Obama: eliminating 5.56 mm rounds

M885 Round, 5.56 mm (.223)In a naked attempt to eliminate the most common American long gun extant: the AR-15 rifle chambered in 5.56 mm caliber.

And let there be no mistake.

Why are all of these issues and topics being pushed and steamrollered all at once?

I submit: easy.  Because the current Obama Administration and what the Leftists believe will be the next Clinton Administration are in the process of, yes, fundamentally transforming this nation into what they believe will be, finally, the new global paradigm of Socialism.

Each Socialist regime believes that it can “do” Socialism much better than their predecessor — if only they were given the opportunity.  Never mind that Socialism has never worked for any country at any time in the entire history of this planet.

Obama and fellow Leftist Demorats believe they can “do” Socialism better than anyone else — despite the fact that Socialism isn’t working for Europe.

Question: what do you call doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results?

Of course you know that answer.

From the WashingtonExaminer.com:

Obama to ban bullets by executive action, threatens top-selling AR-15 rifle

by Paul Bedard

As promised, President Obama is using executive actions to impose gun control on the nation, targeting the top-selling rifle in the country, the AR-15 style semi-automatic, with a ban on one of the most-used AR bullets by sportsmen and target shooters.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives this month revealed that it is proposing to put the ban on 5.56 mm ammo on a fast track, immediately driving up the price of the bullets and prompting retailers, including the huge outdoors company Cabela’s, to urge sportsmen to urge Congress to stop the president.

The question is: will Congress do it?  And will they have the cojones to actually move against the president’s imperial actions via BATFE?

“The Obama administration was unable to ban America’s most popular sporting rifle through the legislative process, so now it’s trying to ban commonly owned and used “ammunition through regulation,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA-ILA, the group’s policy and lobby shop. “The NRA and our tens of millions of supporters across the country will fight to stop President Obama’s latest attack on our Second Amendment freedoms.”

At issue is so-called “armor-piercing” ammunition, an exemption for those bullets mostly used for sport by AR-15 owners, and the recent popularity of pistol-style ARs that use the ammo.

This AP ammunition, because it was (past tense) so plentiful, is popular with American shooters.  You’ll notice, Leftists, per the top photo, these are not “dum-dum” or “hollow point” rounds.

The inexpensive 5.56 M885 ammo, commonly called green tips, have been exempt for years, as have higher-caliber ammunition that also easily pierces the type of soft armor worn by police, because it’s mostly used by target shooters, not criminals. The agency proposes to reclassify it as armor-piercing and not exempt.

Please read the rest of the article here.

This is, frankly, an excuse for the proverbial “foot-in-the-door” trick.  The goal?  To chip away at the Second Amendment in the US Bill of Rights.

Why the push to regulate the internet?  Why the push to eliminate firearms?

It’s all about control and the elimination of pushback, opposition to policies that people believe to be Socialist in nature.  Eliminate the Second Amendment and you can readily eliminate the First Amendment.

I’m a cop; at least for a few more months until I retire.  And there isn’t a rifle round that already won’t go through my vest, from .223 to .308 and most all points in between.  How about some graphics?

GUN CONTROL Gun StatsObama knows full well: he who controls the ammunition, in truth, controls the firearm.

If you can’t eliminate the firearms, eliminate their ability to shoot.



What Socialism does for you:

Francois Hollande SocialistIt makes you vote with your feet.

From the UKIndependent.com:

French say au revoir to France: Over two million French people now live abroad, and most are crossing the channel and heading to London

by Ann Penketh

The land of 400 cheeses, the birthplace of Molière and Coco Chanel, is facing an unprecedented exodus. Up to 2.5 million French people now live abroad, and more are bidding “au revoir” each year.

A French parliamentary commission of inquiry is due to publish its report on emigration on Tuesday, but Le Figaro reported yesterday that because of a political dispute among its members over the reasons for the exodus, a “counter-report” by the opposition right-wing is to be released as an annex.

Centre-right deputies are convinced that the people who are the “lifeblood” of France are leaving because of “the impression that it’s impossible to succeed”, said Luc Chatel, secretary general of the UMP, who chaired the commission.

“Impossible to succeed”?  How odd; I thought that Francois Hollande, as an avowed Socialist and a longtime leader of the Socialist Party, was going to solve everything through Socialism?

There is “an anti-work mentality, absurd fiscal pressure, a lack of promotion prospects, and the burden of debt hanging over future generations,” he told Le Figaro. However, the report’s author Yann Galut, a Socialist deputy, said the UMP was unhappy because it had been unable to prove that a “massive exile” had taken place since the election of President François Hollande in 2012.

Let’s see; what’s the French “work week” again?  Oh, that’s right: 35 hours.  And what is the vacation policy?  That’s right:

5 weeks (30 days with Saturdays, but not Sundays counted as holidays) plus up to 22 days of RTT (Réduction du Temps de Travail, English: Reduction of Working Time) for the employees that choose to work more than 35 hours per week – the “limit” is 39 per week, further additional hours are compensated in almost all the cases by money and not by additional leave hours. Bonus days off are given to people who take a part of their annual leave outside summer (3 days grant 1 bonus day off, 6 days grant 2 bonus days off). Combining all these rules, in a few public offices and in a few companies like Orange, the resulting total, for certain employees, might be of 9.5 paid vacation weeks (5 weeks of vacation + 4 weeks of RTT + 0.5 week of bonus days off). Furthermore, there are 11 public holidays (that, though, in many companies are not paid days off, with the exception of the 1st of May, for which a remuneration is compulsory).[8][12][14]

Even with that, Hollande thought it too constrictive.

What is certain is the steady rise in the number of emigrants across all sections of society, from young people looking for jobs to entrepreneurs to pensioners.

According to a French Foreign Ministry report published at the end of last month, the top five destinations are the UK, Switzerland, the US, Belgium and Germany. The French consulate in London has estimated that up to 400,000 French nationals live in the capital, a number equal to the population of France’s sixth largest city.

You mean that persons in France don’t care for nightly hot-and-cold running carbeques?

The Crux of the Biscuit:

“Young people feel stuck, and they want interesting jobs. Businessmen say the labour code is complex and they’re taxed even before they start working. Pensioners can also pay less tax abroad,” she says.

It is also almost impossible to fire an employee in France.  But why work when Hollande’s State will take care of you? — at great taxpayer expense, I should care to add.

Further: There are around 1.4 million companies in France without employees. Why is that?

But again, the French government is throwing the word “patriotic” around like the current Obola government, as in: it’s “patriotic” to pay more taxes and abide by more regulations.

Frankly, Hollande and Obola don’t know the meaning of the word “patriotic.”



Ex-border agents: Immigrant flood ‘orchestrated’

Illegal ImmigrationIt is a man-made disaster from Mr Obama, pure and simple.

From WND.com:

‘We are not gullible enough to believe thousands came without aid and assistance’

by Bob Unruh

An organization of former Border Patrol agents Wednesday charged that the federal government, under the administration of President Obama, is deliberately arranging for a flood of immigrant children to arrive in America for political purposes.

“This is not a humanitarian crisis. It is a predictable, orchestrated and contrived assault on the compassionate side of Americans by her political leaders that knowingly puts minor illegal alien children at risk for purely political purposes,” said the statement released by the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers.

“Certainly, we are not gullible enough to believe that thousands of unaccompanied minor Central American children came to America without the encouragement, aid and assistance of the United States government,” the officers said.

“Anyone that has taken two six- to seven-year-old children to an amusement park can only imagine the problems associated with bringing thousands of unaccompanied children that age up through Mexico and into the United States.”

Allow me to interject at this point:

News stories have indicated that women, children and others have come up from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.  That means one very specific thing: Mexico is allowing those persons through their country, in order to cross the northern border.

A federal judge even concluded the White House “has simply chosen not to enforce … border security laws.”

FoxNews.com reported this week Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer calls the situation a “creation” of the federal government, and Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., assigned blame for the “calamity” to Obama.

Fox News reported it had obtained a memo from an official with Customs and Border Protection who said the current policies are serving as an incentive for illegal aliens to sneak into the U.S.

Vice President Joe Biden said this week at a manufacturer’s conference that the US needs a “constant, unrelenting stream” of new immigrants to buttress the national economy.

I would add: no, not quite.  I would also add: let’s take care of our own people first, before we bring in others.  Let’s take care of those individuals who were born here.  Let’s educate them and train them.

Because the people who are flooding into the United States via our southern border are ill-educated, sometime ill in health, and the first to sign up for more federal and state Free Cheese — at the insistence of the federal government.

Specifically to the point:

The former Border Patrol agents said the campaign is a “political deception,” and the responsibility rests with the political leaders who support “a path to citizenship, regularization or any other form of amnesty for illegal aliens before providing for full protections for national security (jobs and economy) and public safety (the right of the people to be secure in their property and person).”

The officers argue that the non-enforcement of immigration laws is “the next step in becoming a failed state.”

And so, that is very true.  A failed nation-state.

The Augusta Chronicle writes today:

As one Guatemalan detainee told The Christian Science Monitor: “They’re saying that women and children are allowed to stay.”

The Obama administration certainly isn’t doing anything to dispel that notion.

It set up housing for detainees at a San Antonio Air Force base and a Ventura, Calif., Navy base. They can’t handle the sheer numbers, so a processing center has been set up in Nogales, Ariz., which also can’t handle the sheer numbers. The center already is running out of supplies. Another planeload of about 130 illegals was dumped in El Paso, Texas, for processing and care. Fort Sill, Okla., is being prepared for still more illegals.

And President Obama is asking Congress for $1.4 billion of your money to pay for all of that.

Even more outrageous: The administration said Friday that it was starting a program issuing $2 million in grants to fund about 100 lawyers and paralegals to represent immigrant children facing deportation.

The White House not only is refusing to turn these kids away, it’s fighting like mad to keep them here.

Read that very important series of paragraphs again, if you will.  Digest it a bit.  This is a very purposeful and man-made “crisis.”

We don’t need more low- or no-skilled workers with poor education.  We need persons who are vocationally trained and highly educated.  We don’t need more burger flippers and weed-pullers; we need those whose educated and clear brains can create the next generation of technological improvements.

The massive and current flood of children and women through our porous borders, gathered and then purposely-released by the USBP into border state population centers at the direction of federal management via DC and the Spite House — in the very dead of a blazing hot summer — is the Cloward-Pivening of our social fabric.  It is designed to crash the system so that the system can be rebuilt under a more Socialist bent.  As advocated by Richard Cloward, Frances Fox Piven, William Ayers, and Saul Alinsky.

This is purposeful, it is willful, it is artificially created, it is heinous, it is despicable, and it stems directly from the Oval Office of the Spite House.

It is a man-made disaster of huge proportions, pure and simple.

As Obama clearly knows, having been schooled at the feet of Alinsky, Ayers, Cloward and Piven: no nation can survive absent true sovereignty.


Illegal Invaders

Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For:

Free CheeseYou NEED to be guaranteed some basic and fundamental rights.  They include:

From RollingStone.com:

Guaranteed jobs, universal basic incomes, public finance and more

Millennials have been especially hard-hit by the downturn, which is probably why so many people in this generation (like myself) regard capitalism with a level of suspicion that would have been unthinkable a decade ago. But that egalitarian impulse isn’t often accompanied by concrete proposals about how to get out of this catastrophe. Here are a few things we might want to start fighting for, pronto, if we want to grow old in a just, fair society, rather than the economic hellhole our parents have handed us.

That’s odd.  When I stepped into the work arena at the age of 14, I didn’t think of my work atmosphere as the “hellhole our parents have handed us.”

I simply thought it would be cool to throw papers from my bicycle early in the morning whilst it was dark.  And make up to $50 a month which was, then, unheard-of.

I subsequently made an amazing discovery: I had to have a sturdy bicycle in the first place, and then I had to have a big bag suspended on my handlebars and, if I could support it, bags suspended off the rear tire if I had a rear rack.  Which I did.  I could carry a lot of papers.

Not only that, but I had to get up at the UnGodly Hour of 4 am in order to receive the papers at the end of my driveway.  Unbanded.  They got thumped down in a huge vertical stack and I had to fold them into thirds and then rubber band them.  Each and every one of those things.

The faster I got my job done, the earlier I could go home.  And the closer to the porch and the front door I threw them, the fewer complaints I received.  Actually got a few tips.

Then there were “collections.”  I would have to knock on the door of the neighborhood alcoholic, the neighborhood recluse, the neighborhood wife, and say “Collecting for The Bee.”  Sometimes they paid, sometimes they put me off.  It was a continual struggle.  But if I wanted to get paid, I had to persevere.

And that’s when I learned about the “Work-to-Success” ratio.

If I applied myself, I could kick out collections in a few days.  There were some people who didn’t want to pay and were deadbeats.  McClatchy went after them in other ways that I didn’t understand then.  I can remember, for whatever reason, the first time I was called “sonny.”  As in: “Sonny, I don’t have your cash.”  Oddly enough, the more papers I accepted, and the more papers I took on my bike, the more money I made.  That became pretty clear.  That’s how I learned to work.  That’s how I learned to make money.  That’s how I learned to have any kind of work ethic whatsoever.

That said, what are your “economic reforms,” Mr Myerson?

1. Guaranteed Work for Everybody

Unemployment blows. The easiest and most direct solution is for the government to guarantee that everyone who wants to contribute productively to society is able to earn a decent living in the public sector. There are millions of people who want to work, and there’s tons of work that needs doing – it’s a no-brainer. And this idea isn’t as radical as it might sound: It’s similar to what the federal Works Progress Administration made possible during Roosevelt’s New Deal, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. vocally supported a public-sector job guarantee in the 1960s.

Right.  Guaranteed work for everybody.  Just like McDonalds.  Or WalMart.  That’s work.  But those jobs don’t guarantee full work hours or full benefits or Apprentice or Journeyman or Master wages.

Because in order to earn those wages, one must display the skill of an Apprentice, then the skill of a Journeyman, then the ultimate skill of a Master.  Because everyone knows that the fry cook at Mickey D’s is just as valuable as a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist.

2. Social Security for All

But let’s think even bigger. Because as much as unemployment blows, so do jobs. What if people didn’t have to work to survive? Enter the jaw-droppingly simple idea of a universal basic income, in which the government would just add a sum sufficient for subsistence to everyone’s bank account every month. A proposal along these lines has been gaining traction in Switzerland, and it’s starting to get a lot of attention here, too.

Right.  Paid not to work.  Sounds like the current definition of Generational Welfare, does it not?  Better yet:

Put another way: A universal basic income, combined with a job guarantee and other social programs, could make participation in the labor force truly voluntary, thereby enabling people to get a life.

Perfect.  Hot and cold running free everything.  No one works.  Everybody can surf and play drums.

3. Take Back The Land

Ever noticed how much landlords blow? They don’t really do anything to earn their money. They just claim ownership of buildings and charge people who actually work for a living the majority of our incomes for the privilege of staying in boxes that these owners often didn’t build and rarely if ever improve. In a few years, my landlord will probably sell my building to another landlord and make off with the appreciated value of the land s/he also claims to own – which won’t even get taxed, as long as s/he ploughs it right back into more real estate.

Think about how stupid that is. The value of the land has nothing to do with my idle, remote landlord; it reflects the nearby parks and subways and shops, which I have access to thanks to the community and the public. So why don’t the community and the public derive the value and put it toward uses that benefit everyone? Because capitalism, is why.

Yes, Mr Myerson, just have your building owner turn it over to you.  I’m sure you’d be willing to pitch right in and lubricate elevator cables, do maintenance, paints walls, and other mundane tasks.  Uh, no.  You said you want a “life.”  You’d instead be out surfing and beating drums.

4. Make Everything Owned by Everybody

Hoarders blow. Take, for instance, the infamous one percent, whose ownership of the capital stock of this country leads to such horrific inequality. “Capital stock” refers to two things here: the buildings and equipment that workers use to produce goods and services, and the stocks and bonds that represent ownership over the former. The top 10 percent’s ownership of the means of production is represented by the fact that they control 80 percent of all financial assets.

A Perfect Utopia.  No ownership.  No Capitalism.  People can leave their trash where it sits and no one is forced to clean it up.  Property, buildings, forests, infrastructure, power generation stations, energy distribution, it can all be “owned” by the people.  But if the people surf and beat drums, who really takes care of anything at all?  This is the perfect incentive for no incentive.

5. A Public Bank in Every State

You know what else really blows? Wall Street. The whole point of a finance sector is supposed to be collecting the surplus that the whole economy has worked to produce, and channeling that surplus wealth toward its most socially valuable uses. It is difficult to overstate how completely awful our finance sector has been at accomplishing that basic goal. Let’s try to change that by allowing state governments into the banking game.

But here’s what I find interesting: Myerson’s “Five Economic Reforms” was written in the Perfect Isolation of a Capitalistic Society where his trash gets dumped, the markets have perfect produce by way of a transportation system that is technologically the best, coordinated, working on the thinnest of margins and effective like no other nation.  And all the other aspects of a society that is not rife and corrupt with Socialism and Communism — where the striations of rich and poor are even more marked than Capitalistic nations.

Every Socialist thinks that they can “do” Socialism better than the last guy.  But Socialism just doesn’t work.  Never has, never will.  There’s a little niggling thing called “history” which indicates so.

This guy’s article hearkens me to a line from Monty Python (to be read in your best British accent):  “You’re a looney.”

And so it goes.  A little Kurt Vonnegut, there.


Socialistic Red Flags