fbi-director-james-comey-weaselTit for tat, pay to play, time to make sure we do in fact cover the arses of DC politicians who just “happen” to be of the Demorat stripe.

Right on the heels of FBI Director James Comey providing a line-item list of reasons to recommend a criminal indictment for Hillary Clinton then — declines to recommend same.

From FoxNews.com:

FBI agreed to destroy laptops of Clinton aides with immunity deal, lawmaker says

by Catherine Herridge and Adam Shaw

Immunity deals for two top Hillary Clinton aides included a side arrangement obliging the FBI to destroy their laptops after reviewing the devices, House Judiciary Committee sources told Fox News on Monday.

Sources said the arrangement with former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills and ex-campaign staffer Heather Samuelson also limited the search to no later than Jan. 31, 2015. This meant investigators could not review documents for the period after the email server became public — in turn preventing the bureau from discovering if there was any evidence of obstruction of justice, sources said.

The Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee fired off a letter Monday to Attorney General Loretta Lynch asking why the DOJ and FBI agreed to the restrictive terms, including that the FBI would destroy the laptops after finishing the search.

“Like many things about this case, these new materials raise more questions than answers,” Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., wrote in the letter obtained by Fox News.

Precisely correct. Because if you “do deals,” then you are — unless you’re a complete dunsel — expecting something in return.

“Doesn’t the willingness of Ms. Mills and Ms. Samuelson to have their laptops destroyed by the FBI contradict their claim that the laptops could have been withheld because they contained non-relevant, privileged information? If so, doesn’t that undermine the claim that the side agreements were necessary?” Goodlatte asks.

Why yes, it does. Read that paragraph over very carefully, because of the reveal. IF the laptops were not important to the case, then why would they require destruction?

Surely, destruction of the laptops was not an issue brought to the table by the FBI. It would have been an issue brought to the table specifically by Mills and Samuelson.

Wait. Isn’t that called a clue?

Immunity was provided and EVIDENCE DESTROYED because of said immunity deal.

When the government provides immunity — and only government entities can do so — it is invariably because prosecution is focusing not on the level of those provided immunity but on levels above. In other words, immunity is provided in order to catch the so-called “bigger fish.”

So I ask: what “bigger fish” were caught by providing immunity to Mills and Samuelson and, further, why did this immunity include destruction of the hard drives from their laptops?

Please read the entire article.

What did the citizens of the United States receive for this stated immunity?

Nothing that I can see.

Hillary is still wearing $12,000 jackets.




  1. Here is a YT video that simply must be watched. It is Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch moderating a talk between himself, Peter Schweizer (author of Clinton Cash), Jerome Corsi (author of Partners in Crime), Joe diGenova (extensive experience prosecuting high level criminals), Chris Farrell (Judicial Watch, US Army Intelligence).

    The subject is the astonishing magnitude of the Clinton scandals and how pervasive it is into the USA and foreign governments.


  2. Now, I may not know everything here. I mean, I’m only a retired police officer, who graduated from law school and interned at the State Attorney’s Office, but it is my understanding that if you are granted immunity, you MUST testify. There is no taking the 5th, as there is no self-incrimination. You could testify that you shot Jimmy Hoffa, and murdered all of the close ties to bill and hiLIARy, and you are safe. Therefore, you MUST talk. And if you fail to cooperated completely, your immunity goes away. So as to that one guy who was given immunity, but failed to show up for his hearing…well, his immunity should go bye bye, and he should be charged with everything they can throw at him. Furthermore, you NEVER destroy evidence. And it is NEVER part of an immunity agreement, as again, what concern would the person give immunity have, as even if the computers showed them raping and murdering small children, he can not be charged.

    And as said above, the purpose of immunity is to collect evidence you typically would not get, and use this evidence for the pursuit of a larger fish, so to speak. So, if those that were given immunity were worried about what was on their computers, well, then it must be they are protecting someone else, as again, they can NOT get in trouble.

    But again, and I stress this completely, the moment you refuse to assist law enforcement, attempt to without evidence or testimony, or are caught lying, your immunity is withdrawn, and you are done.

    Now, during my police days, I was a street level cop, and I have never been a litigation attorney, and even I know this. Hell, any third year law student could tell you that what is going on here is complete and utter BS. It just does not make sense.

    For anyone with a brain, (meaning this leaves out most liberals), this is nothing but a corruption of our system and a coverup of the highest extent. In the real world, a whole lot of arrests would have been made, and hiLIARy would have been placed in a permanent orange jumpsuit and perp-walked into court to answer for her crimes.

    This is what one would expect from a third world country or a country run by a bunch of tyrannical leaders. Well, maybe that answers it. Maybe that is what we have become.

    I do know this. There is no statute of limitations for what hiLIARy and her ilk has done. Yes, there is double jeopardy, but hiLIARy has not been charged even once yet. Which means, there is a damn good chance that the day after President Donald Trump is sworn into office, arrest warrants will be issued for a whole lot of SOB’s who have it coming.

    Which is why I truly do fear for Trump’s safety if he wins. hiLIARy and bill have had a lot of people taken out for a lot less than what Trump could do to them, and I would NOT put it past them to take him out. And if that happens, then what? Does obama declare martial law and hold his presidency indefinitely, while promising to get to the bottom of things, but in the mean, continue being president? Does Trump’s VP take over? What if he meets an untimely demise. I know it seems far fetched, but that is how much I fear obama, and moreso, hiLIARy. These people will stop at nothing to keep their power. And the thought of Trump putting hiLIARy in prison, and undoing ALL of obama’s legacy, well, they are highly motivated to make sure he never sees the oval office.

    We are all hoping for the FBI and the rest of the govt to do its job, but Trump said it perfectly. “We cannot fix a rigged system by relying on those that rigged it in the first place.”

  3. Looks as if we have a rogue federal government comprised of Marxists and muslims. It is now obvious that no federal agency can now be trusted and this includes the military as it has also been destroyed from within. Trump is the last hope to save the Republic without bloodshed. Vote like the lives of your family depend on it. Without Trump it will be Katy bar the door.

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