Here is how urban blacks win hearts and minds


“You voted Trump,” the mob screams, “You gonna pay for that shit.”

Another woman shouts “beat his ass,” while another man is heard laughing before remarking, “Don’t vote Trump.”

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is a crime in progress heavily documented by the suspects themselves, young black urban males. See the photograph above. In California this would be 211 PC – Robbery, and 215 PC – Carjacking. Both are felonies. Information indicates this occurred Wednesday in Chicago.

Here is the evidence. Now it is up to the local police jurisdictions to investigate, as well as the FBI and DOJ for the concomitant hate crimes involved. It is also up to the American Media Maggots to place this video on television, newspapers and the internet in order to bring the suspects to justice for the felonious hate crimes. Here is the original Facebook URL, as I provide the first clues:

What? Do I hear crickets chirping? Because blacks can’t be racist, right?

Now you know why Americans hate the media, distrust the FBI and the DOJ, and know the game is rigged for Leftists and the politically correct elites. Now you know why Donald Trump was elected. You also know why the above incident occurred on Wednesday.

Imagine if this were your father, your cousin, your brother, your uncle, your grandfather.

Racism is a two-way street. And no one is equal until all are equal.



Black female attorney destroys WGN Chicago TV hosts

This is four minutes and twenty seconds of buttery non-Leftist goodness, spoken by a local black female attorney on a Chicago TV station to the Guilty Overeducated White People (GOWP) Leftist tools — er, “hosts.”

The hosts sat transfixed and incredulous as their brainulus camshafts were simultaneously throwing lobes and smoking. Clearly, not what they were apparently expecting — a logical and well-thought-out rejoinder.



The BLM false narrative of Keith Lamont Scott

charlotte-nc-shooting-gun-of-klsKeith Lamont Scott had a gun, was familiar with it, had prior gun charges. Why do we attribute three full names to mass murderers or killers? John Wayne Gacy? Mark David Chapman?

I wrote originally in this post, “false memes, lies and riots in Charlotte,” about the entire BLM “movement” being founded but upon a bitter lie — that is to say, “hands up, don’t shoot” with regard to Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. That never happened.

The lie currently being foisted upon the public by the American Media Maggots and the self-interested Leftists involved, in Charlotte, is that Keith Lamont Scott was a completely unarmed man who possessed naught but a book.

That too is incorrect.

In the released videos, why is Lamont’s wife, Rakeyia, yelling to him, “Keith, don’t do it” numerous times, and why are the police officers yelling at him, many times, “drop the gun”?

What was Keith not supposed to do? I suspect his wife was telling him not to reach for the firearm she knew was in the automobile; not to grab it.

Why? writes:

It appears the wife of Keith Lamont Scott recently filed a restraining order against him and specifically said he was a threat to law enforcement because he carried a 9MM pistol.

From Time Warner Cable New Charlotte reporter Jenna Barnes:

charlotte-nc-restraining-order-gunScott possessed a handgun at the time his wife, Rakeyia Scott, filed the above restraining order on October 3rd of 2015. Immured in print.

charlotte-nc-shooting-handgun-condition-oneThe photograph above, provided by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, shows quite a number of vitally important things to those who know something about firearms — which would not include today’s PlaySkool T-ball journalistas, Demorats, Leftists and Progressives.

They are absolutely critical elements, to include 1) The single action Colt semi-auto is in what instructors call Condition One. That is to say, ready to fire. 2) The handgun’s hammer is back but more importantly, 3) The thumb safety is off, making the handgun more dangerous and prepared to fire, even exceeding Condition One. To me, the pistol appears to be an older Colt Mustang in .380 ACP.

This handgun can kill a law enforcement officer just as dead as one chambered in 9mm. The .380 round is nothing more than 9mm kurz.

Why do you see it here?


The antidote to the American Media Maggots.



False memes, lies and riots in Charlotte

charlotte-nc-riots-hands-up-dont-shootLet the Charlotte false meme commence. I can hear and see it coming already as the protesters above have clearly bought off on the Ferguson “hands up don’t shoot” lie. Stand by for the next false meme, this time stemming from a sign. Facts be damned.

  • Fact: police shot and killed a black male suspect.
  • Fact: the police officer who fired the shot was black. The Chief of Police is black.
  • Fact: the suspect was in physical possession of a handgun.

Before these few scant facts were in, people in Charlotte, North Carolina decided it would be in their best interest to riot, burn property, smash and loot stores. Generic “people”? Well, blacks mostly. Let’s be specific.

The state police and national guard were called in. One civilian was shot by another civilian.

Keith Lamont Scott, 43, was fatally shot. The officer who shot him, Brentley Vinson, 26, is also black. Sixteen Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers suffered minor injuries during the chaotic night.

Additionally, it was revealed on Wednesday that the suspect was in fact moving towards the police, in possession of a handgun, according to dashcam video. From

NC TV station Source: Dash cam video shows man shot by police coming at them with handgun

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (KWCH) A Charlotte, North Carolina news station says it has confirmed with sources that there is dash camera video that shows Keith Scott getting out of a car and coming at police officers with a gun in his hand.

A police officer shot and killed Scott on Tuesday.

Chief Kerr Putney said Scott posed a threat because officers saw him exit a vehicle twice with a the gun and didn’t drop it when police ordered him to do so.

A number of witnesses at the scene were already saying the police told the suspect to drop the gun several times.

charlotte-nc-riots-it-was-a-bookBLM lunkheads are about to blast out the newest falsehood throughout social media. I thought I’d let you see it in advance. Note the sign. Ferguson promoted “hands up don’t shoot.”

Charlotte will propagate “it was a book.”