Obama’s parting lie

Serial liars, like serial arsonists or serial wife-beaters, have a compulsion that frequently cannot be suppressed. Such is the case with Hillary Rodham Clinton, as is the case with Barack Hussein Obama, former president.

From the NationalReview.com:

Obama’s Final Whopper as President

by John Fund

He claimed that other countries don’t have voter-ID laws, though many do.

President Obama is known for telling some whoppers — “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” is perhaps the most infamous – so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he told a final one as president right before leaving office last week.

At his final press conference, Obama promised that he would continue to fight voter-ID laws and other measures designed to improve voting integrity. The U.S. is “the only country among advanced democracies that makes it harder to vote,” he claimed. “It traces directly back to Jim Crow and the legacy of slavery, and it became sort of acceptable to restrict the franchise. . . . This whole notion of election-voting fraud, this is something that has constantly been disproved. This is fake news.”

Okay, stop right there. I have, just on my blog, example after example after example, many on video, of blatant examples of voter fraud. I haven’t even referenced the James O’Keefe Project Veritas voter fraud videos. So just stop, Obama.

But you can’t. You don’t have it in you. You are mentally incapable of telling the truth. Your Brain Housing Group simply isn’t wired that way.

The argument over whether or not there is voter fraud will rage on, in part because the Obama administration has spent eight years blocking states from gaining access to federal lists of non-citizen and other possibly illegal voters. Even so, there is abundant evidence that voter fraud is easy to commit. The Heritage Foundation’s website contains hundreds of recent examples of people convicted of stealing votes.

Voter fraud, thy name is California. I wrote that, in my estimation, Hillary Clinton was able to win the popular vote simply because of the existence of California. Further, that a massive amount of votes for HRC resulted from illegals having access to and taking advantage of voting in California.

But Obama’s first statement — that the U.S. is unique in trying to enforce ballot integrity — is demonstrably false.

All industrialized democracies — and most that are not — require voters to prove their identity before voting. Britain was a holdout, but last month it announced that persistent examples of voter fraud will require officials to see passports or other documentation from voters in areas prone to corruption.

Idea: use this article for reference when an uninformed Leftist begins the standard Jim Crow argument against voter ID. Or you can show them this video:

Please note: all the Caucasoids are ignorant and biased.



Trump correct about voter fraud

Why and how, you ask? It is conventional wisdom that California put Hillary Clinton over the top (slightly) with regard to the number of votes tallied, as opposed to the electoral college. The difference was roughly one million votes.

Is it, then, merely co-inky-dink that the number of illegal immigrants with drivers licenses in California is also at roughly the one million mark?

A report was issued recently which indicated 800,000+ illegal immigrants were issued licenses in California alone. California passed a law (AB 60) two years ago which allows illegals to acquire licenses. Twelve states now allow illegals to possess drivers licenses. From IBTimes.com:

California DMV: 800,000 Undocumented Immigrants Got Driver’s Licenses Under State’s Controversial AB 60 Law In 2 Years

by Seerat Chabba

A controversial California law has allowed thousands of undocumented residents to obtain driver’s licenses at a time when President-elect Donald Trump, who takes office next month, vowed to crackdown on illegal immigration.

AB 60 was implemented on Jan. 1, 2015 and allowed an estimated 806,000 undocumented residents to receive driver’s licenses in the next two years, according to Department of Motor Vehicles statistics cited by Mercury News.

The month of November, which saw Trump being elected as president of the United States, also marked the issuing of 14,000 of these licenses by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in California as offices remained packed with immigrants hoping to make the most of the opportunity.

Does the California DMV plan to share their information about illegals to, say, investigatory agencies? Uh, no. Not just no, but hell no.

“The California Department of Motor Vehicles takes very seriously the protection of personal information for all license holders,” the DMV reportedly said Tuesday, addressing privacy concerns.

The problem with the law allowing states to issue licenses to illegals stems from the 9/11 Report following that tragic event. It concluded that illegals should not be eligible for licenses.

Despite that, the federal government allowed licenses to be issued by states, but only if the card is obviously and clearly different — which, by the way, California’s license is not. Please describe to me the immediate and obvious differences you see.

Additionally, as we all know, drivers licenses are a gateway to quite a number of other services, offers, entitlements and perquisites enjoyed by lawful citizens. One of those is: voting.

How many persons staffing voter stations in California know — or even care — about the differences in the two cards? California has stated it’s going to be a “sanctuary state.” I’d say that’s quite a clear statement with an obvious point: California couldn’t care less about the legal status of persons living there. And they sure as hell aren’t going to deport illegals. California doesn’t want to deport criminals or even murderers (witness Kate Steinle) who are illegal.

Then there is the California Motor Voter Law. And therein lies the crux of the biscuit.

From Breitbart.com:

California Licenses 800K Illegal Aliens as Motor Voter Law Looms

by Michelle Moons

Over the last two years, the Golden State has licensed over 800,000 illegal aliens to drive, and as the new motor voter law AB 1461 goes into effect in 2017, anti-Trump lawmakers are vowing to fight the Trump administration on attempts to enforce immigration law.

Meaning: it’s going to get even worse in California than it is now. We already know local voter precincts in California didn’t challenge Mexicans or illegals who stepped towards a voting booth in November possessing a license for that is fundamentally indistinguishable from that of a lawful citizen. It would be judgmental and poor form to do so, particularly if you are a Mark I, Model I GOWP.

AB 60 went into effect on January 1, 2015, inviting well over a million illegal aliens in California to apply for driver licenses with lawmaker promises that their non-citizen status would not be shared with immigration authorities.

With the law about to hit the two-year mark, the California Department of Motor Vehicles announced that 806,000 illegal aliens have been granted driver licenses, according to the Bay Area’s Mercury News. 14,000 of those licenses were issued in November of this year.

In 2017, new motor voter law AB 1461 will go into effect, automatically registering most licensed California drivers to vote. As the Mercury News points out, concerns have been raised about the crossover of AB60 illegal alien licensees being illegally registered to vote as a result. Some lawmakers have claimed there are safeguards against such a case.

But fear not; California legislators are actively planning to stymie any and all attempts to deport illegals and instead shield them to the best of their abilities.

Former Assemblyman Luis Alejo, author of AB 60, offered reassurance to illegal aliens that he had spoken with Gov. Jerry Brown’s office, the DMV, and state legislative leaders who are all “committed to protecting all the information submitted to the DMV by AB60 applicants,” according to the Mercury News. Alejo pledged to fight against the Trump administration on illegal immigration and to do “everything possible” to maintain AB 60.

Already, ladies and gentlemen, you inherently know where Clinton got her vote count nudge. I haven’t even addressed the issue of illegal signups and other voter fraud venues to include the living dead and voting machines that defaulted to HRC. Voter fraud was sufficient to hand HRC the popular vote in November. Trump was correct.

But wait.

If you thought the Demorats cheated in this election, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet.



Thanks to Jill Stein, Hillary Clinton & Demorats

Because your demands for recounts and investigations of various states and precincts have, in fact, revealed election fraud biased towards Demorats, Greens and Leftists.

Not Donald Trump.

Stuart Varney also had kind words for Jill Stein:

Myself as well. Because, being me, I love it when a great Leftist plan goes awry.

From BizPacReview.com:

Stein’s recount backfires bigtime as ‘major ballot box fraud’ discovered in Hillary-heavy Detroit

by Michael Dorstewitz

People everywhere are saying, “Thanks, Jill!”

Former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein‘s recount efforts in Michigan indicate that there was indeed voter fraud in the Great Lake State — but it favored Hillary Clinton.

The evidence of shenanigans was discovered in more than one-third of the voting precincts situated within the Democrat controlled city of Detroit. Machines in those precincts tabulated more votes than what they should have.

This is just one area. In just one state. Stein contested three states to include Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — then had her cases shot down by federal judges in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The recount is done.

So I say: let’s make sure we do in fact open invetigations into election fraud in major urban rat cages around America. Because one clear thing will be found: rampant fraud on the Left in favor of the Demorats.



Obama wants and supports ILLEGAL immigrant voting

Watch and listen to the video.

And then note the comments and discussion by Neil Cavuto.

Barack Hussein Obama and DC could not care less about the rule of law.

Omnium senttentiis.



Shall we talk about voter fraud?

Yes, we shall.

How odd that fraud only seems to benefit the Demorats. That actually makes me think: might it be purposeful?

Let’s start with New York and voting machines:

As Donald Trump says, “rigging the election.” But wait; the American Media Maggots assure us unequivocally that the election is not rigged and it’s all in our minds. Besides, if there were actual evidence it wasn’t acquired “fairly.” Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

Let’s move on to Texas, where we can clearly see that public employees, those persons who are paid by taxpayers, don’t want to answer any questions whatsoever about possible voter fraud and refuse to be held accountable, particularly in light that Texas voting machines appear to be “magically” switching Trump votes to Hillary Clinton. You know, I think I’m starting to identify a pattern here.

Apparently this government official, Keith Ingram, the Texas Director of Elections, doesn’t believe voter fraud actually exists. Nor does he either want to answer any questions or be held accountable in any way. Those pesky civilians, always badgering us poor government officials and asking that we do our jobs responsibly and answer to those who pay our salaries. Oh wait, maybe voter fraud does occur, as cautioned by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

texas-voter-fraudLet us transition to voter machines again.

Once more, with enthusiasm. Another miraculous change. Is it co-inky-dink?

There is video evidence of Barack Hussein Obama lying, of Hillary Rodham Clinton lying, and James Comey. When you cannot get the truth from DC, from the DOJ, from the FBI, from Congress — where do you go?

I too wrote about Barack Hussein Obama sending and receiving emails from Hillary’s private server — under an alias which, to me, proves consciousness of guilt — as being one of the reasons Obama absolutely must keep HRC from the focus of any negative press or prosecution.

The saddest thing of all?

These are only the videos that I managed to collect in the course of one hour, on one day.