BZ’s Berserk Bobcat Saloon, “The Aftermath,” Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Tonight I called my show the “Dumpster Fire Edition” because, lordy, this week was a roaster on many levels.

Broadcasting behind enemy lines in Occupied Fornicalia from the Belly of the Beast, the Bill Mill in Sacramento, Fornicalia, I proffer my thanks to the SHR Media Network for allowing me to broadcast in their studio and over their air twice weekly, Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as appear on the Sack Heads Radio Show™ each Wednesday evening.

And if it’s Thursday, it means the Underground Professor, Dr Michael Jones, slips into the Saloon for the first half hour in order to regale us with tales of extraordinary men, the founding fathers of this great nation and, tonight, the difference between a democracy, a republic and a Constitutionally Federated Republic — the actual definition of the United States. Professor Jones also tells us about the huge importance of the Electoral College and the significance of the three branches of government, the Executive, Legislative and Judicial. After just a half hour with Professor Jones you can appreciate the absolute brilliance of this nation’s creators.

Also, tonight in the Saloon:

  • The very first Dumpster Fire Edition;
  • Remember to turn the Spreaker feed off, BZ;
  • Thanks to everyone for being in chat consistently, religiously, loyally;
  • The Underground Professor, Michael Jones, talks about all things Constitutional;
  • The UGP will have his own show back on the air next Tuesday, August 1st;
  • What the FBI didn’t get to see because evidence was destroyed by HRC, et al;
  • It’s now the Anthony Scaramucci vs Reince Priebus Wars in the White House;
  • “Reince Priebus is a fucking paranoid schizophrenic,” sayeth Scaramucci;
  • We learn the definition and quite significant meaning of the BSTL;
  • Finally, I repeat the interview with Ralph Benko of the Alinsky Center;
  • You got it: Saul Alinsky. As in: “Rules For Radicals”;
  • God bless America, God bless freedom and our ability to enjoy it in the US.

Reince Priebus vs Anthony Scaramucci. Place your bets folks, place your bets.

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When the virtuous have fallen

People say that there is frequently an incredible bond between humans and animals.

That is true.

There is, I submit, no greater bond between animal and human but when service dogs are involved because life and death — for both — is the bottom line.


Soldier Lays Flag Over Military Dog After He’s Put Down

A heartbreaking photo shows the moment a U.S. airman said goodbye to his best friend, his 11-year-old military working dog.

According to Inside Edition, the 11-year-old German shepherd, Bodza, had to be put down last week due to health problems.

His owner, Air Force service member Kyle Smith, draped Old Glory over Bodza after he comforted the pup in his final moments.

“I held him in my arms the entire time. I’ve never cried that much my entire life,” said Smith.

Bodza served alongside Smith on his 2012 deployment to Kyrgyzstan. Smith’s superiors surprised him with the adoption papers a few years later when Bodza retired from service.

Please watch the video but, however, be prepared to be monumentally moved.

Animals embolden, inform and enrich our lives. But like fellow soldiers in foxholes, service dogs embody and enforce the unwritten rule that the fight is not necessarily for greater good but, instead, due to the unshakable bond between individual warriors.

This goes both ways as well. No one can forget moving photographs or videos of dogs laying prostrate for their military handlers who were killed in combat.

God bless America.

As a friend of mine says, it is past due time for America to bless God.



CA teacher: kid drawing the US flag is offensive

Pledge of Allegiance In the 1950sA long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was a young child at Dyer Kelly School and, every morning, would stand to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, my right hand over my heart, as I looked at the American flag placed into its holder at the front of the classroom, with all my fellow classmates, girls in dresses and boys in jeans with, most likely, their cuffs rolled up by their mothers.

There is no recitation of the pledge of allegiance, any more, in America’s classrooms — unless it occurs in a backwards, mouth-breathing backwoods enclave where the unwashed cling to their Bibles and their guns, and genetic mutant children rule both the woods and the corn.  Just ask any Leftist who isn’t agonizingly breast-beating about microaggressions and manspreading.

Watch this video:

Only in Fornicalia, in a Leftist state with a Leftist doddering governor under a Leftist president, would a “teacher” find the guts and be so emboldened to say and do what she said and did, for something so totally innocuous.

God Bless America Kids DrawingFrom the

California Teacher Punished Student For Drawing Offensive American Flag

Remember the good old days? You know, the days when children recited the pledge of allegiance before beginning their studies every morning? You know, like Americans?

Sadly, those days are coming to an end.

California, a state known for its anti-American vitriol amongst academics and students has taken its hatred for America to the next level. At least one elementary teacher has punished a student for drawing an American flag with the words “God Bless America” emblazoned above the stripes during open art time (meaning, the kids were told to draw anything they wanted). The teacher’s response? The American flag is an offensive and repressive symbol and has no place in her classroom.

To add insult to injury, another student in the same classroom drew a caricature of Barack Obama in red, white, and blue hues. The teacher praised that student.

Drawing an American flag is oppressive.

In America.

Let’s face facts.  As The Realist I state the obvious: only those persons who are brainwashed GOWPs, do not wish to assimilate, dislike America or, further, want to see it taken down object to the display or portrayal of the American flag.

All others — a dwindling number — embrace the flag and all it stands for because they, like me, hold to ancient doddering and outmoded standards such as “love of country.”  Because this country is the best and last hope for the freedom of the entire planet.

That freedom, those freedoms, are diminishing at home and abroad.

Anyone else besides me think I truly am a stranger in a strange land?