Bush on 9/11, Obama on Charlie Hebdo

Bush At 9-11What would Obama, all things now considered, on 9/11, have looked like at that site?

Akin to his EU-supportive response via Charlie Hebdo marches?



9/11 Middle East violence: OBAMA is RESPONSIBLE

The Obama DC Propaganda machine has been hard at work since last Tuesday, attempting to disabuse the world of the real reason for Islamic rioting and killing since 9/11/12.

According to DC, the violence stepped off because of the shabbily-produced film of one little Coptic Christian.  Despite the fact that Bill Maher’s own film Religulous was every bit as “debasing” and in a larger, more mainstreamed venue as well.  From The Washington Times:

Trying to appease the anti-American and anti-Semitic bigots in the Muslim world, as well as to redirect everyone’s attention from their own failed policies, White House spokesman Jay Carney and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton self-righteously blamed a recently surfaced “movie” as the reason for the Muslim riots.

However, in retrospect, that cheesy and hopelessly bungling “trailer” of “the movie” had been sitting on YouTube for months without much of an impact – just like Bill Maher’s well-produced, well-financed, and similarly unwatchable faith-bashing film had been out for years since its release in 2008.


It isn’t about “American movies.”  That’s just an excuse, a ruse, for the simple-minded and the simply-led.

First, take an ignorant and naive president who has few true achievements or accomplishments to his credit — save the blessing of a slightly enhanced melanin count — puree with GOWPs, churn with little if any real-world experience, add heaping helpings of Reverend Wright, Saul Alinsky and William Ayers, then fold into an overall American naivete about the true nature of Arab radicalization.   .   .

.   .   . then add “spiking the football” by Mr Obama following the killing of Osama bin Laden:

Veterans groups already warned of the issue.  In Mr Obama’s own words, it was all about him.

Directly following the raid, Obama’s White House LEAKED secrets about the raid like a sieve.  SEAL Team 6, the DEVGRU, was kept out of the American media about 90 seconds before DC splattered it all over airwaves.  Obama did this, first, and with much overamped and egocentric posing.  Mark Owen’s book came much later.  Owen readily admits in his book, “No Easy Day:” “If my commander in chief is willing to talk, then I feel comfortable doing the same.”

Taunting the Muslims, Mr Obama?  “Spiking the football,” Mr Obama?  Using the killing of Osama bin Laden as a re-election tool?

Here’s the person truly responsible for the violent death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens:

Shame on you, Mr Obama, you duplicitous hack.