BZ and website advertising

Four windows that wouldn’t let me shut them down, displayed on just one “conservative” website. I had to completely shut down my computer in order to extricate myself.

Let me make myself clear up front. is not monetized and will not be monetized.

I don’t take ads, I don’t ask for ads, I won’t accept ads. I own the domain name, I own the website and, further, I personally fund three other websites for like-minded individuals. You don’t need to know who they are. They know who they are. I also funded the SHR Media Network to the tune of four digits just last year.

Let me be blunt — because you expect it of me.

When you provide some kind of link in social media, Twitter, whatever, and I click to travel to your site, I expect to see your site. The new trend now is to substitute middle-man site monetizers who demand you wait five seconds before you reach the site you clicked. In the meantime two or three or four confusing windows emerge.

Many others also now throw additional windows at you threatening your computer, your ad blocker, your mother, your first-born female child, your pet salamander named Biff. They attempt to make you think you have a virus, and they throw — again and again — pop-up windows against you requiring outside clicks or simply abandoning those sites.

When you threaten Biff, then, I’ve had it. Your site can go to hell. A loving message to those of you who use advertising middle-men? Stop it.

When I see a “middle-man” SKIP AD page displayed, I simply click OUT.

You want to encounter insanity? Click on this, for instance. Good luck. Let me know how pleased you were with the results. And that is from a “conservative” site.

And why is it that I see the same lame ads on all the same sites? Does no one possess imagination any more? Is anyone besides me tired of seeing the close-up of the person with crap under their eyes? Links to sites that make you click through one advert-clogged page after another in order to get to what lured you in the first place — is your ass not tired of this?

Enough with the advert click-bait bullshit. I’m not going there any more. I am done.

Any roadblock you place between myself and your site will result in my leaving, whether you’re conservative or not. I also advocate each and every person reading this post to leave as well.

The MOMENT you are DIVERTED from a site, you should click OUT.


The MOMENT you are DIVERTED from a site, you should click OUT.


You wonder why people have ad blockers, like myself?

I now LOVE ad-blockers.