Marie Harf, Rhodes scholar:

Marie Harf, Dept of Stupid StateClearly, one of the finest Leftist thinkers extant in DC.  Thank God she displayed her verbal and critical thinking prowess for all to see recently, at the behest and direction of the US Department of State.



7 thoughts on “Marie Harf, Rhodes scholar:

  1. When that idiot State Department junior spokesperson Harf says that the impetus for ISIS behavior is a poor economy and a lack of jobs, I don’t know if she could be describing Ferguson Missouri.
    If you don’t attribute motivation properly, you end up saying stupid Stuff, and there’s the proof.

    • Sure. Just a slight change in the job market. Maybe this’ll make McDonald’s move to kiosks even quicker. . .

      Consumer: “Kiosk or Jihadi, kiosk or Jihadi. . .hmmm. . .”


  2. On a side note, (you might like this one):
    “If we could convince the Chinese that
    Jihadists’ testicles are an aphrodisiac, in 10 years they could be extinct … “

  3. Actually, we can give them all jobs at all of the Burger Kings…After all, they all seem to be quite experienced at flame broiling things. But then there is that whole “Have it your way” thing that they will just never accept. Maybe if BK changes their slogan to “Have it Allah’a way….or I KEEL YOU”….well then we have a match made in heaven….or wherever it is that allah hangs out.

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