming the Role of Spouse.
    A welfare program for negro men to be paid welfare money to become a pseudo
    father to some negro babies.
    The mother of the negro baby, or babies got paid welfare support money too.
    The problem with MARS was that many negro men did the nigger thing and signed up many times using different names, thusly collecting many monthly Government payments.
    The negro women also signed up many times, doing exactly the same.
    Talk about “scamming a system!!!
    This FEDERAL PLANTATION program still exists TODAY!!!

    • I fully believe the federal government is truly responsible for the dissolution of what once was a nuclear black family, when women were paid when men were not in the home.


  2. you will certainly be labeled a “racist” for posting things like this. I doubt that. “Racist” is ignoring the truth and enabling shithead behavior. I will say your 40+ years as a LEO gives you more insight than most of the so called experts.

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