The WAR on Christmas continues, via — of all things — the USAF

War on ChristmasFrom the

Air Force base in South Carolina boots Nativity scene

by Cheryl K. Chumley

Commanders at a U.S. Air Force base in South Carolina have booted a Nativity scene from its premises, agreeing with separation of church and state activists that the display violated both the U.S. Constitution and military code.

The removal of the Nativity scene at Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, S.C., came at the pushing of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and its leader, Mikey Weinstein, WLTX-TV reported. Mr. Weinstein reportedly called the Pentagon to complain, saying 41 airmen agreed the display was offensive — and shortly after, the scene was removed, The Blaze reported.

The group said on its website that the Nativity scene “was very sectarian in nature and a direct violation of the U.S. Constitution as well as a blatant violation of Air Force [code],” especially since it was located right next to a Christmas tree. And Mr. Weinstein bragged that it took only a little more than two hours after lodging his complaint for the Pentagon to vow to have the display torn down, The Blaze reported.

Let me state the Obvious.

Individually, our military consists of Warriors.  They are True Sheepdogs.  I am a Sheepdog.  And I am a Silverback.  I don’t doubt our Warriors.  They are great men and women of honor and courage and sacrifice.  Because of one small point: they VOLUNTEERED.  They were not drafted.

That said, our military administration — from many officers right up to the JCS and above, consist of outright political pussies.  Many of them are Hacks, Perfumed Princes and Lesbian Princesses, and couldn’t care one whit about the Average Troop.

This is just one case in point.

Because: where is the ARGUMENT?  Where is the PUSHBACK?


There isn’t any.




A ‘dad’ is tenth most popular Christmas list request for children

Dad For ChristmasWhen I read that headline, I first felt a lump in my throat.

Then I realized: this is nothing more than the truth trumping Leftism, Feminism, fish and bicycles.

From the

A study of 2,000 British parents found most children will put a new baby brother or sister at the top of their Christmas list, closely followed by a request for a real-life reindeer.

A “pet horse” was the third most popular choice, with a “car” making a bizarre entry at number four.

Despite their material requests, the tenth most popular Christmas wish on the list was a “Dad”.

In fear of spoiling Christmas Day, I have decided to persevere, with a clear Constant that few have the guts to express: a single woman with a child isn’t a true family.  Two gay men with a child aren’t a family.  Two lesbians with a child aren’t a family.  I couldn’t write this more clearly.

Without a Mars to a Venus, children are simply shorted.  Plain and simple.

There is a yin to the yang.  One without the other results in cheated children.  A generation after generation of cheated children.

Which results in, primordially, where we are now.

Men, their viewpoints, their presence, their influence, are sorely needed in society.

More.  Not less.  More testosterone.  Less estrogen.

Children are saying and thirsting for it themselves.


This scene will never escape me:

I was driving my father to a nearby restaurant in 2008 — Woody’s on Watt Avenue, one of his favorites — when I came to the stop sign at Yellowstone and Marconi, about to turn left.  We had been talking about my wife and I asked my father: “Do you know why my wife calls you Dad, as opposed to my former girlfriend calling you Dick?”

“No, why,” he asked.

“Because she never had a Dad, a real Dad,” I said, “and she considers you her Dad now.”

He was very quiet enroute the restaurant.  But I noticed that he gave my wife a very big hug when we met there.

That is a moment I will never forget.