45 years ago today: Apollo 11 lands on the moon

Saturn V, Apollo 11, July 1969I’m not a conspiracy theorist; I believe that the United States did in fact land two men on the moon for the first time on this day, 45 years ago, July 20th of 1969.

Watch live webcasts celebrating this event here.

I wrote about the 40th anniversary here.

An outstanding photo tribute to Apollo 11 is here.

Man last stepped on the moon in 1972.  The United States never returned.

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the surface of our moon, passed away at the age of 82 on August 26th, 2012.  My personal tribute to this American hero is here.

How many men walked on the moon, and who were they?  In chronological order:

Neil Armstrong – Apollo 11 – July, 1969
Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin – Apollo 11 – July, 1969
Charles “Pete” Conrad – Apollo 12 – November, 1969
Alan Bean – Apollo 12 – November, 1969
Alan Shepard – Apollo 14 – February, 1971
Edgar Mitchell – Apollo 14 – February, 1971
David Scott - Apollo 15 – July, 1971
James Irwin – Apollo 15 – July, 1971
John Young - Apollo 16 – April, 1972 (also on Apollo 10, without landing)
Charles Duke – Apollo 16 – April, 1972
Eugene Cernan – Apollo 17 – December, 1972 (also on Apollo 10, without landing)
Harrison Schmitt – Apollo 17 – December, 1972

Another little known fact: no one has walked on the moon who was born after 1935.

I can still recall that day distinctly: I was with my parents at the home of one of their friends in Centerville, Ohio. The television was on in the living room. Grainy black and white images jumped back and forth on the screen.

Can you recall: where were you and what were you doing when America landed on the moon?


Here is what a flawed but still important president looks like:



Stockton, CA bank robbery, pursuit & gun battle: one suspect was a DREAMER

Stockton Norteno Gang ShootoutStolen Ford Explorer where two Norteno suspects and one civilian hostage died.

Meaning: he was an illegal alien Mexican.

Plus, he was a validated Norteno gang member, as were the other two suspects.  As a “Dreamer,” he was allowed to stay in this country since 2010.  That is precisely the information the federal government does not want to get out   And this laissez-faire attitude, made policy by the Obama Administration, resulted in the death of an innocent woman taken hostage in this critical incident, named Misty Holt-Singh.

For those living in Occupied Fornicalia and possessing situational awareness, this is no shock whatsoever.  The state is rife with Mexican gangs whose members are swelled by the flow from Mexico, unstemmed by the moribund Obama federal government..

First, check the background story here and here.

In summary, from the DailyMailUK.com (another UK media link getting it right):

The three suspects in a bank robbery gone wrong who used a married mother as a human shield during a high-speed chase and gun battle with police are believed to be part of a notorious street gang, authorities said.

Misty Holt-Singh was one of three women – another customer and a bank employee – taken hostage and used as human shields during shootout that saw 20 officers fire shots and three of the getaway SUV’s six occupants including her die.

A 19-year-old gang-banger was taken alive by police and two of the hostages pushed from the moving vehicle after being shot are miraculously expected to survive their injuries, authorities said.

That’s correct.  These poor unappreciated and misunderstood Mexican (and one clearly illegal) gang members pushed two innocent female hostages from the stolen SUV during the pursuit itself.  That those two women survived is a miracle unto itself.

There’s more.

The other two hostages had far different outcomes.

The thieves only went 14 blocks before shooting one of the hostages who was then either pushed from the truck or jumped. Doctors say her injuries are not life threatening.

For the next 45 minutes, the robbers led dozens of police cars on a chase across highways and city streets, according to Stockton police Officer Joe Silva.

The robbers not only had assault rifles but extra magazines taped or strapped to their bodies. The gunfire was unrelenting, police said. Officers had no choice but to engage the suspects.

Police lost the SUV at approximately 2:28 p.m. as it pulled off the highway. However, rather than using the advantage to speed away the thieves stopped in position to ambush the police they knew were just seconds away.

Luckily for authorities, another officer saw them from another angle and warned the pursuing officers.

Stockton Norteno Gang Shootout WeaponThese three Mexican Norteno gang members violently assaulted a bank, took hostages, shot one, dropped two (who will survive), exchanged gunfire with cops, set up vehicle ambushes and did so with impunity.

A second hostage was shot at 3:16 p.m., shortly before she either jumped from the car or was pushed. She is expected to survive, according to the Times.

Police were able to shoot out the SUV’s tires two minutes later and bring it to a halt in the middle of an intersection.

They used Holt-Singh, their final hostage, as a human shield in a final shootout. She was tragically killed in the crossfire.

‘These suspects wanted no part of a peaceful resolution,’ said Jones.

That summarizes the situation succinctly.  These three Nortenos weren’t interested in taking a bank hit and leaving unscathed.  They were instead interested in making a hit and making a name.  They were interested in establishing credibility for their gang in terms of “bravado” and “audacity” and sheer violence.

Another hostage has been identified by family friends as bank employee Kelly Huber. The SUV used in the chase was a Ford Explorer registered to her, authorities said.

Jose Maldonado, who said he saw the robbers taking the women out of the bank, said the men had rifles that looked like AK-47s slung over their shoulders.

He added that they had also tied up a bank security guard, and didn’t seem to care that there were police all around.

‘They were not afraid. They weren’t going to take no for an answer. These poor women, they were screaming, they were so distraught, so scared,’ he said.

Accomplished courtesy of Mr Barack Hussein Obama who enabled our loving DREAMERS to stay here and solidify their own personal visions of success, gangs, drugs, excess, violence.

Who is responsible for the death of Misty Holt-Singh?

I submit: it is Demorats, Leftists and Mr Barack Hussein Obama.  And those Republicans who condone open borders and no fence.


Thanks to my ICE friends who are actually interested in the truth.


LGBT: only 3% of population according to CDC

It wasn’t long ago that myself and other officers had to attend a mandatory training session involving a presentation made by the LGBT “community.”  At the time, information was presented by the instructors that at least 10- to 15% of the country was gay.

New information from the CDC now disputes that, indicating the real percentage is slightly less than 3%.  From Breitbart.com:

CDC: Nation’s Percentage of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals Less than Supposed

by William Bigelow

The Washington Post reports that a highly definitive study from 2013 has pegged the size of the gay population in the United States at far less than has sometimes been estimated. 

The National Health Interview Survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is the federal government’s most relied upon estimate of the nation’s health and behaviors, found that fewer than 3% of respondents self-identified as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Only 1.6% of respondents self-identified as gay or lesbian, and even less, 0.7%, self-identified as bisexual.

The estimate of the percentage of bisexuals was lower than the 2008 General Social Survey, which estimated that number at 1.1 percent, while other surveys have intimated that the percentage of bisexuals is the same as gays.

Conversely, 96.6% self-identified as straight, while 1.1% answered, “I don’t know the answer” or stated they were “something else.”

So let me get this “straight,” if I might: we’re bending over backwards societally for 3% of the population with the entire LGBT “community” taken together?

Yes we are.  Political correctness rules the day and the United States.

The tail wags the dog.



The federal government: transporting diseases to as many states and towns as possible

Illegals, Brownsville TX Overcrowding US Customs & Border Protection Processing FacilityFrom ABCNews.com:

Exclusive: Feds Struggling to Cope With Medical ‘Breakdown’ at the Border

by Jim Avila

The federal government is so overwhelmed by the current tide of migrants crossing the border it can’t provide basic medical screening to all of the children before transporting them – often by air – to longer-term holding facilities across the country, ABC News has learned.

I hope you read that properly: your federal government is placing medically-unscreened illegals aboard various forms of transportation — to include buses and aircraft — in order to move them around the country to other holding facilities.

Diseases and ailments that haven’t been seen in the US for years are being discovered carried by children and other illegal invaders at the border, such as TB, lice, scabies, Hepatitis, chicken pox, meningitis, influenza and H1N1, to name a few.

ABC revealed:

But, according to the memo ABC News reviewed, “Curi Kim [the HHS director of the Division of Refugee Health] has identified a breakdown of the medical screening processes at the Nogales, Arizona, facility.  The  [unaccompanied children] were initially screened and cleared upon entry into that facility with no fever or significant symptoms.  They were not however re-screened and cleared for travel and placement at a temporary shelter.”

So these are the people who are being transported in buses and aircraft that you could potentially be using in the future.

Look for a ramping-up of various diseases in your community, should you be lucky enough to receive this gift from the federal government.

And the kicker, from TheHill.com?

Reid: Southern border is secure

by Alexander Bolton

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Tuesday asserted the southern border is secure despite the massive surge of illegal minors from Central America that has overwhelmed federal agencies.

“The border is secure,” he told reporters after the Senate Democrats’ weekly policy lunch. “[Sen.] Martin Heinrich [(D-N.M.)] talked to the caucus today. He’s a border state senator. He said he can say without any equivocation the border is secure.”


He also dismissed a bipartisan proposal by Senate Republican Whip John Cornyn (Texas) and Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar (Texas) to expedite deportations as “too broad.”

“From all the reports I’ve gotten, the answer for me is no, I won’t support it,” he said.

Yes.  Expediting deportations is “too broad.”

And there you have it.  Harry Reid and the Demorats are clinically insane.