73 years ago today: “Lest we forget”

Pearl Harbor SurvivorPearl Harbor Survivor 2014, Rose Petals on WaterPearl Harbor 1 Pearl Harbor 2 Pearl Harbor 3 Pearl Harbor 4 Pearl Harbor 5 Pearl Harbor 6 Pearl Harbor 7 Pearl Harbor 8 Pearl Harbor 9In Fornicalia, there are fewer than 40 Pearl Harbor survivors alive.  Any sailor living in 1941 would have been roughly 18 to 20 years old, putting them in their 90s now.  In a few years, there won’t be any Pearl Harbor survivors at all.  Will we recall and honor their sacrifice?

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

- Naval Marshal General Isoroku Yamamoto

The men who fought were indeed The Greatest Generation.  God bless them, and God bless all our current warriors who fight abroad, and those who work the streets nationally.

I believe it is incumbent upon us as Conservatives to do our duty, to ensure this country does not collapse from within due to the malfeasance and ministrations of those who would in fact attempt to change and convert this country from one of strength, influence, vigor and pride to one of dependence, subservience and a secondary world status.

We as Conservatives must fight to ensure that those lives from The Greatest Generation in World War II were not lost for nothing.  It is our responsibility and our obligation.


USS Arizona Memorial, AbovePearl Harbor MemorialP.S.
Facts about Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona.  Pearl Harbor survivor, Jim Carter, still remembers that fateful dayMaurice Storck tells his personal story here; a great piece by Servative Twitter: @servative.  And like that fateful day, today is Sunday.

FDR Cabinet DocumentationUS Navy Dispatch

Memorial Day, 2014

God bless all our warriors, past and present, who preserved our freedom, liberated countries and kept the world from being subsumed by evil.God bless America; the last, best hope of the entire planet.BZ

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– See more at: http://bloviatingzeppelin.net/archives/968#sthash.Xka3uqlH.dpuf

God bless all our warriors, past and present, who preserved our freedom, liberated countries and kept the world from being subsumed by evil.God bless America; the last, best hope of the entire planet.BZ

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– See more at: http://bloviatingzeppelin.net/archives/968#sthash.Xka3uqlH.dpuf

God bless all our warriors, past and present, who preserved our freedom, liberated countries and kept the world from being subsumed by evil.God bless America; the last, best hope of the entire planet.BZ

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– See more at: http://bloviatingzeppelin.net/archives/968#sthash.Xka3uqlH.dpuf

God bless the United States, the last and best hope for the future of the entire planet, and the United States soldier, who has kept the entire planet safe to this point.



An interesting exchange on my Veterans Day post:

I wrote about Veterans Day here, back on Monday, November 11th.

Since then, there has been an interesting exchange in the comments section of that post, which I just now read today.

First, there was this comment from an individual called the bystander:

Comment 1Then, Joe, who reads regularly and chimes in occasionally, covered my six and replied to the bystander:

Comment 2Apparently the bystander, now the new and improved the bystande, had much more to say, and today responded to Joe and to myself:

Comment 3I find this interesting in one vein and yet deeply disturbing in a number of others.

It is interesting insofar as an individual feels compelled to respond to what is customarily a puff piece on a particular holiday (whose sole job is to honor those who have served this nation) with excoriation for slights he’s never suffered, and certainly not at my hands.

It is disturbing, however, in that this individual doesn’t believe he is a part of The Greatest Generation and, that he cares not for the appellation.  I find that curious.  According to his words, though, he did not fight in WWII and apparently was too young to do so, I can only conclude.

Further disturbing is the fact that the bystander believes that my attempt to honor my father and my two uncles, who all served in WWII — and by dint, my grandfather, who served in WWI, and all those tens of thousands of persons who served their country — is somehow shallow, superficial and insincere.  Even more disturbing, that it is totally unwarranted.

As, of course, the bystander clearly speaks for each and every member of The Greatest Generation, by overwhelming proxy.

Except I suspect this is not truly the case.

In the manner of attempting to keep this discourse as civil as possible, sir, I did not come to your home and pee in your pool.  I have not knocked at your door in order to insult you personally and diminish your work and your service.  I am wondering why you may believe that coming to my blog and insulting my attempt to honor people who deserve honor, and to insult myself as well, is worthy of your time.

In reply to some of your points: obviously, having served in law enforcement for nearly 40 years isn’t virtuous.  At most, you served for four years.  And yes, I have been shot at.  And yes, I have had to shoot.  One person is no longer walking on this planet because of me.  I worked for the FBI, was a sworn US Marshal, and have worked for my current department for 36 years.  I worked Patrol, and also as an investigator in Theft, Robbery, Child Abuse, Sex Assaults, Warrants and Homicide.  Every action I take is scrutinized in courts, sometimes for weeks.  Everyone watches and everyone second guesses.  I’m sure you operated in that climate where everyone second-guessed your every action as well.  My guess is: not so much.  Your ROEs were just a tad bit less restrictive than mine.

Overall, of course, you’re correct.  I don’t understand.  I have no concept of brotherhood or service or camaraderie or bravery or fidelity or duty or sacrifice.  I’m just a stupid cop.  As you write: “Handing out traffic tickets and pulling over dumb niggers for DWB is not combat. Law enforcement is to combat as jerking off is to sex.”

So yes, I had the opportunity, via the technology of WordPress, to eliminate your comments or allow them to stand.

I allowed them to stand for a very salient reason: I am using you as an illustration.  And that is this: age and experience does not always make for compassion or wisdom or understanding.  My mother-in-law, just before she passed away, said that some persons are put on this planet as an example of what not to do.

I allowed the comments to stand because you readily made yourself appear the racist bonehead — you certainly didn’t require my assistance for that.

And you, sir, are truly an excellent illustration for my points.

Thank you kindly.


In case any reader would like to tell this gentleman how much you embrace his thoughts, his e-mail address is: dybee@aircar.com.  You see, sir, every time you comment on a blog, the technology captures your e-mail address.  You may care to know that.



WWII Vets Knock Over Shutdown Barrier to Visit Memorial

They didn’t become the Greatest Generation by being shrinking violets.

From the WashingtonFreeBeacon.com:

A group of World War II veterans in an Honor Flight group Tuesday knocked over barriers imposed during the government shutdown at the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C., to get inside.

WWII Memorial Govt Shutdown SignAfter having arrived by way of an Honor Flight (please click the link to read about this great organization, and check my post here), various WWII veterans decided that, “government shutdown” or not, they were not going to be kept from their memorial.

And shutting down a memorial like this — open as it is on the mall — required not just somebody at a gate or single barricade.  Oh no; it required purposeful barriers physically lugged into position.  See the photos.

The WashingtonTimes.com also wrote:
By David Sherfinski, The Washington Times  

A group that included elderly veterans forced their way into the World War II Memorial on Tuesday in defiance of a federal government shutdown that had closed the monument.

The memorial on the national Mall was closed along with most of the city’s memorials and museums after Congress failed to reach a federal spending deal by midnight Monday.

Allow me to interject the obvious now, at this point: these memorials were closed not because they were the most costly items to run in the government, but because Mr Obama purposely wants to hurt and negatively impact as many American citizens as he possible can, for the temerity of the GOP in not bowing to Mr Obama’s every whim.

WWII Memorial Govt Shutdown, Officers Perplexed - What Shall We Do

Federal park rangers and federal police, perplexed, don’t know what to do about all those damned pushy WWII veterans.  Arresting men in their 80s and 90s, in wheelchairs, might be bad for Mr Obama.

The Demorats and Mr Obama are in charge in DC.  It was their decision to close the monuments and parks.  Oddly enough, however, you do not see their salaries or perks impacted in any way whatsoever.  That’s because they don’t want to make themselves hurt; they want to make you hurt.  Obama and his sycophants simply utilize sophistry.

WWII Memorial Govt Shutdown Veterans Coming InContinuing:

Dozens of people, including several in wheelchairs, made their way on to the grounds of the monument just before noon as police officers, National Park Service personnel and tourists watched.

The group, which arrived in four buses, was part of an “honor flight” that brings veterans to the District to see the memorial. They were accompanied by a handful of members of Congress. Among those present were Rep. Steven M. Palazzo, Mississippi Republican; Rep. Steve King, Iowa Republican; Rep. Louie Gohmert, Texas Republican; and Sen. Roger Wicker, Mississippi Republican.

But here’s the best part:

Mr. King’s spokeswoman confirmed to The Washington Times that he distracted the guards, giving the veterans the chance to break through.

And in my opinion, that’s simply a wonderful thing for those courageous Americans.