Leftist hypocrisy reigns supreme at UC Berkeley:

UC Berkeley - Do As We SayOnce again, Leftists wanting what they want when they want it, and disdaining certain Leftist dogma when it hits them personally in the pocketbook.

Case in point?  The Ultimate Ground Zero for Leftists, University of California at Berkeley.

From FreedomOutpost.com:

Liberal University Won’t Pay Higher Minimum Wage Imposed By Liberals

by Tim Brown

Remember all those calls by liberals for higher minimum wages for American workers? Well, it appears that the University of California at Berkeley, the beacon of liberalism, has decided to ignore a local ordinance that raised the minimum wage. The school is claiming they are exempt as a state agency.

According to Inside HigherEd:

In Berkeley, where the city’s minimum wage is $10 per hour for all private employers, the University of California at Berkeley is continuing to pay about a quarter of its student workers less than that, according to a spokeswoman, Janet Gilmore. She said the average student pay is $12 an hour.

Ah yes, this is liberal ideology at its finest! The only thing they forgot to mention was that UC Berkeley also purchased its own armored personnel carrier! After all nothing screams “budget restraints” like a tank on a university campus, right?

Wait; aren’t these the same Leftists who simultaneously scream that the police are becoming “militarized” with armored vehicles?

Apparently that doesn’t include “Bastion of Leftism” universities.

These are heaping helpings, again, of Leftist Hypocrisy unrestrained.



Ah, the buttery goodness of Obama’s hypocritical regime

NYT2009051320151121CThe truth begins to out:

From TheDailyBeast.com:

The Detainee Abuse Photos Obama Didn’t Want You To See

If you thought the Senate’s ‘torture report’ was shocking, imagine the prospect of the Obama administration releasing hundreds, maybe thousands of photographs depicting detainee abuse.

Please read the rest of the story.

Do you see any detainee photos released from the White House?  They don’t mind releasing a so-called “torture report” created only by the Demorats and with only Demorats consulted.  So where are the detainee photographs?  Where is the video of an outraged Diane Feinstein, screaming for the release of these photos?

Right.  I don’t see or hear it either.  Such a thing wouldn’t look good for the current regime.

Rampant, rampant Leftist hypocrisy, thy name is Obama.



Obama appoints callow anti-gun youngster as national Surgeon General

Vivek Murthy SGAnd a perfect appointment it is for you, sir, and perfectly in keeping with your anti-American bias.

From the NationalJournal.com:

Senate Confirms Gun Control Advocate as Surgeon General

by Sarah Mimms

The Senate narrowly confirmed a new surgeon general whose nomination was delayed for months in a fight over his comments alleging that guns are public health issue. The confirmation represents a victory for gun control advocates, even as recent polling has shown Americans moving in the other direction toward gun-rights protections.

The Senate’s 51-43 vote confirming Massachusetts Doctor Vivek Murthy to be the next surgeon general underscores divisions in Congress over gun control and the unwillingness of many members, particularly moderate Democrats, to stand out on the issue.

Another “bite me” from the outgoing Leftist Senate, akin to Feinstein’s release of the so-called Demorat-crafted-only “torture report.”  Vivek Murthy is perfectly in keeping, at 37, with Mr Obama’s diminishment of America.

Get prepared for your doctor’s insistence upon questioning you regarding firearms in your household — if it hasn’t yet occurred.

If my doctor deigns to go there, he will be the recipient of a brusque answer he won’t care for — but proffered in as much a dismissive and disrespectful manner as I can possibly submit.

Because it isn’t any of his or her business.