Remembering Glen Campbell

Alice Cooper on Glen Campbell, and what Glen meant to music professionals of all makes, models, stripes and genres.

People remember Glen Campbell mostly for his singing.

Too few recognize that he was a guitarist admired by many and, for some artists, considered to be one of the top five guitarists of his day — of any genre. Few realize that Glen was on every original Beach Boys record cut.

Here, Glen and Roy Clark play Ghost Riders In the Sky.

Here, Glen plays the Mason Williams song Classical Gas. And I’m sorry but this simply smokes any other version extant. Period.

You want fast and gifted? Hi-ho, Silver, away!

If it had strings, Glen Campbell could drive it. Foggy Mountain Breakdown with Glen and Carl Jackson.

Tortured and gifted. Many of us are.

Goodbye, Glen.

Yet another icon of my day disappears.