Black man found dead in Ferguson car, shot in head, from riots

Ferguson Body Found In CarFrom the

Body found amid violent Ferguson protests identified by family as 20-year-old man

by Nina Golgowski

DeAndre Joshua, 20, was found dead inside of a parked car just hours after a wave of violence and destruction washed over the surrounding St. Louis area. His family says they are positive his death is tied to the demonstrations over a grand jury’s decision not to indict Michael Brown’s killer.

The body of a man found in a parked car, a couple blocks from where Missouri teen Michael Brown was killed in August, has been identified by his heartbroken family, according to local reports.

DeAndre Joshua, 20, was found dead near Ferguson’s Canfield Green Apartments around 9 a.m. Tuesday, following the first wave of violence and destruction that washed over the St. Louis area over a grand jury’s decision not to indict Brown’s killer, USA Today reported.

KTVI reported that the driver’s side window was shot out while a nearby resident claims they overheard four people with guns talking about looting and killing someone Monday night.

Thank you, peaceful Ferguson protesters.



In Ferguson: victimized TWICE

Ferguson - Victimized TWICENo one is speaking up for the businesses who lost their shops last night.  Here is one of them, victimized twice by the good-natured “citizens” of Ferguson, Missouri.



Ferguson: more to the story

There always is.



OJ’s acquittal and subsequent riots:

OJ AcquittalCan you recall the massive Caucasoid riots?

Uh.  Nope.



Ferguson: grand jury results = NO indictment for Officer Darren Wilson

Ferguson No ChargesAnd there you go.


As I predicted.  I submit: Brown tried to disarm Wilson within the vehicle.  That was terrible “officer safety” on Wilson’s part.  I further submit: Wilson’s lack of experience with violence because of his place in Ferguson is responsible for the outcome.

But officers can only do and know what they have prepared for.

There is a GREAT difference between large departments and small departments.