8 years on: my father passes

My father, Col Richard L Alley, passed away eight years ago today, at the age of 88. I clearly recall the one thing he said about his own father, who passed away in the front yard at the age of 80: “I just want to live longer than he did.”

And so it was.

My mother and father met in Sacramento when Dad was training at Mather Air Field. He ended up flying missions for the 8th AF in B-17s, made his missions in one piece and returned to the states, where he became an instructor in B-25s.

Here Dad is being trained to fly.

Dad’s father, Verto, served in World War I.

Verto and Kathleen married soon after. This photo got Verto through WW I.

My father, left, with his brother Jim in Kansas City, Missouri, 1925. All three brothers served in World War II. Dad chose the Air Force, Uncle Jim served in the army and Uncle Bill in the navy.

I miss my father every day and honor his service. Col Richard L. Alley, USAF, 1920 to 2009, WWII and Vietnam.

The same folded flag above is in a polished cherry walnut case no more than four feet from me as I write, with three of the brass casings fired at his salute.



Schadenfreude: watching Hillary implode

Hillary Clinton Stunned

Here, Hillary shows she’s familiar with Federal Bureau of Prisons coverall colors.

I have to tell you, it’s good clean fun to watch.

And it happened today as The Queen deigned to walk out of the throne room when she was asked one too many questions by subjects she thought were once loyal to the Her Royal Realm.

First the video, captured in all its YouTubely glory:

From TheHill.com (oh, the buttery goodness of it all):

Clinton pulls plug on testy presser over server questions

by Ben Kamisar

Hillary Clinton dismissed the controversy surrounding her private email server and defended her conduct as legal during a press conference Tuesday in Las Vegas. 

“What I did was legally permitted, number one, first and foremost,” the Democratic presidential candidate said in response to a question from Fox News reporter Ed Henry. “We turned over everything that was work-related, every single thing.”

Hillary Clinton made the consequential mistake on Tuesday of not taking the events seriously and it did not play well.  Instead, it sounded dismissive, cavalier and arrogant.

Asked if the server, which has been turned over to the Department of Justice, had been wiped clean, Clinton initially shrugged and later joked: “Like with a cloth or something?” 

“I don’t know how it works digitally at all,” she added. 

Hillary Clinton didn’t answer one question directly.  Not one.  Then she became dismissive and cavalier.

Guess what?

That’s not playing very well any more.

The days when the Clintons managed to skate on most every issue may be finally at an end.  It is beginning to appear that Hillary could face some actual consequences for her actions, even if it only to derail her candidacy.

Hillary tanked in 2008.  I submit she is well on her way to a replay of 2008.  Hillary Clinton believes it is “her turn” whereas, in truth, Hillary is imploding due to her lies, her arrogance and her being as likable as the average eastern diamondback rattler — and as warm.

At least, as I pointed out, she’s familiarizing herself with FBOP federal jumper colors.