Clinton’s email LIES are BURIED by MSM

Hillary Clintoton Prosecute HerThe obvious, from

CNN, Politico, WaPo, NYT Bury Hillary Clinton Email Bombshell

by John Nolte

Tuesday night the bombshell news hit that Democrat presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton turned over her rogue email server to authorities and that the Inspector General found that, despite Clinton saying the complete opposite was true just a few months ago, two highly classified documents were in fact found in her emails and therefore on an unsecured server located in her New York home.

It is crucial to note that those 2 are only part of a very small sample size of the thousands of emails Hillary turned over.

INSPECTOR GENERAL LETTER re Hillary Clinton ServerLet’s be truthful. There is only one reason Hillary wanted her own digital correspondence on a private server: control.  Control of what she writes and what she thinks.  Control of where it goes and who can access the information.  She wanted to purposely avoid the FOIA and wanted to avoid having to answer to anyone.  She is Hillary Clinton and owes no allegiance to anyone but herself.  It really is that simple.

Control and avoidance and lack of answerability.  She wanted to make all of her inner thoughts and writings accessible to no one.  She wants to be responsible to no one.  She is a Clinton and she is that arrogant.

It is arrogance at that level which put the security of the United States in jeopardy.  And put sensitive information directly into the hands of the Russians, the Chinese and, by dint of that, the Iranians, the North Koreans and other countries in the Middle East — perhaps even ISIS.

The Demorats and Leftists have had and will continue to have their asses covered by the mainstream media, what I term the American Media Maggots.  Bernard Goldberg knew that years and years ago.

Some factions in the GOP have decided that, instead of fighting, they’re simply going to be “Demorat Lite.”

That is completely unacceptable.  For me and, primarily, for this nation.  It is Leftists and Demorats who got us into our current situation.  Demorats run our large cities and they are foundering, on the cusp of collapse from day to day.

The Demorats have taken down this nation quite a number of pegs, precisely as Mr Obama wished.  When the GOP is Dem Lite and it is populated with way too many RINOs, I won’t stop.

I’m not going away and neither are the rest of the true Conservatives.  The GOP is “enjoying” the run of Trump because Trump, as loud and brash and crashing and uninformed as he is, is appealing to those who truly want someone from the Republican side to show some umbrage, some anger, some backbone, and stand UP to the Leftists and the Demorats.

I’m not going away, in any case.  The more that Leftists and their “causes” push, the more I shall push back.

Stand with me.

The government, ladies and gentlemen, is as efficient, trustworthy and competent as the EPA is with the Animas River.



This is with whom Obama negotiates

Khamenei Tweet About ObamaYes, the persons who continue to advocate “death to America” and, now, send Twitter messages about Obama committing suicide.

Is this not absolute insanity unbridled?  Why do we negotiate with the mentally unbalanced, those persons who have not and will not hold to treaties and agreements?

With this issue and that of Planned Parenthood, I become more convinced that I am inhabiting some sort of alternate reality from my worst nightmares.

Then I wake up and read the news for another day.



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Leftists go nuclear on Major Garrett

Obama WorshipOn Wednesday, CBS news journalist Major Garrett dared to ask Barack Obama a question that wasn’t the customary softball.  As a result, Obama went 210/190 on Mr Garrett, as I detailed in this post.  Please play the video if you’re unfamiliar with the situation.

Now, Leftists are incensed because Garrett deigned to pitch a pointed question.

Bill Maher weighs in, comparing the question to the N word.  From

Bill Maher Compares Major Garrett’s Obama Question to Hurling N-Word

by John Nolte

The same Bill Maher who bristles against political correctness and hurls obscene vitriol at every opportunity finally found someone who he believes crossed a line — that being Major Garrett of CBS News who dared ask President Obama a tough question during yesterday’s press conference on the Iran deal.

Maher not only called Garrett an “asshole,” the aging HBO comedian compared Garrett’s question to hurling the word “nigger.”

Maher Tweet Regards Major GarrettCNN also decided to unload at Garrett.  It is now, per Leftists and the AMM, “disrespectful” to pose anything but a soft, puffy, fluffy, loving question to the current president.

That is how protected by the American Media Maggots is Mr Barack Hussein Obama.



Major Garrett asked a good question. . .

But not the best question.  It was, however, a great start.

And clearly, he angered Barack Hussein Obama.

Journalist Major Garrett, by the way, does not work for Fox News.  He works for CBS.

It only took roughly seven years before the so-called “leader of the free world,” Barack Obama, was asked something of a difficult question, as opposed to the continuous series of softballs Mr Obama customarily fields.

So what would have been the perfect follow-up question by Garrett to Mr Obama?

Garrett: “Why, sir, were those four Americans not part of the Iran deal when you so easily could have insisted upon that inclusion?”

Why not, Mr Obama?

Why not?