Jesse Marcel Jr, son of USAF Roswell Intelligence Officer, dies:

From a Different Perspective:

Just minutes ago I received some very sad news. Jesse Marcel, Jr. died of a heart attack on August 24.

Some insight from YouTube into the son of Jesse Marcel:

And some history regarding Roswell, New Mexico:

Jesse Marcel, Roswell, 1947Jesse Jr passed just a month after the 66th anniversary of the so-called Roswell crash.  His father is pictured above.

Roswell Flying Saucer HeadlinesThen, following the printing of the newspaper, all was retracted.

Roswell, for UFOlogists, is the predicating event that solidified UFOs into the American vernacular.

Oddly enough, my father indicated he was assigned to Roswell in 1949, though it was called Walker AFB in 1941 and post-war as Roswell Army Air Field.

During the early years of the Cold War, it became the largest base of the Strategic Air Command, otherwise known as SAC.  It is also known for the Roswell UFO incident, an event that supposedly happened on 4 July 1947. It is alleged that a “flying disk” crashed during a severe thunderstorm near the base at Corona, New Mexico.

I joked, in my father’s dotage, that his were the wing-tips in the background of various alien autopsy photographs.  He never denied this.

Roswell Alien AutopsyHe also never revealed to me his involvement in WWII or his flight records or his assignments except to mention B-17Gs in the 8th AF and B-25 Mitchells at Mather Air Field.  He flew one type and then became an instructor in another in the states.  He completed his 25 overseas and then moved back. He told me about Jimmy Doolittle and his B-25s at Mather and also about drinking with Jimmy Stewart.  He married my mother whilst in Sacramento.  Then introduced her to scorpions in Texas.

He survived.  I wouldn’t be here otherwise.

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History moves on.