America: you want perfection? Suffer the consequences

Any number of communities and neighborhoods in the New York/New Jersey areas are complaining that, after a full two weeks post Hurricane Sandy, there is still no electrical power.

Power companies are saying that they won’t provide power until they can individually inspect and approve a massive number of electrical panels and conduits and transformers.

They say this could not just take days, but weeks and — now — months.

Because they know this one very salient thing: any person injured or, worse, possibly killed because of “improperly” or “hurriedly” restored power will themselves or their survivors contact an attorney group in order to instigate a civil or possibly criminal negligence suit for redress of a fiscally-geometric nature.

Therefore, American tort history mandates that these companies move with a glacial-like pace in order to achieve American Expectational Perfection.

Anything less involves lawsuits.

I say:

Get over yourselves, America.

You wanted Perfection?


Live with its lawful (what I call the) Logical Extension.