Ferguson out of control:

FERGUSON BLUE LIVES MATTERThe Ferguson Police Department is the last department that officers throughout this nation would want to belong to.

Despite the fact that Officer Darren Wilson was completely exonerated, two officers were shot on Thursday.

From CNN.com:

State, county police take over Ferguson protest security after shooting

(CNN)  With tensions running high after the shooting of two officers in Ferguson, Missouri, state and county police took over protest security in the St. Louis suburb Thursday.

St. Louis County Police and the Missouri State Highway Patrol are assuming “command of the security detail regarding protests,” St. Louis County Police said, while Ferguson Police will remain responsible for “routine policing services” in the city.

Meaning: the city was “taken over” by outside forces.

Ferguson DecisionThe officers who remain are there because they cannot readily leave, and they can do nothing right — at this point — in the eyes of the nation.

Ferguson Cops SensitiveThey are caught between belief and physicality.

And they are caught up in the lie that apparently won’t stop.





5 thoughts on “Ferguson out of control:

  1. I am just waiting for the good, decent law abiding citizens of that hell hole Ferguson to rise up and say enough. No more targeting the police. Time to grow up, accept the findings and stop fomenting unrest.
    Of course that will never happen.
    So I would like to ask, is there any way to offer jobs with other police forces to those unfortunates who remain on the Ferguson police force? Get them out of there and shut it down. Let the ‘black lives matter’ police themselves.

  2. I would like to know why nothing is said AT ALL about the opposite happening. Gil Collar was an unarmed college freshman shot and killed by a black police officer. But nothing is heard about that one…nothing. This story needs to be out there in the media as much as these others.

  3. The nomenclature of the projectile or the distance traveled has not been posted. Why?
    The 2 injuries, no deaths, leads me to believe it was a 22 long rifle that was used.
    Hopefully, more data will be released to the public.
    Sounds like a young, black negro is the shooter.
    Someone is hiding him.

  4. Agreed, get all the cops out, lock the door, turn off the lights at City Hall… Then stand back and watch the anarchy until they burn the whole place down. Then where do they live? Eat? Shop?

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