This is why America hates the media

First, please watch the video. Joe Scarborough is entirely correct. Watch the Leftist chick on his right, listen to what she says, how she says it, her body language.

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on last Monday’s (11-28) Morning Joe on MSNBC.

But because I am “fake news” (and other Conservatives like me), what I display here must be wrong. Ginned up. False. Right?

Unless.  .  .

It would appear that Joe Scarborough is accurate and Miss Smarmy Pants is bleeding condescension, arrogance, is contemptuous, dismissive, and would rather leave facts behind as soon as humanly possible.

Joe Scarborough dared to speak the truth. You are hated, American Media Maggots, quite precisely because you and Leftists/Demorats are so alike, reveling in your hypocrisy.

That is a major factor for the AMM hemorrhaging readers and advertisers. That is also a major factor in your creation of the “fake news” theme, because you are also losing your gatekeeper status. You are in a fight and you’re assembling more weapons with which to combat those considering abandonment.

SCARBOROUGH: “You still don’t get it. You’re still being hypocritical! You can get it wrong in the primary, that’s fine – you can get it wrong in the general election but you keep getting it wrong!”

You’re losing your fastidious and once-ubiquitous grip.

You’re scared as hell.

More about that in a later post.



Brian Williams just needs a break

Brian Williams Star TrekSo a break he has administered to himself.  For roughly a week or so.

He promised to be on the David Letterman show later this week, but has now reneged.  Oh yeah; Letterman is where he made his original “we were taking fire” claim.

[CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman on Tuesday, March 26. 2013.]

After all, it’s stressful being caught in a lie (soon to be a series of lies) when your entire persona is predicated and promoted by an entire multi-billion dollar corporate media empire as your being trustworthy, truthful and responsible.

For example, what is wrong with this Brian Williams claim?

Brian Williams Knew LincolnCorrect.  Lincoln’s stovepipe hat has been revealed as PhotoShop treachery, because it is too tall for the era.

How coarse to even hint that Brian Williams lies, but perhaps Brian Williams lies.

It will be interesting to see how NBC handles Williams.  At this point they plan to do absolutely: nothing.

Did you expect something more?



American Media Maggots sotto voce: “we’re screwed” regarding Ebola

From, of all places, the

Video:  “We’re Screwed”: MSM Caught on Hot Mic at White House Ebola Press Briefing

For a little insight into what the American mainstream media really thinks (but will never say), check out what CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett and two of his colleagues had to say when Garrett apparently forgot his mic was still on after the White House’s October 3rd press briefing on the government’s Ebola response ended.

Occasionally, the truth will out.

Hot mike moments reveal some necessary elements.

The MSM and American Media Maggots couldn’t give one crap about you, the so-called media consumer.  They just want your dollars.


Obama Protectorate

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