Obama: change we can believe in

Obama Change We Can Believe InToo much of the Obama Administration has consisted of navel-gazing, then and now.  It’s all smoke and mirrors, bread and circuses, Kabuki Theater for the ignorant.



Hillary Clinton corrupt: proven

Hillary Clinton RavagedFrom the WashingtonPost.com:

Foreign governments gave millions to foundation while Clinton was at State Dept.

by Rosalind S. Helderman and Tom Hamburger

The Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars from seven foreign governments during Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, including one donation that violated its ethics agreement with the Obama administration, foundation officials disclosed Wednesday.

Most of the contributions were possible because of exceptions written into the foundation’s 2008 agreement, which included limits on foreign-government donations.

The agreement, reached before Clinton’s nomination amid concerns that countries could use foundation donations to gain favor with a Clinton-led State Department, allowed governments that had previously donated money to continue making contributions at similar levels.

The new disclosures, provided in response to questions from The Washington Post, make clear that the 2008 agreement did not prohibit foreign countries with interests before the U.S. government from giving money to the charity closely linked to the secretary of state.

The “Clinton Foundation“?

Do you think you might find this information on the Clinton Foundation site today, perchance?

Clinton FoundationUh, no.  Absolutely nothing about that today.

$25 million dollars from the Saudis, whilst Hillary was Secretary of State.

Can anyone even remotely suggest a “conflict of interest” here?

In one instance, foundation officials acknowledged they should have sought approval in 2010 from the State Department ethics office, as required by the agreement for new government donors, before accepting a $500,000 donation from the Algerian government.

Algeria.  Of course.  Such a pro-American government in North Africa.  It is 99% Islamic.

Some of the donations came from countries with complicated diplomatic, military and financial relationships with the U.S. government, including Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.

Complicated.  Right.  Because Kuwait, Qatar and Oman aren’t Islamic.

Hell, ISIS isn’t Islamic, per Barack Hussein Obaka.

Further, another inconvenient fact:

Rarely, if ever, has a potential commander in chief been so closely associated with an organization that has solicited financial support from foreign governments. Clinton formally joined the foundation in 2013 after leaving the State Department, and the organization was renamed the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

Good for you, Chelsea.  I have always advocated the inculcation of corruption of the innocents at the very earliest age.  As I’ve said for years, “I’m either for less corruption or my greater ability to participate in it.”  Good for you, Chelsea; you’ve started early.

The Washington Post reported last week that foreign sources, including governments, made up a third of those who have given the foundation more than $1 million over time. The Post found that the foundation, begun by former president Bill Clinton, has raised nearly $2 billion since its creation in 2001.

Good for background.  Only $2 billion dollars.  Meh.  Except: more than PETA.  More than MoveOn.org, more than any Occupy movement.

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that the foundation had accepted new foreign-government money now that he 2008 agreement has lapsed.

Oh shucky-darn.  The Clinton Foundation taking advantage of loopholes?

Foreign governments had been major donors to the foundation before President Obama nominated Clinton to become secretary of state in 2009. When the foundation released a list of its donors for the first time in 2008, as a result of the agreement with the Obama administration, it disclosed, for instance, that Saudi Arabia had given between $10 million and $25 million.

Saudi Arabia contributed up to $25 million dollars to Hillary Clinton.

But then-Senator Richard G. Lugar (R-Indiana) said:

“The Clinton Foundation exists as a temptation for any foreign entity or government that believes it could curry favor through a donation,” he said then. “It also sets up potential perception problems with any action taken by the secretary of state in relation to foreign givers or their countries.”

Potential problems, anyone?  Bueller?



Only “poor” Muslims are terrorists

Leftist ThinkingWrong, Mr Obama and Ms Harf.

You are both liars of the first order.  Worse yet, you are paid by American tax dollars to be liars.  Your words, however, work only on the soft-of-brain.  That is correct.  As in the average American Leftist, Demorat, Progressive.

Their lies don’t work on people who are not only educated but have real-world experience in everyday reality.  People who have jobs to do, payrolls to meet, budgets to balance, serious concerns about what new rules and regulations will diminish their ability to run their businesses and their lives.

Mr Obama said during the most recent National Prayer Breakfast:

And lied all the way.  Obama can condemn the Crusades at the behest of Christians but refuses to understand and acknowledge just why the Crusades began in the first place, because of Islamic oppression.  Only terrible deeds were committed in the name of Christ.

Today, if only we’d provide more jobs, ISIS and ISIL and IS and the rest of the Middle East would somehow magically stop hating the West and, more focused, Israel and the United States.  And the rest of Western Culture.

That’s it.  All Islam needs is more love, more hugs, more understanding, more jobs, less poverty, more capitulance.

With one teensy-weensy problem: facts from Harvard tend to get in the way:

So there you have it.  Obama lied, Harf lied, what else is new?

Obama Imperial KingThe Imperial President speaks, therefore it must be true.

Except those with actual brains that function (this excludes the categories listed above: Demorats, Leftists, Progressives) know that Mr Obama’s regime is corrupt, built upon a foundation of opacity, falsehoods, profligate spending and philosophies that have been proven unsustainable, unworkable, and damaging to the nation.

Terrorists.  Poor Islamic babies.  If only they had jobs, they wouldn’t hate the West.

Unmitigated bullshit.

But we should expect this from Mr Obama.  After all:

Obama Apple TreeJust saying.


Muslim Poverty

Schadenfreude photography

I have to admit, my soul is gladdened, and I now quote Chief Dan George: “my heart soars like an eagle” to see that Obama is paying a price for his daily lies.

Obama Lying Is StressfulAbsent President William Henry Harrison, who served only 32 days in office until he died, Barack Hussein Obama will be known as the worst and least effective president in the history of the United States of America.

And as is my personal adumbration, I have never once and never will place the two words “president” and “Obama” next to each other.



Marie Harf, Rhodes scholar:

Marie Harf, Dept of Stupid StateClearly, one of the finest Leftist thinkers extant in DC.  Thank God she displayed her verbal and critical thinking prowess for all to see recently, at the behest and direction of the US Department of State.