Norway: making a huge mistake

Norwegian Police ArmedNorway is about to make a massive mistake.

It is committed to disarming its civilian police officers.

From the

This European country is about to disarm all its police

by Staff

Police in Norway will no longer carry guns.

The country has announced that the armament of its police officers, which began in 2014, will cease “as soon as possible” after it was deemed no longer necessary.

Plans to stop issuing officers with guns were announced last November but were postponed after the terror attacks in Paris.

Allow me to interject briefly for a moment.  This is a perfect example of a GOWP mindset and belief system.  The whole 1800s disproven and doddering “if we disarm they’ll disarm” thingie.  Disarming eliminates the aggro.  Brilliant idea.

Except that apparently you Brits and Norwegians failed to read your own article.  You know, the part above where it says “Plans to stop issuing officers with guns were announced last November but were postponed after the terror attacks in Paris.

“Postponed after the terror attacks in Paris.”

Here in Yankdom, that’s called a “clue.”

As in: “hey, have you ever considered that might occur again?”  Further, ever thought it may happen in, say, NORWAY?


Because, remember, only barbaric Western nations like the US carry firearms.  You believe we are a total gun culture, just as we believe you are a total Socialist culture.  Except that, well, yes, you are a total Socialist culture.  More on that in later posts.

Okay, alright.  Got me.  Yamamoto was correct.

But look at yourselves.  All dressed up butch-like in your glossy black leather and nylon crotch straps, brandishing Sigs with your black and deadly machine pistols and automatic weapons.  The only difference is that US weapons are a little longer and we don’t sling them over our chests customarily.  We normally lock them in our cars, stacked next to our shotguns, between the seats.  (We keep the flamethrowers, RPGs and tactical nukes in the trunk where they can’t be seen.)

I do like the checkerboard thingie, and your patch.  Nice patch.

Oh.  And most of us male US cops aren’t allowed to grow beards unless we’re undercover.  Just saying.

Police have announced once again that the armament will cease, with the Police Directorate saying that “there are no longer grounds to continue”.

Oh really?

Merkel Killed GermanyApparently you guys don’t read your own press, or the press in Germany and Sweden and the rest of Europe.  Let’s look at Europe.  Let’s look at the location of Germany — which Angela Merkel has already doomed — in relation to Norway.

EUROPEAN MAPExamine Norway in relation to the rest of Europe and the other countries where Muslim “refugees” — mostly war-age young males — are flooding.  The Baltic and North Seas may not quite be the total insulatory factor you’re hoping for.

SYRIAN HORDES of REFUGEESParticularly considering the massive issues Germany is having with young Muslim males, as well as Sweden and — tada!Norway.

Perhaps you should watch some of the buttery goodness provided by Muslim males in Germany via Islam, the religion of peace and understanding.

Perhaps you need to listen to this, from a nurse in Bavaria, Deutschland, as read on US radio.

Just at the time you should be arming yourselves, you are disarming.  Europeans are already wishing they had a Second Amendment.

Boy, are you guys in for a rude awakening in your near future.


Norwegian Police Disarmed


Sunday Democrat debate

2016 Demorat January DebateWith Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley.

Hillary: “One out of three black men will end up going to prison.”  Because our country is so intrinsically racist, you see.

My response: then one out of three black men should stop committing crimes.

Despite that statistic quoted by Clinton to be patently false.

Bernie Sanders couldn’t hear a question to him.  That’s called a clue.  Sanders’s answer to the question was that every death of a person in police custody should be investigated by the US DOJ.  And that police departments must look just like the communities surrounding them.

Every custody death must be investigated by the US DOJ.  Because states can’t be trusted on their own.

A clear and obvious abrogation of the 10th Amendment.

Bernie hates SuperPacs.  He wants limited donations by small contributors.  Oh my God, is that Bernie’s death knell for the Demorat Party — that survives on big money donations?.  Big money makes both parties rock and roll, and the DNC bends over the nearest toilet in fear when they hear Sanders say that.

Martin O’Malley: “Secretary Clinton, that’s not true.  You do not go as far on reigning in Wall Street as I would.  It’s not true.”  And the look that Hillary Clinton gave O’Malley would have otherwise set him aflame.

Sanders would want Wall Street to bail out the public, and he would raise taxes generally and specifically on corporations.

“The wealthy will pay for healthcare, student debt, free schools and colleges.”

O’Malley: “we want youth services, jobs for kids.”  Right; that volunteerism.  The Bloods and Crips and Nortenos and Surenos and tongs will be all over that.

O’Malley doesn’t like the phrase “boots on the ground.”  Too demeaning.  Good to know.

Hillary thinks Europe needs to get tough with Putin right away.  That’ll happen.  Because Putin supplies a great deal of EU oil.  Sure.  Right away.

O’Malley: “we should be secure in our homes, in our papers, the government should be required to get warrants before they come in our front door or our back.”  Completely agreed.  When I was a cop I had to acquire search and arrest warrants on cases.  The US government should be no different.

This time, it was all about Bernie Sanders.  You could clearly see that he was the Socialist liberator and Hillary Clinton was the corporatist.  She was also the obvious Obama-clinger.

As per normal, it was the consistent “rentoon rentoon rentoon” of more spending, more money, higher taxes, more Free Cheese.  Moar moar moar.  Everything will be great if we can only get those judgmental Republicans and bible-toting, Constitution-embracing, gun-splaying, unborn-loving, government-regulating conservative fucktards out of the way.

I could not possibly want to envision this country under another four years of rampant regulatory increases, taxation, national diminishment and the SCOTUS appointments that would be made by appeasers and socialists.



Hillary doesn’t know the difference between a Socialist and a Democrat

I hope you’re sitting down.

That is, after all, absolutely shocking news.


Let’s look and listen.

Hillary stammers and avoids.

That bespeaks volumes, ladies and gentlemen.

Oh, if only the GOP had a great candidate willing to crush nuts, name names and tell the truth.  Who didn’t have skeletons in their own closets.

Otherwise, the Demorats are SO handing themselves over to the GOP and Conservatives on the proverbial silver platter.

As my 60s Civics teacher Mr Helms said over 40 years ago in high school: “Democrats don’t win elections; Republicans lose them.”




Utopia coming to the US?

The truth about the Leftist Utopia of Denmark.

Please click on the graphic to embiggen.

Leftist Utopia of DenmarkHere is your Utopia, Leftists.  Quick, catch the next rubber raft to Denmark (you wouldn’t dare think of getting on an airplane or a ship, considering the pollution you’d condone by doing so).  Its golden arms await you.